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  1. TC Nova Dynamics

    Not read that review, but agree never had any pop when it engages the compressor at all. The only reason u don't use the compressor side is that I've set my bass up to be pretty even and then use loads of overdrive which naturally compresses the signal anyway
  2. TC Nova Dynamics

    As above, used for the past 2 years! Amazing noise gate and compressor, just don't use the compressor side at all. We all know what these are and offer the best sound and all the parameters you need to dial it in. With the added bonus of running them in a number of ways. No box or manual but have the original PSU and will provide a 9v to 18v adapter I have had for it that works brilliantly, and also does other voltages too. Will ship to mainland UK or can collect from Nottingham.
  3. Would trade for a camera of equal or less value plus cash, or a MacBook of equal or less value plus cash.
  4. Price drop to 800
  5. Forgot to add, I changed the pickgaurd screws to new black ones however I do have some new silvers ones I will put in with it as well. As far as trades go, I'd only be interested in a very nice P bass with a jazz neck, or a an early EBMM sterling with bridge mutes, with a maple fingerboard.
  6. Acquired from eBay on a whim and despite it being a great bass just isn't for me tonally. Only asking what she owes me as I've put a lot more into it since owning it. 2004-2010 deluxe jazz bass, weighs 8.4 lbs According to serial database was made on the back end of 2003 and despite its age is in fantastic condition. I brought a bunch of genuine fender parts to replace broken/missing parts and only replaced what it needed, so nothing major has been taken off. Has had a fret polish, fresh strings and two setups done. Pretty low action but IMO would need a shim to get the perfect height (for me and I like it very low >3mm at the 12th fret) £800 posted. £750 collected. Comes with a generic gator hard case The pics!
  7. As above, have some cash for it would like to pay around 250/320 as that seems to be the going rate. Will pay for delivery or will pickup within 50 ish miles of Nottingham.
  8. Need a new preamp

    As above really. Want a replacement pre-amp to go into this fender American deluxe bass I have. I'd like to keep it as it is really but not have to do any work so want a drop in sort of job. So it's volume, blend, stacked bass treble, mids and then the Jack is on the side. Also for it to run, 9 and 18 volts, and maybe a passive mode too of possible. Ideally don't want to be soldering in any pots and just either clip in the pickups or solder the pickups in. Easy peasy. A quick look through bass direct and most seem to require a lot of work to get on the bass.
  9. Recent purchase but decided to use very little of it as it goes. Plus some other stuff I've been hanging onto for no reason. Pictures below. All prices include postage. Open to offers White "62 reissue jazz bass pickguard. I believe I took this off a 90s Japanese import fender reissue, but I have had lots and lots of similar and brought similar too, but I have had this for years too. Has a sticker with a bar code on the back that might help identify it. Does have a crack shown in the pictures. £10 Generic Jazz Bass pickups. As are really, pretty nice sound though. Vintage cloth wires. £15 Red Tortoise Shell Pickguard. Not the best cut and obviously not real, but nice looking. Shielded on the back £5 Hipshot B style bridge, satin. Very very light, but sturdy, a go to bridge for me. I may keep this yet, but would like a black or chrome version.(hence no picture) £35 kIogon single Volume wiring loom. Brilliant as always with his stuff. Have a V+T from him in my main bass. £10 Everything is hopefully priced to go asap. Bare with me as I am using my mobile but will try and reply ASAP.
  10. Westenras feedback

    Brought a bitsa bass. Was pretty much as described and packaged extremely well!!!! Would buy from again.
  11. Spotted this Stingray EX on Ebay

    For anyone interested, there is one for sale to the US market eBay with its location in Japan, haven't had a good look at pictures myself though. I want to go have a look but I'm on the lookout for a sterling with mutes and maple board.