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  1. This sounds fascinating - the sub n up I mean. Currently I use ME50b octave with distortion and chorus. Just too muddy for me. Go via Ashdown abm 500 rc evo 3 and genz Benz cabs (4x10 and / or 2x12). Great wall of sound but sometimes a little subtlety is needed!!
  2. Hello all. I play in a 3 piece, as indeed many of us do.. when the guitarist branches out into a solo, I usually activate a touch of distortion to fill out the sound for the duration. Not perfect but it helps. My question is whether there's an fx out there that can better emulate a cleaner second power chording guitar while playing bass as opposed to dialling in distortion? P
  3. kolossusuk


    Hi. Opinions sought re Mayones basses in general and Caledonius 5 string specifically!
  4. I may be interested in this, though tis a tad dear - I have a USA P bass deluxe but have hankered after the sunburst configuration for a while, now that they can switch passive / active.. Seem to recall that historically the MIMs were only active
  5. Experienced and committed bassist with great gear, transport and vast, diverse repertoire into most genres - also backing vocals, some guitar and keys when suits... - excellent local gig contacts seeking new band. Current band winding down now after 4 years together so looking forwards to a new challenge / opportunity
  6. Seamless and pragmatic transaction and the cab is superb! - many thanks Paul
  7. How much for the 4 x 10 on its own, please?
  8. Where are you located? Very interested.
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