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Midlands Bass Bash 2014 - With Pictures


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The Midlands Bass Bash 2014 is taking place on the 10th May 2014 from 1200 to 1700.

The venue is

Brockington College,
Blaby Road,
LE19 4AQ

It's easy to get to from J21 of the M1. Take the A5460 and at the first roundabout turn right onto the B4114 towards Narborough. Carry on the B4114 past Fosse Park on the right until you get to another roundabout. Turn right here onto Blaby road, the B582. Follow this road and once you cross the motorway Brockington College is the next left.

In the left hand corner of the car park is direct access to the front of the school. If you want to use that to unload that's fine, but it would be appreciated if you would then park in the car park proper afterwards. The room we are using is the first door on the left, just beyond the disabled parking bays. We'll try and get a sign up with an arrow!

We're going to ask for a £5 entry fee on the day. On the off chance enough people turn up to cover the costs any extra will be donated to a charity voted for by the attendees.

I think that's about it, any other information will appear in this post at the top of the thread and then be bumped.

Can any possible/definite/probably attendees put their names on the list so we have a reasonable idea of how many to expect.

25-02-14 - I have arranged with Donnyboy that the BC Bass Relay ([url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/196941-the-bass-relay-thread/"]Bass Relay[/url]) Baton will be at the Bash. Ideally I don't want to take it home again!

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Roland Rock and I visited Brockington College today to have a look and I think we've found a bit of a doozy. The room is reasonably large and can be separated with partitions. There is a kitchenette and also toilets so we're self contained. We've only booked the one room as neither of us have done of these before but the hall can be used to pop out for a chat should we get overrun with guests.

So really, see you in May.

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As updated above, we went to check out the college today, and it seems ideal for this medium-sized bass bash (We're hoping twenty-odd people, but the more the merrier)

We don't need to go through the main entrance - we have our own double doors right off the car park, so you can drive up and unload right at the door:

And this is the room as you walk in the door. The toilets (men, ladies and disabled) and kitchen are off to the left, and the wall on the right has loads of power sockets. The seating area at the end can be closed off with a sliding partition:

And just because I took it, here's a panaroma of the room, with Simon chatting to the man:

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[quote name='KevB' timestamp='1391459182' post='2357460']
What's provided in the kitchen? If I can make it I'd be happy to bring some cheap coffee/tea/milk/biscuits then folks can go in and make a brew as they like, might need to bring their own mug though?

There is the facility to boil water (can't remember if it's a kettle or an urn)
Thanks for the offer, Kev. I'll get a pack of polystyrene cups to save on washing up. We'll all chip in a bit to reimburse your outlay :drinks:

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I'll make sure I get this on the Facebook asap, or at a more hospitable time of day so more people see it.. :D

I [i]might[/i] be able to make it up. I'm in the wrong part of the Midlands really, but there's a chance I can get a lift and it'll be nice to show off my Alpher bass, although it might not be to everyone's tastes.. ;)

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