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1960 Fender Jazz Bass SOLD
Woking, Surrey


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Hi All,

Up for sale is my 1960 Fender Jazz Bass - the first year of production for this model, known as the "stack knob".

This is a rare and fabulous bass, playing with a low action and super light at 8.1lbs.  The price reflects a few alterations, as follows - I have tried to include everything for the purposes of full disclosure.

It has a very old refinish (I have no idea who carried it out, but it is a fantastic job) both body and neck, a refret, changed nut and the bridge pup is a 1974 (the neck pup is the original).  There are numerous dings and dongs in the finish and some larger areas of playwear on the body rear.

The chrome cover screws and machine head screws are replacements (the chrome covers and machine heads themselves are original).  Two of the machine head screws are missing (the heads have been sheared off and so the screw bodies are still in the wood).

The original pickguard has a missing tip and the brazilian rosewood neck has a grain colouring which is very dark on the bass side, getting lighter towards the treble side.

Neck stamp is 11/60 and serial number 67361.  Pots date to 1960.  

Case is a non-original hard case.

Feel free to ask any questions or arrange to come and have a look.  I am happy to consider trades plus cash my way but only for other vintage Fender.

Cheers, Si

(I have included a photo of the bass sans pickguard etc a la Jaco, as I think it also looks very cool this way !)




















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That is beautiful, the 'amendments' add to it rather than detract, it's all part of it's story! 

Lovely instrument, I hope you are selling it out of choice, because I don't think I could part with such a possession, good luck to you and the new owner

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It's an interesting subject. Fender swapped from heavy formvar to plain enamel around 63/64. So there are early plain enamel examples but I've not seen it on a 60-62. Colour balance in photos is so variable especially when poor or tinted lighting is involved it's hard to see what colour the windings are or age of a pickup without provenance. This is still a fantastic bass that would be worth more than double the asking price if all original. GLWYS.

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Pick up looks good to me. I have a 1960 jazz and a 1961 precision that look the same and they are original winds.

Great basses these stack knob 1960s. Mighty rare too, especially at this sort of price these days!!

great looking bass!



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On 31/08/2019 at 21:35, mrbassman_de said:

The Maroon coloured coils are correct for all Fender basse until early 64. Copper coloured coils appeared in 64. So this is legit.

Very nice bass. Tragic that one pickup is a replacement...

I wonder if there’s a bass out there with a 1960 bridge pickup? What a trip that would be.....

GLWTS...... stunning bass......

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