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  1. Lovely looking bass, and just down the road from me (I'm in Sutton Coldfield!) - shame I'm not after a more-expensive P-bass! GLWTS!
  2. If my Ibanez sells, I may very well contact you about this. Lovely bass, good luck with the sale.
  3. If it's going to be a 'one bass to rule them all' sort of situation, then definitely 5.
  4. Obviously beautiful - good luck with the sale!
  5. For sale is my Ibanez SR506. This is an early example that features a push-pull pot on the volume to switch between active and passive and a push-pull pot on the mid control to select mid frequency. Other than that, it's very similar to the current day model and is an absolute beast! The bass has recently been cleaned and restrung with Ernie Balls (that currently have about 5 minutes of play time on them!). There are plenty of age related marks and a slight crack near the 6th string tuning peg. This crack doesn't effect the tuning or neck at all and I've been td that it's very unlikely to effect the bass in the future (unless dropped from a small height) :). I've tried to capture the various dents and marks in pictures but otherwise it plays brilliantly and the electronics all work perfectly fine. Padded Fender case included. Happy to courier at buyer's risk (will ensure adequate packing). Also happy to consider trades. Specs (copied from Andertons): 5pc SR6 Jatoba/Bubinga neck Mahogany body Medium frets B106 bridge (16.5mm string spacing) Bartolini MK1 neck pu Bartolini MK1 bridge pu Bartolini MK1 3-band eq
  6. It's not but I just saw that - looks lovely! Thanks for all the feedback. Might have to keep my eye out for a well-priced neck thru.
  7. Ah, that makes sense. I've been told it's Czech made and I trust the person when they say the condition is 9/10.
  8. Hi all, got a question about a possible purchase that I'm hoping some wonderful Spector-owner can answer! I've been offered a Euro 4 LX (bolt on, with Aguilar pickups) for £925. Seems like a good condition instrument but I'm find it hard to see previous examples online or find good sound samples. Given the good condition, can anyone advise on whether or not it's worth trying to haggle? My gut feeling is that it's a very fair price but I thought I'd check with those more knowledgeable than me first.
  9. I've got the 5-string version of this and it's absolutely awesome. Good luck with the sale!
  10. These basses are so stupidly good for the money - good luck with the sale!
  11. Bit of a story with this one: bought as B-stock from eBay for £149 as the electronics weren't working. Since purchasing, I've: 1. Repaired the dodgy jack so it's now 'breathing' (the active circuitry works!) 2. Sanded some of the fret ends as they were a bit sharp - still not perfect but a lot better. 3. Applied a bit of lemon oil to the Indian Blackwood fretboard as it looked a bit dry 4. Tightened the tuners as they weren't super tight out of the factory It's now a killer 6-string, neck thru bass waiting for a new owner (it's way too big for my tiny hands, that are used to Ibanez 5-strings!) Specs (from link above): Neck construction : Neck-Thru Body Body : Mahogany Neck : Canadian Maple with Mahogany Stripe Fingerboard : Indonesian Blackwood, 24 Frets Scale length : 34 inches String spacing at bridge : 17 mm Fitted with 2 truss rods Pick-up : H-H, Ceramic Controls : 1 Volume, 3 Tone, 1 Balance, Preamp Circuit Machine Heads : Chrome Weight is slightly above 5kg This bass retails for £299 so I've decided to move it on for £200 or am open to trades. P&P at buyer's expensve, payment by bank transfer only.
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