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  1. On the money. If you are playing for the music for dancing audience smack on. I used to be one of them when I as a kid. Nowadays I play for people sitting down and usually drinking beer., with occasional forays into Dad dancing or the girls strutting their stuff fairly randomly to whatever speed we are playing the song at. And I forgot to add I have never managed to get my guys to stand still long enough for a rehearsal. mrTcat there's already a fair few snippets of me on youtube. I suppose I should add that there IS a fair variation in both tempo and style on them too. If you can find "Never make your move too soon" you will see me doing it as both a slow meringue style beat and a medium fast jump blues. Look for Skivin Ivan & the Slackers or The Ivan Carling Experience or Ivan Carling & friends. dave_bass5 : I don't do "and you're one too" "no I'm not" "yes you are" "my gang will get you at playtime" any more.
  2. A pal in Nashville mortaged his house up to the hilt to buy a fairlight with the 8" floppy disks. Worked like crazy for a year or so and then the world of tech caught up with hi, so he now several decades later, has a cumbersome black sideboard in his living room that might actually be worth 1/1oth of what he paid for it now.
  3. and fwiw your blanket statement was a wide-readhing blanket statement than mine.
  4. If he /she is a decent singer it won`t. That is of course part of the problem. First get a decent singer and decent players....
  5. (grin) 74 in June and thought I had pretty much had it when our singer died late last year. Then a drummer mate informed me that he had booked me to play a couple of local pubs with another couple of friends... Just got booked for Strawberry Fair festival in Cambridge right around the time of my birthday! And I thought it was all coming to a close
  6. I know you don't want to hear this, but if you (and the rest of the band) are good enough, this is easy. Last night I did yet another gig with my usual drummer and bassist (I play guitar and sing in this band) and a guest guitar player. Not only did I do a whole bunch of songs they had never even heard before, I did a couple of the ones they DID know at slightly different tempos to suit the evening's groove. YES there were a few bum notes, but since we get a set fee AND a whip round at this gig, I am pleased to say that my singerly petulance got us the best payday we have made so far at this gig. Happiness is a full bucket. I suppose I ought to add we don't just do a bunch of 12 bar blues. Beginning to realise a lot of you guys really do treat being in a band like an evening down the pub with your mates. *sigh*
  7. Don't sing then, do you? The comment about singers thinking they are god is not only puerile, it also misses the point entirely. And you ARE differentiating between "showing consideration for the other members of the band not being able to keep up" and "some arrogant singer who wants a song done at his speed" - a speed he can sing it at on the night....... The singer IS a member of the band too.
  8. (grin) Didnt read my post properly, did you? And I quote: Thats is OK if you are playing tunes but then it is the person who plays the melody who has the right to set tempo.
  9. As a singer who plays and a player who sings, can we not lose sight of the fact that it is SONGS we are talking about. The band`s job is to support the singer, not force him to perform the song faster or slower than he feels like on the night. Thats is OK if you are playing tunes but then it is the person who plays the melody who has the right to set tempo. Any other interpretation you put on this is showing your own personal bias (and very likely inadequacies too!) We are there to help, not police. (end of rant)
  10. Best monitor for a bass is pretty much always a bass amp. Always remember that yer average monitor system is not exactly set up to allow a strange/additional monitor to be added & most monitor engineers will not be falling over themselves to oblige unless you are the ones paying them. IF you are playing with decent side fills they are usually up to the job anyway. I would still be looking at a smallish combo you can point directly at your head, preferably up off the floor. I just bought a quiklok amp stand for mine.
  11. What made you think it was/is in C minor?
  12. It is worth seriously considering what I did. 2011/12 Mac Mini i7 Server. Mine came with Logic Pro 9 the full Office 2010 for Mac, 8 gb of ram and two 500gb hard drives, plus TWO keyboards, mouse and swanky designer bag. I paid around £550 for the lot and it is excellent. The significance of the model and year are that 2011 and 2012 is the last year Minis came in a solid aluminium case & its the last time they could be upgraded after purchase up to 16gb., plus of course you can put whatever combination of hard drive in there you like - either 2 HDD or 2 SDD or any combination. Love mine. Forgot to add that those two year models will happily do either 1920 x1200 or full retina graphics.
  13. Must be something in the water. I know three really good ones in the Cambridge area & I know there are others locally.
  14. Got sidetracked via Youtube into Morris Day & the Time - also some great minimalist stuff. Anyone have a recording of their song "Saturday Saturday Night" or know where can find it? Saw them doing it on Soul Train years ago... OK apparently they were covering this song originally done by a west coast funk band called Zoom. MD & T's version is even funkier than the original if possible. I have to sort out a link....
  15. SAHB - should be a revival of their stuff. (grin) I still do "gang bang" live.
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