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  1. Ditto. It's definitely gotten better compared to older versions on the B3 for example, but sounds closer to a warmer and more bass friendly Tube screamer. I'll try and get a comparison sometime but right now my board is in bits while I build a bigger one.
  2. So from memory, bass octave, NYC bass muff, room reverb, fender bassman amp SIM and a compressor. And yeah the octaver is used for those big chorus bits! Never really liked digital multis either and I wouldn't use it without my preamp after it either. However I am so surprised with how good a lot of the sounds are even just flicking through the pedals and with out moving any settings they sound nice and pleasing.
  3. To cut a long story short, I wanted another drive didn't find much sense in spending £100 or north for something I already had (BB preamp) or something I hated for whatever reason. Tried lots of gear other love and ended up sending them back. So I heard about the Zoom B3n, I was sceptical as I'd used previous zoom gear and didn't think they were any good. Looked online and thought damn these drive sounds are pretty wicked. So went a head and thought screw it, for £130 I'd at least maybe get some drive sounds I like along with being able to try some other stuff out. Totally blown me away this thing. Excuse my dog playing.
  4. Would prefer to sell together at this stage so I can replace the whole lot in one go.
  5. Used ones tend to go for between 90 and 100 pounds. I love mine and had one on my board for over 7 years now.
  6. I'm basically after another BB and while they rarely come up I've seen a few RC preamps and have no idea how they sound compared and find it hard using YouTube to try and compare. Anyone had both and care to share thoughts?
  7. Need to hear it on bass to form an opinion myself. Sounds nice on that guitar though.
  8. Have something else selling hopefully this weekend so will be off sale come next week.
  9. Due to zero interest in open to reasonable offers. Houses don't buy themselves haha
  10. Markbass Classic 104. £350. Owned a good long while now, has been gigged and recorded and practiced with and I love it. However I need to free up some cash monies to buy a whole house. Due to size postage is out of the question. If asking price is made I will gladly deliver to anywhere with 100 miles of Nottingham. Open to offers however. 500w 8 ohm. Loud as hell, sounds brilliant, sealed goodness but articulate and none wooly. 27kgs. Will trade down with cash my way but have something in mind to replace it with already. Markbass Little Mark 3. £250 Brought new sometime ago don't think it's made in Italy, but having had Italian ones can't tell the difference at all. Been used a lot but everything works, sounds brilliant. Don't want to sell but need the money really. Always travelled in a pelican case but has some scratches on the top. Will sell both for £500 all in. Fantastic gigging rig, can be quiet and still sound good. Would not sell if I didn't have to, took me ages to find one of these cabs. Will provide the neautrik (so¿) as well.
  11. Yes however this one doesn't quiet fit my check list exactly unfortunately.
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