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  1. Thank you. Now that you explain it, it seems blindingly obvious that this is how you do it, but it wasn't obvious to me, so I'm glad I asked. I've got a suitable file on the way in the post, and I managed to dig up a good video that goes through in detail the method you described, so I'm looking forward to giving it a go.
  2. I once encountered a guy like that, although he was in tune and a good player. After his set I watched him wander off into the night, carrying his bass by the upper horn. I must admit, I was a little bit jealous.
  3. Inspired by the Quo thread, I submit 70s era Alan Lancaster as having one of the best haircuts in the genre. I think we can all agree that this is pretty damn good; magnificent, but restrained, entirely appropriate for the song - but is it great? Who, past or present, has done it better? And yes, this is definitely the worst:
  4. He's alright, but he's no Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.
  5. I have a number of basses with high frets that prevent me from getting the action as low as I would like. I plan to get some luthiery tools so that I can level them myself. In addition, I'd quite like to be able to have what I need to do a full fret level in the future, but it's not an immediate concern. My first question is: what tool is appropriate for levelling a single fret. I assume I could use a shortish fret levelling file, but how short? Crimson Guitars sell a 3" spot levelling file, but also a 6" file, which I 'think' I've seen them use to do a full fret level instead of a beam. So I guess what I'm asking is, buy a 3" file for the single frets and get a beam further down the line (expensive option,) or get the 6" file and use that for both jobs? Second question: what's a good way of getting the neck straight? I've seen some people suggest those notched rulers aren't so useful, as they work on the assumption that the fretboard is perfectly level. But, if you use a straight edge on the frets, surely you need the frets to be level? - just as an addendum, I realise that if I want the best result I could take it to a luthier, but these are all cheap basses, and the aim here really is to learn and practice the skills rather than the outcome.
  6. Some people can recognise humour when it's there.
  7. I hope they're all paying for their drinks, because once you get that lot set up in the Dog and Duck there won't be any room for the punters.
  8. The point at which the words 'this is not a democracy' emanate from a band members mouth would be the point at which I intimate that if that is indeed the case, then I'd better be getting paid hourly for my time, signed contract, all gig/practice expenses covered, and I certainly won't be providing any gear beyond my bass and cables. And then I'd pack up my stuff and leave.
  9. I quite like this one. It's memorable, easy to say, and looks good in written form. It's not cheesy, and doesn't sound like the name of an improvisational comedy troupe. Having the word 'book' in there will trigger unconscious associations in your clients with booking, professionalism, and maybe the marriage register that you sign during the ceremony. If there's a little inside reference for you in there, then so much the better. Only downside I can see is possible associations with Mao's little red book.
  10. How dare you, sir. Next you'll be telling me moussaka is just an overly complicated lamb casserole.
  11. But then you could just make it out of any old materials, and I definitely fight better with a really expensive stick.
  12. Actually, I've brought my own - artisanally made from swedish mahogany and kiln roasted fightwood. The guy who constructed it assures me the blend gives better reach at mid range. He charges an extortionate sum for these, but he's been making them for thirty years without ever taking a break, so I've no reason to doubt him.
  13. Just wanted to check: I haven't read a single post in this thread, but I assume the conclusion was that tone definitely doesn't come from wood? I mean, anyone who has spent more than three minutes of never ending research with a bass guitar would have to be pretty daft to think otherwise, right?
  14. Let us know if you track it down; the eBay site is such a mess it's seems impossible to know definitively what you can and cannot do. I had to turn on the Seller Hub feature to get access to a proper 'order details' page that showed buyer info, including the phone number. Interestingly, their email address was either missing, or masked with an intermediary ebay address, but I can get it via the PayPal transaction. I imagine there are other ways. Navigating the interface is like travelling back in time 20 years.
  15. It appears that method was taken away with GDPR, but after a bit of googling I was able to get access to both email and phone number for my past seller transactions. This is a bit of a revelation to me. I do not give out my email address and phone number to random parties I don't trust, because it opens you up to fraud in general, not just on eBay. All my care in my eBay interactions has been focussed around selling; it never occurred to me that buying might be a risk, as the worst I thought could happen was having to do a credit card chargeback. I'm off to switch my eBay and PayPal to a dedicated email address and phone no, and while I'm at it this has given me the necessary nudge to move away from SMS two-factor authentication on the few things I have that use it. I'm really glad you made this thread. Thank you.
  16. Sorry, I meant do you know how the seller obtained your phone number and email address? When I sell something on eBay I normally just get the buyers name and a postal address.
  17. It's a little tricky to follow, and there are a few bits missing, but l think my 'inside job' theory is looking very unlikely. If only because to get away with something like that implies a lack of oversight that wouldn't require simulating so much fake chat. Also, there's the one where they try to open the case too early, and the insistence on the case being opened without a comment. I didn't realise they not only opened the case, but closed it too by saying the item had arrived after all. Very slick. How did they get your phone number and email address? I don't normally get those when I sell something on eBay.
  18. I can't see the last two pages of the transcript, but, based on the first two, to me the most likely explanation is that the two parties in the chat transcript are either the same person or two people in collusion. I cannot imagine it was the intent of eBay that the online chat should be doing anything more than churning out canned responses that direct people to interact with the appropriate pages on the eBay site or app.
  19. Yea, I had a trawl back through this thread and couldn't see it. I'm sure I saw it somewhere though, as I remember liking it a lot. I have a white BB414 which, many moons ago for a gig, I stuck a big strip of velcro on so I could attach something to the front. After the gig, I just left the velcro on there. I thought it looked cool. I tend to leave my basses out on stands too. You can probably guess what's happened. Years later I went to remove the velcro and yes, there's a lovely rectangle on the front of my bass now where the velcro blocked the light. So, I'm thinking I might get a pickguard made, and I'd like it to look like the white one I remember seeing on basschat, which I am now starting to suspect I may have dreamt.
  20. Can anyone remember when someone posted a pic of a white BB to which they'd fitted a white pickguard instead of the usual black? Not sure if it was in this thread or another. I've been trying to find it, without success.
  21. An alternative approach is to have a weird looking bass and really spectacular jacket. Then you can play like you're having a good think about which horse to back at the 3:30 from Kempton, and people will worship you for it.
  22. As I understand it, the issue with the 'hot' preamp only exists on the first gen, Indonesian made basses. It is fixed in the China made ones, and of course in the more recent ones where production has been switched back to Indonesia. It's worth remembering that the stock pickup in the SBMM SUB is significantly different to the classic MM pickup. It's ceramic, has different sized pole pieces, more windings (I think); mine has a bar under each coil. The preamp is not a classic MM 2 band, but one specifically commissioned for the different pickup. I found mine to sound pretty horrible at first, but discovered that if I started with the bass and treble controls at zero, bringing up the bass gradually to where it sounds right and then bringing in the the treble, fine tune from there - I was able to get a really nice tone. Basically, I pretend the centre detents aren't there. The bass has a MM flavour all of its own, and it's one which I think some people may actually prefer.
  23. Mine is 4.150kg on my kitchen scales. It's a little neck heavy, noticeable on a slippy strap.
  24. I concur with the phantom power/red herring analogy, but can I just add; the OP implies the only way they've been able to get their previous dynamic mics working at a usable volume is with phantom power on. If I have understood that correctly, it says to me that, even before the arrival of the new SM58, something else somewhere is not working the way it should. The Roland amp, cables, something isn't right.
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