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  1. After speaking to the builder last night I now know that it's one of the earlier builds and has Seymour Duncan pickups fitted and not Thunderbuckers. I've dropped the price to reflect this. I'll leave it up here but if there isn't much interest I'll just swap the neck for a modern C Mex neck I have here and keep it.
  2. It's an Allparts neck. Just took it off to check.
  3. For anyone interested I emailed Cataldo today and Carlo has sent me a link showing the origins with inspiration, prototypes and development. http://bassoutpost.com/index.php?topic=4598.0
  4. Hi I've emailed the builder in the US to get the exact specs and I'll let you know as soon as I've had a response. With regard to the neck, these are built as replicas of the basses made for John Entwistle by Peter Cook in the 70's and feature thunderbird bodies with fender style necks. See here: http://cataldobasses.com/JAE.html
  5. Now under offer but happy to give it a few days longer. Happy to ship outside of the UK.
  6. Non locals welcome too!!!!
  7. Anyone local is welcome to roll in for a tea, coffee or a beer. Shipping is no problem.
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