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  1. Hi All, Selling my backup GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Its about 18 months old. Solely a backup to my other Hero 4. Therefore its in completely mint condition. Only used a couple of times. You don't need to look to hard to see how fantastic these little camera are, the addition of the screen on this model is a huge upgrade. Shoots in 4k, time lapse modes are great, underwater looks fantastic as well. Selling as I'm getting the Hero 5 for Christmas (Lucky Me), and it makes sense to use my other (less immaculate) hero 4 as a backup. Including the Camera, Case (open back door), Frame style case, mount, charge cable, battery and 16gb SanDisk Micro SD. After £170 + Postage [attachment=231359:IMG_1119.JPG] [attachment=231358:IMG_1118.JPG] [attachment=231356:IMG_1114.JPG] [attachment=231357:IMG_1116.JPG]
  2. [quote name='No lust in Jazz' timestamp='1434977952' post='2804318'] Having read through the 'News' at lunchtime it wouldn't surprise if the whole episode has been fabricated to the benefit of both parties. Swift - She has some new product out, which now has been discussed in the News. Apple - They're right on and care. [/quote] Absolutely agree, everyone comes out of it looking a little bit better. Smells off. Cynical view maybe, but I'd be amazed if it was as it has been told.
  3. [quote name='MattyK' timestamp='1430506485' post='2762203'] Any interest in Genz Benz Shuttle 9 trade? [/quote] No Trades at the moment, thanks for the offer though.
  4. [quote name='Roland Rock' timestamp='1430312143' post='2760127'] [url="https://www.facebook.com/Gigwise/videos/10153277577899295/"]https://www.facebook...53277577899295/[/url] Haha [/quote] You. Now. Here. The. I'm done!
  5. [quote name='MiltyG565' timestamp='1430256810' post='2759662'] Here's your coat... [/quote] Sorry, I didn't mean to wind you up. I'm actually going now.
  6. [quote name='MiltyG565' timestamp='1430241923' post='2759433'] Thanks! As some on here know, StringPing.com isn't just me trying to sell strings, it's a bit of a labour of love. I'm going to be writing more blogs for it in future [/quote] Get writing then, don't keep stringing us along..... I'll leave now.
  7. [quote name='MiltyG565' timestamp='1430179410' post='2758739'] edit - also, have a read of my blog (link in signature). It explains a bit about why strings go bad, although I didn't include acidic sweat. [/quote] Good blog that Milty! Nice to see a seller not just bothered about selling stuff. Still amazes me how little value people put on strings.
  8. [quote name='buff' timestamp='1430171097' post='2758698'] No what I'm wondering is as anyone else had a very bright sounding jazz, and fitted pick ups that changed the tone. I thought by fitting 84's it would darken it enough. It has but in a harsher way. [/quote] Surely experimenting with strings is a fair bit cheaper than trying various pickups? As Grangur said amp, cab and EQ are all thats left after that.
  9. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1430172031' post='2758707'] I'm still not convinced by the subscription model for software either, and I'm not alone in this respect. Only one of the advertising/design agencies that I freelance for has "upgraded" to Creative Cloud and that's only because they needed more licences and CC is now the only option for adding new seats. [/quote] They always find a way to get people to migrate! It does make you wonder where the subscription line will end doesn't it.
  10. Are you using steel rounds or nickel? Be intrigued to see if there is much of a difference corrosion wise.
  11. [quote name='ColinB' timestamp='1430167076' post='2758633'] Flatwounds? [/quote] This
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