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  1. I like the special cutaway on the lower bout so that the instrument sits comfortably when you want to play bass sitting cross-legged on a tree stump in the park.
  2. The negativity is an observation on the perceived conservative nature of the customer base, not on the company or the new bass itself. There's a reason bass manufacturers continue to offer sunburst, black and white finishes. You have to tread carefully when it comes to innovation, because people will constantly tell you they want change, but what they actually want are a few small changes that benefit them specifically, and for everything else to remain exactly as it was, for eternity, never having to change or compromise their own behaviour in any way whatsoever.
  3. Thanks for confirming this. I have a USB hub, but I was vainly hoping this new version of the adapter might pass through power from a power supply connected to the lightning connector. The blurb from Apple softly implies that it does, but reviews suggested it does not. Thinking about it now, I guess it couldn't do that and supply sufficient current to charge the iPad at the same time. So, I think I'll go with a cheapie version off Amazon, and just return it if it doesn't work with my devices.
  4. Is this the case even with a power supply connected to the lightning connector on the adapter?
  5. I much preferred fretless, it just made more sense to me. The only downside is that I can't venture much beyond the 7th, as the short scale and rubbery strings make intonation too tough up there for me, but the intonation on the fretted ones I tried wasn't that hot either, so it's a bit of a moot point.
  6. I can't even decide which one I prefer. The first one has a cool scooped tone. The second one has more of the 'polite passive bass straight into the desk' sound, but I prefer the mellower highs. I'm guessing the first is the stingray. On reflection, I think I prefer the first in the mix with the track, but in general I love them both.
  7. This is one of the best things I've ever seen.
  8. Based on the evidence of my downstairs neighbours' parties, people don't even listen to entire songs any more.
  9. Red knob notwithstanding, it helps that that guitar player has done so many other things smarter than the two bass players. Obviously, playing one of the most recognisable and well loved guitar songs of all time helps a great deal but he's also a stronger entertainer all round, despite looking like a shy guitar nerd. He sounds better, he's louder and he looks significantly more at ease.
  10. Sorry, this is a bit of an annoying question, but do you know how close the MM pickup is to the position it would be on a Stingray?
  11. Can anyone explain the practical significance of the Stone test? The one with the ground loop. The cable that did worst in that is very similar to the ones I made up for myself. In fact all of the cables with the large pancake jacks seemed to do pretty badly in that test.
  12. Yea, you need to use threadlock,, and you need to crank the nut down very tightly so that the straplock grips the strap well. I hear a small dab of superglue is a suitable alternative to threadlock, but it's not something I've tried personally. They are fine straplocks if you've got all the bits and pieces to hand that you need: a decent quality spanner; grips, or some other way of holding the strap cup secure while you tighten the nut; threadlock; cocktail/matchsticks as described earlier, if your original screws won't go through the buttons; a leather punch or something else to widen the holes on thick leather straps. We could do with writing a Schaller fitting guide on this forum, these things come up so often, and Schaller don't acknowledge all of the issues in their instructions. And Schaller could do with redesigning their straplocks a little bit.
  13. I refuse to respond to any enquiries about items I'm selling. If people are really interested in buying they'll make the effort to find me.
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