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  1. Just purchased the 5-string version of this and I absolutely love it - much easier to play than a Dingwall in my opinion. Good luck with the sale.
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    Cheers! Bump.
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  9. Bump. Discounts offered if you buy more than one book.
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    Thanks Kev. I should not that the reason for moving it on is down to the reason why it's in such good condition still: I play as a hobby, and not a profession! Sadly, that means I'm having to sell it to someone who will give it the attention it deserves!
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    Hello everyone. For sale is my Alpher Mako Elite 5-String Bass. The Elite range is their fully-custom built instruments, which means I picked out almost everything! You'll be the second owner of this instrument. I purchased this about 2 years ago, early on in Alpher's foray into the custom-made guitar world (serial number is #006!). Since then they've gained immense popularity and a reputation for building exquisite instruments. Playing bass has mainly been a hobby of mine, and not a profession, so be assured that you're getting an almost-new bass. No scratches or marks to talk of, and no noticeable wear anywhere on the instrument. The top wood is not your typical bit of Maple. It has some light spalting around the edges and some severe flaming all over it! The body-wood is Claro Walnut, and was chosen because it was offered as a lightweight alternative to more standard body woods, meaning that it [b]weighs in at just under 4kg[/b]. The neck is Wenge and is beautifully smooth. The profile is also very comfortable (thicker than a 'Jazz' style neck, but still comfortable for my small hands). The fingerboard is Madagascan rosewood and has similar characteristics to normal Rosewood, and even Maple. This was mainly chosen because of how rare it is! The pickups were inspired by the MusicMan Bongo and are fairly aggressive when set to full-humbucking, but the preamp controls and switches give this amazing versatility. The single-coil mode on both pickups give a lot of variation and the bass + treble boost, along with the active/passive switch, give you even more space to explore. Finally, the hardware is all standard but the string-spacing at the bridge is around [b]16.5mm. [/b]Think Warwick/Ibanez type spacing. If you require any extra pictures, please let me know (as there are plenty, and I didn't want to flood this topic too much). This bass is for sale on Alpher's website as well, as you will essentially receive the bass through them (so they can ensure that they're happy with the standard of instrument you receive). Protec Congego case is also included. [size=5][b][url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWeX59D0Iz0"]Click here for sound samples (and a mini-gallery of sorts).[/url][/b][/size] [b][u]Woods[/u][/b] One-piece master grade Claro Walnut body Wenge accent veneer Master grade flamed / spalted Maple top One piece Wenge neck Madagascan Rosewood 21-fret fingerboard [b][u]Electronics and Hardware[/u][/b] Custom-wound Humbucking pickups (with individual coil taps) John East 2 band preamp Hipshot individual bridge saddles and Ultralite tuners 16.5mm string spacing at bridge 34-inch scale Brushed Aluminium Knobs [u]Full Alpher Aproved used bass warranty included[/u] [u]Worldwide shipping available[/u] And now for the juicy stuff...