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  1. Thanks for the various offers. Looks like we're sorted now!
  2. I've managed to get myself double booked on 7th November, so need to find a dep for my covers band. Paid gig in Long Eaton, Nottingham. The set is pretty standard pub rock and indie covers, and I would be very happy to meet up to go through the arrangements. PM me if you're interested! Simon
  3. Bought a very nice Fender Starcaster from Werner. Excellent communications, and incredibly quick delivery from Germany. Deal with confidence!
  4. [quote name='skankdelvar' timestamp='1434159951' post='2797292'] Possibly because 98.7% of members and 83% of the mods don't have a f**king [i]clue[/i] how to work the payment system when it goes wonko. Only a tiny cabal of uber-mods have been vouchsafed the dark secret of ungumming the works; it is no light matter to arrange an audience with these celestial beings, a process which Dad3353 has set in train. Doubtless all will be well come sun-up. [/quote] If you are involved in the running of an organisation worth £29k perhaps you should have a clue : [url="http://companycheck.co.uk/company/OC376336/CHAT-PARTNERSHIP-LLP"]http://companycheck....PARTNERSHIP-LLP[/url]
  5. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1434148706' post='2797249'] The best method would have been to PM a Mod or Admin; I've just done this on your behalf, and someone will be along shortly to see what's happened. A little patience, please; meanwhile, here's some soothing music... [/quote] Really? Seems a legitimate question for those of us who pay to advertise on here, so why not ask?
  6. I bought a very nice Precision Deluxe from Grant. He was very patient when, due to a cock up on my part, PayPal took longer to pay than they should have done! Delivery was very quick once that was all sorted out, so highly recommended. Thanks again!
  7. [quote name='Bassassin' timestamp='1427375232' post='2729515'] although that curent walnut/maple board LE 4003 is [i]gorgeous[/i]... [/quote] Like this one?! My main gigging bass for the last 6 months. Looks, plays, and sounds fantastic [url="https://flic.kr/p/qRT4Hs"][/url]
  8. [quote name='Bronner' timestamp='1426904618' post='2723399'] Really, I'm trying to keep people from making the same mistake I made from buying a Rick bass by getting caught-up in the fantasy and mythology surrounding what is in fact a low quality instrument. I'm not the one who acts like somebody insulted my Daddy just because some criticisms were made about a mass produced product. [/quote] Blimey. You don't like Ricks, do you! My advice would be that different people like different basses. Whether it's a fender, Rick, or anything else, try it out, see if you like it and make up your own mind based on your own experience. Oh, and you're still welcome to that beer in Chilwell if you're still convinced my tone must be crap!
  9. [quote name='Bronner' timestamp='1426903513' post='2723393'] You say you can make it sound good, and I say let's hear, and now you have better things to do? Instead of 3 comments, you could have just put up a little audio clip. LOL ! [/quote] I'll be playing one of my Ricks with my covers band at the Charlton Arms in Chilwell, Nottingham next Saturday. If you want to judge my tone come along. I'll buy you a beer whether you like it or not!
  10. [quote name='Bronner' timestamp='1426901592' post='2723382'] The reason you won't, is because.... [/quote] The reason I won't is because I have better things to do. Ultimately I like the Rickenbacker tone and you don't. That's fair enough, but bassists from McCartney to cliff burton, and Lemmy to Bruce Foxton and Geddy Lee have got great ( and diverse) tones out of a Rick. You're perfectly entitled not to like Ricks. And if you can't get a good tone out of a Rick I believe you. But I'm certain others can.
  11. [quote name='Bronner' timestamp='1426901372' post='2723380'] [color=#000000][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif] You have to understand the compressors, consoles and tube microphones they used to warm-up that bass to get a workable tone out of it. [/font][/color] [font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif"][color="#000000"]The Rick sounds terrible recorded direct. What you hear on McCartney's recordings with the Rick is a highly sweetened tone from the studio gear; the Rick's organic tone is not flattering at all. [/color][/font] [size=4][color=#000000][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]If you want to carry around a Telefunken U47 mic, an EMI RS124 compressor[i]/[/i]limiter from Abbey Road Studios, and a REDD 37 analog recording console to your gigs, I'm sure you can get McCartney's tone. Otherwise, your Rick will sound like you are playing bass through a cheap electric guitar pickup. [/font][/color][/size] [/quote] Lol. Thanks for the advice! Over the last 20 years I have played Rickenbackers (three in fact), fenders, shukers, Gibsons, G&L, Sandberg and Warwicks live. The only basses punters, or other musicians, have ever commented on are the Ricks. Look good and sound good if you get a good one.
  12. [quote name='Bronner' timestamp='1426900713' post='2723376'] [font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif"][color="#282828"] Buying a Rick is like buying one of those French Bicycles from the 1920s with the huge wheel in the front and the little wheel in the back; looks cool, but won't take you far.[/color][/font] [/quote] It will if you know how to ride it properly
  13. [quote name='Bronner' timestamp='1426899700' post='2723372'] Exactly. Looks great. About 20 years or so when I bought my Rick. I thought (hoped?) The tone I would get out of it would be similar to McCartney's tone, but I was wrong. The bass is disagreeable with many types of amps [/quote] So McCartney can get a tone you like from a Ric, but you can't. Therefore Rickenbackers are disagreeable. Interesting logic...
  14. [quote name='hiram.k.hackenbacker' timestamp='1416225957' post='2608023'] Nice pixellation, but the body still looks like a Rickenbacker! [/quote] I'll try pixellation if I ever want to sell one of my Rics!
  15. [quote name='spacey' timestamp='1416333009' post='2609153'] People were holding this company up as an Example to Rickenbacker. Perhaps now they might understand why it is important to protect your branding and the worth of your products. [/quote] +1 Ironic, isn't it? Fender's branding is all over the place, compared to Rickenbacker.
  16. Really sad news. A true legend.
  17. Both excellent, but how good is the lad on the drums?! I'd happily swap him for the 52 year old who turns out for us each weekend!
  18. [quote name='bartelby' timestamp='1414154589' post='2586496'] In an old band we had one song in Dropped D tuning, I wanted it at the start or end of the set. Rest of the guys voted middle. So in large red letters, with arrows and everything, I made a note on the set list to remind me to change tunings. As the previous song ended the lighting changed and a red spot shone right on the set list. Took me 1/2 the song to realise why it sounded crap... [/quote] +1. We do "By the Way" (Drop D) followed by "Start" in standard tuning. Almost every gig I forget to retune and start "Start" a tone out. Not one that's happened to me as such, but a couple of years back we were playing an open air gig on the back of a trailer, when our singer decided to do a rock n roll leap into the (rather sparse) audience and managed to break his ankle.
  19. [quote name='Roland Rock' timestamp='1414077655' post='2585606'] OK, so it means 'Without Amp'. Brushing aside the fact that a preamp is, at the very least symantically speaking, an amp, what's the rationale behind the name? Is it aimed towards the studio market, saying that it's just as good as a mic'ed up amp? [/quote] My understanding (from memory!) is that when it was first marketed it was the first DI to have built in amp modelling. So you could ditch your amp and go straight into the desk either live or recording. A routine idea now, but quite new at the time.
  20. [quote name='flyfisher' timestamp='1413549987' post='2579424'] But it's a good point. At which point does playing in a band expose you to some sort of joint liability? I certainly don't have any contractual agreements with my 'band' and there is no paperwork that defines the formal existence of our band as any sort of legal entity . . . or are such things implied somehow? When does a 'band' become a separate legal entity rather than a few individual musicians who happen to be playing together? [/quote] If it's a paid gig, and the band as a whole is being paid a fee (rather than each member being paid individually) you are likely to be operating as a partnership so far as the law is concerned. You don't need a formal partnership agreement. The partnership would be implied from the fact that you are sharing the fee. As such each band member would be jointly and severally liable for the whole of any claim. In other words, the injured punter could sue any one of you for the full amount. The other thing to remember is that in practice, what is often likely to happen is that the injured member of the public will sue the venue in the first instance. They are the easiest target, as the claimant's solcitiors can be pretty well sure that they will be insured, and the venue is likely to be liable under the Occupiers Liability legislation. The venue (or more accurately the venue's own PL insurers) will then pursue the band for a contribution. That's precisely why the venue will ask to see evidence of your PL cover - in short, their insurers probably require that so that they in turn can be sure there is an insurer in place to meet any contribution claim. Personally I get cover through Music Guard - that covers my instruments for theft and accidental damage but also provides competively priced PL cover. Two birds with one stone.
  21. Another +1 to all that has been said about choice of pick. Also, where you play makes a huge difference. Nearer the bridge is going to sound more trebly/aggressive. Nearer the neck will give you a more traditional tone.
  22. [quote name='0175westwood29' timestamp='1413048927' post='2574533'] im not a fan of this kind of music but bashing something for not being as good as the original seems a bit pointless to me. [/quote] Generally I'd agree. But the "Perfect Day" single worked. It was a new idea and took a relatively obscure Lou Reed track and made it different. Whether you thought it was better than the original was irrelevant (it wasn't, by the way!) The problem with the God Only Knows single is that the original is a fantastically well produced, iconic song by a well known band. This version isn't different, and certainly isn't a new idea. In short, the surprise factor that perfect day had is missing.
  23. [quote name='ahpook' timestamp='1397770290' post='2427361'] It has a (I think) CV Jazz neck, a Seymour Duncan QP and a Gotoh bridge. Saw me through a gig in driving horizontal rain in Wales once - I unplugged at the end of the set and poured the water out of the input socket. EDIT: This actually used to belong to Simon1964 - blimey, did I really buy it (first time round !) in 2009 ? Been playing it lots this weekend. A P with a Jazz neck - superb ! [/quote] Lol - just stumbled on this while searching for something else. That really was a cracking bass. The specs are exactly that. One of the best basses I've owned, and one I regret selling!
  24. I've just acquired a rather nice Gibson Midtown Bass. The tone is great but the bridge pickup (one of the mini TB humbuckers) seems to be micrphonic. Played with a pick, i get an annoying loud click coming through the amp if the pick comes into contact with pickup cover. Because of where my right hand naturally sits, this happens a lot! I don't really want to swap the pickup, as the tone itself is great. Is there an easy fix for this?
  25. [quote name='darren' timestamp='1413027629' post='2574275'] Out of interest, what capacitor did you go with in the wiring kit? I went 0.1uF but not installed the kit yet. Still wondering whether to upgrade the pickups in my Japanese PB57-US at the same time. I've got the KiOgon vintage wiring kit and some labella 760FL strings sorted. Just need to make a decision on whether or not to replace the Japanese made "US vintage" pickups. Been looking at the Fender Pure Vintage 58 P-Bass pickup on Thomann. Darren [/quote] According to my PM exchange with Ki0gon the cap is a [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Vintage Sprague 0.1. Have to say that that doesn't mean a lot to me, save that Ki0gon advised it would give a "vintage old school" tone - which it does! [/font][/color] [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Tough call on the pickups. The SPB1 is great, but I was replacing a generic pickup that had been fitted years ago. The US Vintage pickups fitted to my Japanese 70s P reissue were excellent, and I'm not sure the Seymour Duncans would have been a significant improvement.[/font][/color]
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