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  2. Hello people! I’m keen to follow more bass stuff on YouTube. Who do you recommend? I’m big into ‘all about the bass’ on Andertons, Scott’s Devine of Scott’s Bass Lessons is interesting to watch too, not just on the Bass Lessons front but with the interviews he does and the brand history sort of stuff - I love all that kinda thing. Adam Aarts does pretty cool gear demos, particularly of pedals to give you an idea of how it sounds on bass, which is what pushed me to buy my Walrus Audio Slö Reverb (which is nuts by the way - might do a review of that soon) I’d quite like to find some more interview sort of stuff cause that’s always cool to watch or stuff that engages the audience somehow, like jam tracks, posting in photos whatever! If anyone’s got any recommendations - put them on me! Cheers 😁
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  4. Not quite the answer your after but from the 4 string equivalent i find the 424x is definitely thicker front to back but in a good way. You know its there but its not thick or bulky, just right really. The 734a is definitely shallower front to back. Feels slimmer in the hand. Although its bigger it has more in common with a Jazz neck than the 424x. Hopefully the 5 string equivalents will follow suite. Either way they are definitely different. Depends on what type of neck you prefer
  5. Man, I just checked out your videos in Youtube... You have a new subscriber. Wonderful! The bass is really nice too.
  6. The Delano pickups should have plenty of top end. What are the pot values? If they're 250k you could try changing them to 500k which would brighten up the sound.
  7. That would be pretty cool to own everything from a 414 right up to a P34. I have managed to get to 56 years of age and have never even held a Fender bass let alone played or owned one. I think its time i finally ticked that box. Suspect they would have a hell of a lot to go to match my BB's
  8. So are you going to buy my bass or not? 😝
  9. I got my Carmel off @itsmeDunc quite some time ago. Love the 424x got that from @Mojo. I've got my on something on here so i may have to let one off my BBs go to raise some funds. Not sure what would sell quickest.
  10. That's a seriously nice collection. Back in the day, before lockdown was a thing and bands played live music, we would have described your four Yammys as "a full Trav". But he's since been seduced by Sadowskys... You just need a BB P34 to round that collection off. And when you do, let us know. I can put you in touch with a chap who is definitely going to sell his. We'll at some point. Or maybe not. But get him on the right day...
  11. I love my Trace Elliot V4...believe there is one for sale here
  12. It's a bit of a Jazz...a bit of a Precision...it's just a bit odd...
  13. I had a BB425X from 2013-2014, and BB735A from 2018-2019. 2014 was long ago enough that I can't really remember the details; but I would say overall I preferred the BB735A, both in feel/comfort and sound. If I was buying BB today, I'd get a 434 or 435. I did also previously own a 434, and to me it is equal quality to the 735A, other than the existence of the preamp. The preamp is good - but since I prefer a passive bass and removed the battery, the preamp scores no points for me personally.
  14. You’ll make me blush 😂 Many thanks Karl 👍
  15. I think I like it passive tbh. Just with more top end. I’m looking at just changing the pups . I’ve my eyes on bare knuckles
  16. I had a Legacy estate in Finland, great car, started at -42 degrees one Christmas. Kept it until it fell apart, then replaced it with an Impreza sportswagon that lasted me 7 years until I sold it when I moved back to the UK. If I wasn't tied into service agreements and other stuff for my Mitsubishi, I'd be after this one.
  17. @mikeycrikey think that’s my old 1024, lovely bass. I want your 424x
  18. Ah, mojo - ten years worth of dead skin, bogies, grease and general gunge.
  19. Is it possible that the battery lived in the control panel rather than having its own compartment ? Is there's room for a battery , if so, maybe that's where it lived. Unless of course it was never active in the first place ?
  20. I'm just about to order another set of strings for my Mayones Caledonius (advertised on BC which I'm going to keep now) but re stringing from B-G to E-C. The hope is that the high C will make things a bit more manageable .
  21. Today
  22. Absolutely stunning bass!
  23. That’s another option but it’s doesn’t have a battery slot ...I dunno the history of this bass at all . I might just ask Mayones...I was thinking about a John East preamp 🤔
  24. Might consider but I'd need to make sure i get the right packaging and courier. Where are you based?
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