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  1. Spotted this Stingray EX on Ebay

    For anyone interested, there is one for sale to the US market eBay with its location in Japan, haven't had a good look at pictures myself though. I want to go have a look but I'm on the lookout for a sterling with mutes and maple board.
  2. Love my classic 4x10 and would be all over this if I could
  3. Modulus Flea bass --- only £2100

    I see location is the Netherlands, are you offering postage the UK/EU
  4. Input, 4 band eq with 2 sweepable mid bands. Master and then a defeatable limiter. But the limiter has to be the most thought out part, cause it has to be good and change with the required input gain. 800watts sounds a cool number, and 2 ohms I like the sound of just as then you aren't so limited to what cabs you want. You might buy a 4 ohm unit thinking that's all you need to turn around a few months later and need more speakers so have to sell it to buy two 8ohm versions. 2ohms makes more sense for longevity and future cab needs. But I'd probably want it to to have more power though. HPF built in is an excellent idea too.
  5. 16 right angle jacks, 10 chrome, 6 gold. Pre-made using well over a metre of cabling. Cost me plenty enough but I'm using EBS flat jacks now. Price includes postage and will accept PayPal or bank transfer.
  6. Light drive pedal for more aggressive tone

    Xotic BB bass Preamp. I've had at least one on my board for well over 5 years now. And infact I still have my first one, and all its needed is a little switch cleaner. It doesn't colour the bass' sound at all, and with the gain set at zero you get a very transparent clean boost and 2 band Pre-amp. It's gain knob has a very useable range too, from clean as above all the way to super gnarly. At one point I had two to get best of both worlds. As a side note I've owned most of the other big name drive units (tech 21; darkglass etc) but always go back to this pedal. And I'd love another!
  7. New Darkglass pedal.

    [quote name='Prime_BASS' timestamp='1493905098' post='3291699'] But who am I kidding that's probably coming soon for £450 and a small version for £250. Cause that's how apple make money, and it's worked with the microtube family of pedals. [/quote] Called it first! Wait long enough and we will definitely see a version like an ultra. So it is not the beginning and end. Just the beginning.
  8. Squier jazz bass, active, Badass bridge, Bartolini pups

    So is the bass without the ebs pre-amp and badass bridge now?
  9. Including postage. No need to take a picture really? Brought a double pack to try the thicker top strings and while they did what I thought they would I just prefer the sound and feel of my usual sets so for sale. One set has been cut for a 34" scale P bass 4 inline tuning pegs. Been used 3 tines at home and cleaned so good for a few gigs yet. The other set is brand new still in the sealed pack. My price is cheaper than a single new set. PayPal or bank transfer
  10. Squier jazz bass, active, Badass bridge, Bartolini pups

    Can you RE upload the pictures they aren't loading for me any more.