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Cover song Challenge


Cool Christmas Covers   

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  1. 1. choose your favourite 3 covers

    • NickD
    • dad3353
    • Earbrass
    • Nicko
    • MoonBassAlpha
    • fingers211
    • leonard Smalls
    • lurksalot
    • nail soup
    • upside downer
    • Bussonthebass
    • SH73
    • xgsjx
    • skankdelvar
    • Lonestar

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The Traditional Holiday Listening experience is ready for your enjoyment.


The December Challenge collective have produced wonderful a wonderful musical experience for you to use as an excuse to find some peace and quiet.


Its all about COVERS .....


Its all about Covers 


  image.png.51e941e866b805d0430f1652cbfa21d5.png       No, not drain covers

image.png.c700fa905c3453e1098f65b5919727c8.png       No, not motor bike covers 


image.png.91facc44821e0a55c4f1b7e1c39b663a.png   Not even duvet covers 



 Song Covers, Yup , you were here last years weren't you ! 


A quick note that a couple of the toons are Not safe for work/youngsters , they are noted in the preamble to the toons 


Without further ado , have listen to the fantastic selection and choose your favourite 3 



1 @NickD      I've been listening to a lot of blues lately, as I find it's good for my bass playing, so while I'm not usually one for covers I thought I'd go for a classic.... Killing Floor, by Chester Burnett (aka Howlin' Wolf).






2   @Dad3353    Not a lot to say about this one; it's all in the song. A long-time favourite, it's become sadly more apt and poignant as Life deals out its cards. They're not all aces.






@Earbrass       One of the music production channels on Youtube that I subscribe to is that of Rachel K. Collier. Late last year she posted a video about her favourite plug-ins under $100, in which she gave a link to a  vocal stem from her track "No Deeper Escape", and permission for her viewers to sample this stem and make whatever use of it they wished. Never having tried my hand at this sort of thing before, I decided I'd have a go.





4 @Nicko    Here is my contribution.  Its a straight cover of Longview by Green Day.  It is most definitely not the radio edit so not safe for work without headphones.







5 @MoonBassAlpha   Our cover (Charms Against the Evil Eye) of the Jazz Butcher song Southern Mark Smith, recorded live with acoustic guitar overdubs only, 2nd take.
Leader Pat Fish was a good friend and mentor to our singer. He sadly passed in November this year (2021) and will be greatly missed by many.







6     @fingers211              Here's my thingy....It's a first for the 3 string cigar box , 






@Leonard Smalls   I've fiddled with a live desk recording from a recent gig of our cover of Penetration's "Don't Dictate", which also has a hint of "Word Up" just for fun!





8 lurksalot   A tale of rejection, reconciliation and redemption .... not safe for work 






9 @Nail Soup  It's a pretty straight cover of a pretty un-straight cover.......






10  @upside downer   I've gone with a knockabout song from 1996 (25 years ago? Crikey O'Blimey!), Scooby Snacks by the Fun Lovin' Criminals who I saw a few times back in their heyday. And, seeing as I can't sing, Huey's spoken word delivery is something that I can get near to.






11  @bussonetthebass  New to this competition but just knocked this one together seeing as I'm isolating and feeling like escaping to the studio. Apologies in advance for the singing.. I'll blame Omicron on this occasion.😄  






12 @SH73   So, this is a cover version of DP Boulevard's 'Point if View'. Not something I listen to, but I've recently heard it in the radio and thought why not to do something different.





13   @xgsjx   The Mrs has asked if we could cover Doomsday by Lizzie McAlpine, proper bluesey song with an interesting progression....





14 @skankdelvar   ..........






15 @lonestar   Here’s one what I did.....




That's a good size , quality list of entries from you all.


Vote for your fave 3 


Voting will close midnight on the 2nd January, an extra couple of days to catch up with all the entries :sun_bespectacled:


Good luck all 









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1 hour ago, skankdelvar said:

:) Blimey, that's some strong entries this year. Three votes is not enough.

I was thinking that, but  4 is an even number and doesn’t sound right , and five would be too many I thought .


Ed to add .....open to persuasion this evening mind 😁

Edited by lurksalot
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15 hours ago, Basscabman said:

Dunno If It's too late but here's one from me. 



 I have to say this is some most excellent playing but in the spirit of the challenge is not really what we do.


We are looking for a complete song/tune/instrumental, rather than a playalong to the original .


Fine work and you can certainly share it in the Recording forums section :)

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Suggestion- it is likely that we have a winner and there are unlikely to be enough voters to beat 9. Can this month challenge be finalised early, so we can get on with next month challenge before we return to busy lives in New Year. Only a suggestion...

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22 minutes ago, SH73 said:

Suggestion- it is likely that we have a winner and there are unlikely to be enough voters to beat 9. Can this month challenge be finalised early, so we can get on with next month challenge before we return to busy lives in New Year. Only a suggestion...


Think we've done something similar before - left the voting thread going but released the picture for January's Comp early. Makes sense!

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