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  1. These are superb basses. I have a 424x in metallic red and it plays and sounds great. A lot of decent bass quality for not much ££ at all. GLWTS
  2. I gig one of these.....since i bought it it's been my go to bass.....strung with Roto 66s it sounds great! This is worth the asking price imho. A GLWTS type bump.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Hi Folks I have a Spector Legend 4 fretless which i'd also like to play fretted. Does anyone know if it's possible to obtain a spare fretted Spector neck from anywhere or is it the case that i'd have to buy another bass to get one? Thanks 6
  5. You know that it's a remarkably good inbuilt security system though..... "Eeew.....it's a sunburst, i'm not pinching that"
  6. Played the Amersham Arms last night in New Cross. I shared my bass combo with the other bands, a TC Electronic BG208.....i used this as i had to travel to the venue on public transport and was a little concerned it would be way under powered. Well i needn't have worried! Volume at 3/4s was ideal, even with two bands playing loud punk! Around 45 people out to see 4 bands which enabled the promoter to give each band a bit of expenses at least. Really good sound there too.
  7. Space Rock.....(Hawkwind, Bob Calvert etc).
  8. I gig one all the time and use it as a 2x8 head with an ext cab.....get the full 250 and it more than holds its own. I use the Spectracomp as a toneprint too.
  9. These are superb basses. I gig with one and it really is good GLWTS
  10. Thanks folks.....will have a look at a Barefaced.....:)
  11. So folks, I really need to pick up a cab that i can travel around London with on public transport. So i have and Ashdown Superfly and a TC Electronic BG208. I use the Ashdown as my main amp and the built in TC E as my back up. I now need a teeny weeny ext cab that i can put on the trolley with them and still travel about. You don't seem to be able to pick up the Eden 1x10s anymore which would have been quite suitable. Another alternative is a Phil Jones 4x5 cab i suppose. Anyway BCers.....the floor is open???
  12. Pleased to say the gig diary is filling up quicker than last year.....we don't gig as often as we should, so hope to remedy that this year.
  13. So folks, i picked one of these up today for absolute peanuts and i wouldn't mind using it for a few gigs as my bass amp. Does anyone out there in BC World know anything about these please? Is it likely to be under powered at 100W? Any input appreciated folks
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