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  1. Sparse basslines

    Got sidetracked via Youtube into Morris Day & the Time - also some great minimalist stuff. Anyone have a recording of their song "Saturday Saturday Night" or know where can find it? Saw them doing it on Soul Train years ago... OK apparently they were covering this song originally done by a west coast funk band called Zoom. MD & T's version is even funkier than the original if possible. I have to sort out a link....
  2. Sparse basslines

    SAHB - should be a revival of their stuff. (grin) I still do "gang bang" live.
  3. Faces Live 1972

    Now that HAS to be one of the most desirable Zemaitis instruments ever.
  4. Sparse basslines

    Used to do that one when I had a duo years ago. Great tune & a rather nice groove.
  5. Out of retirement

    I just love the P AND J config! Brought a smile to my face. Not sure about the Dali styling, but hey - that is why there's strawberry and vanilla, right?
  6. Sustain? Discuss.

    I traded my '73 Rick 4001 for a Travis Bean bass. That thing sustained so well I could put it back in its case, drive home, go to bed, get up the next morning, open the case and the last note I played would still be sustaining. Got rid of it - don't recall what I bought with the money, but that Bean was one of very few top class instruments I have never regretted moving on. Looked gorgeous, mind you. Midnight blue sparkle
  7. Sparse basslines

    Preaching my usual sermon. Listen to any good country bass player. Just because the music is simple doesn't mean it is easy. Seen so many sneering rockers fall flat on their asses trying to get a country line right. A few years back I was hired to re-record the whole of a country album that had been played on upright by a well respected jazzer, who just couldn't hear the ACTUAL feel for the songs at all. Listen to some Waylon Jennings for the Texas beat feel.
  8. Bruno Mars. Commercial slave.?

    @UK_Lefty: Nah they just got better at using autotune and melodyne since then.
  9. Quincy - Oh dear!

    Speak for yourself, sonny!
  10. Irrational fear of the skunk stripe?

    I have a well-used 1980 Tokai Springy Sound Strat copy with skunk stripe and no issues from brand new, but I also have that Epiphone prototype Explorer bass I was given in 1983, which has a skunk stripe that is sticking up well proud for the whole length of the (bolt-on) neck. There isn't much finish left on the back of the neck anyway but I have never had stability issues with it and the skunk stripe has been sticking out like that for at least ten years. Mind you it has been my main bass since 1983 and has lived a very hard working life. Still love it. I wouldnt worry about it.
  11. Cab borrow near cambridge?

    I live just outside Huntingdon, about 12 miles north of Cambridge along the A14. Got a 20x10 neo cab you could use.
  12. Saying hello to the main band?

    VM story I love best is the guy in his band who polished Van's microphone while the Great Man was busy pissing or somesuch... Not so much that he polished it, as where and with what part of his body. Probably apocryphal but I SO want it to be true. So many stories about what a nasty bastard he is.
  13. Bass players still poor relations in a band...?

    better yet, ring the changes round the circle of fifths every four bars or indeed keep changing to the relative minor of the minor key you are already in. Am to F#m to Dm to Bm, etc.... he would soon get the message. They just don't get how much control WE have over what THEY are playing, do they?
  14. What size nut width are you?

    My original P bass and my reissue of it (63 rosewood fingerboard) measured/s 42 wide and just as importantly 19 deep. wide but shallow suits me perfectly.
  15. Can anyone here do this?

    Bizzybass is how I would describe it. All very clever and if bass playing was an olympic event, etc..... Off for a quiet yawn.