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  1. MIM Fender Urge Standard 32" Medium Scale wanted.
  2. This thread seems to suggest to me that often the audience has more of a sense of humour than the band does.
  3. [quote name='antnee' timestamp='1486248095' post='3230399'] Had literally just messaged the Doc. After seeing some of these comments I may withdraw my request if I do get a response. I'll pursue the company mentioned before. [/quote] I haven't been on here for well over a year but have just pmd the Doc so i'd love to know if you do get a reply.
  4. [quote name='Conan' timestamp='1481644829' post='3193983'] I saw him last week. He sorted out the wiring on my new Geddy Lee Jazz bass and made it a lovely tort plate He was definitely on good form [/quote] If you see him again could you ask him where my Squier Bass VI scratchplate i sent him in 2014 is?
  5. [quote name='AndyTravis' timestamp='1433009112' post='2787038'] Seriously? If I thought this would see use I'd be all over it - I'm playing my main 5 so much at the minute. Is the black in the ribcage contour a scratch protector? Is it lightweight? [/quote] Yes it's a scratch protector. I've only got bathroom scales to weigh it on so i weighed a couple of basses i have just as a comparison and here are the results: Ibanez Verdine White Signature: 9 pounds 1979 Shergold Marathon: 7.5 pounds 1974 Fender Jazz Bass: a whopping 11 pounds!!!
  6. BUMP Can't believe this is still here but it is.
  7. £300 including postage in the UK
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