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"20 Iconic Bass Guitars" - somefing wot I did...


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Entitled "20 Iconic Bass Guitars", I'm thinking of making this available to BC members as a print in either A3 or A2 sizes providing I get enough interest... :D

This image you're looking at is printed on bog standard A4 and really need to be seen in a bigger format, but you probably get the idea.

Any criticism welcome... :ph34r: :P

Iconic basses photo.jpg

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1 minute ago, musicbassman said:

That's a labour of love - well done!

Are you planning on labelling them all, or is it a chance for bass players to see how many  of these they can name?

Thank you! I was going to label them, but I quite like it without any text, gives it a bit more of a pop-art look, which is what I was after. :)

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That's grand!

I agree with not labelling them individually but I reckon you could put a panel somewhere out of the way that identifies each bass for educational purposes.  I'd consider buying one then.  Maybe a panel with a flip up fly-sheet so that you can do a bass quiz with your mates to see who's the geekiest?

It's great as it is though.  Thanks for sharing.

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4 minutes ago, Grassie said:

Another reason not to put text on there is that it gives the owner the chice of hanging it landscape or portrait. You guys are looking at it as almost landscape but it was done in a portrait orientation. 😊

There is always the option of printing on the back or a separate page.

I agree it is best uncluttered with text since the subject speaks for itself.  I haven't anything like the exposure to brands that the others have however.  I'd enjoy sleuthing it down though in the absence of pertinent information.

I'd love to have the A2 version in either case if the print is as detailed as I imagine it ought to be.

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