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  1. You will do much better with pictures of what you are selling, I would never be interested in buying something that the seller doesn’t show me the item first.
  2. This post is completely pointless. You don't like Rickenbacker basses then, I love them................................
  3. You will probably do better with this sale if you post pictures of the guitar you have for sale. Not just some stock pictures of a brand new one that shows nothing of the condition of the guitar you have for sale.
  4. bigd1

    Hand Truck

    RocNroller R12 all terrain, used it for years as I have a back problem, very good bit of kit.
  5. bigd1


    The other side of this is could any of the eeerrrrmmm so called voices on The Voice sing in a true live situation, with a band or orchestra etc. I think the vocalist from the 70's would have no problem with either of these real singing opportunity.
  6. I'll take this whatever the measurements, I can collect and do cash on collection. Please let me know pending the people in front of me. Ta very glad Dale (BIGd)
  7. I think the main thing is to mute with your fretting fingers. If you use a pick you can mute by resting your hand on the strings near the bridge. I find the best way to get the sort of thing I think you are after (sound wise) is to kind of kill the sound with your fretting hand the best eg in the videos above is Entwistle look what he does to stop the sound. Not sure if this will help, but you never know
  8. Steven Wilson 4 1/2 very good indeed.
  9. [quote name='pete.young' timestamp='1481370052' post='3191790'] To be fair, this is normal for most Sousaphones or so I've been led to believe! We are not worthy! They are a great band, you must have played to a very high standard. [/quote] Why thank you sir
  10. RIP Greg, one of the best voices in rock music, fantastic bass player as well as guitarist, sad loss indeed.
  11. BBb Tuba, I used to say this was my first instrument but due to health issues I don't play for bands any more, although I do still have my own Tuba and have a blow now and again.. I used to Play for Yorkshire Imps. I would say nowadays Bass Guitar, guirat, uke and drums has taken over.
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