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  1. Love the facelift BC... :)

    1. TheGreek


      I'm using this view setting (note the first  option in orange) so it looks the same as the earlier version.



      I find change confusing....

  2. Just discovered Biarnel basses.... wow....

    1. DiMarco


      How It's Made: Making a bass guitar from scratch: Biarnel Iter 4TB - YouTube

      They look the biz! Can't say I'm thrilled by what I hear in any of the demo videos though - those seem to be rather generic sounding instruments.


    2. Rumple


      Not really a fan of the look of single-cuts but I do like those Akme fretless'

  3. There are some utterly astounding basses for sale on eBay right now, courtesy of He Who Shall Not Be Named....

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    2. Chienmortbb


      You have me intrigued. of whom of what do ye speak oh grassie and greek?

    3. Grassie


      I'm not sure I can say....:ph34r:

    4. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      I think we (probably me) may have said too much already 😬

  4. Just applied for a new job, same company but a different role. Fingers crossed for an interview.... :) 

    1. Teebs


      Good luck! 🍀

    2. SpondonBassed


      Best wishes.

    3. Reggaebass


      Hope you get it ☝️

  5. Flats sound wicked on a jazz bass. You’re welcome. 😊

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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      What are you saying @skej21 - it's not 1966 already is it?
      Whew.... that was some dream I had in 1965 ;) 

    3. Reggaebass


      It’s the only way to live 🙂

    4. EssentialTension


      Jazz bass, flats, and a plectrum, neck pickup 100%, bridge pickup 70% ... it's a thing.

  6. I still have a few of these left folks... :)


  7. Just bought a Squier VM P-bass in amber for a hundred squids! Huzzah! :)

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    2. Grassie
    3. Witters


      Ooh, that’s really nice!  I don’t have a precision....yet.


      Was it a new or 2nd hand purchase?

    4. Grassie


      Second hand. My guitarist’s brother in-law was selling it. 😊

  8. Got meself an audio interface with a software bundle (Pro Tools/Ableton). Let the bass recording shenaningans commence. Once I've worked out how to use it all...

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    2. LewisK1975


      Got an X-15 somewhere, forgot about it!

    3. Stub Mandrel

      Stub Mandrel

      Good luck. It topok me a whoel weekend to get my head around Ableton Lite and produce  an awful track that only proved I could get drums, keyboad bass and guitar all happening at (approximately) same time...

    4. Grassie


      Cheers guys, I’ve been messing around with FL Studio for years but have never played bass or guitar on any of my stuff, I’ve always used the presets and pasted the notes in, which can be incredibly tedious. Hoping to get going at the weekend. 😊

  9. How annoying is it when people don't reply to messages on their 'for sale' ads...? 😡

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    2. Grassie


      It’s a Gumtree ad, but I get your point. 😊

    3. ambient


      Or ask questions on the sale thread; you answer them and then nothing.


    4. BassTool


      Ignorance by not replying is quite staggering sometimes on Gumtree. Particularly when sellers choose only the email option to get a reply to their sale ad, then don't reply when you mail them to enquire about the advert. 

      It's happened over the last two months to me whilst looking for something for my youngest, and makes you wonder how these people sell stuff.


  10. Looking for a P-bass...


  11. After a white pearl pickguard for my 4 string Sire MM V7 in the Items Wanted section...

  12. Anyone know how much Sims Custom charge for a solid 2k respray? Messaged them a couple of weeks ago but no reply...

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    2. Sibob


      Their phone number is: 01233 822522


    3. TheGreek


      Here's Nikki's email address...

      [email protected]

    4. Grassie


      Thanks chaps. 😁


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    2. TheGreek


      Chancers and time wasters

    3. Grassie



    4. SpondonBassed


      There is a new website for those; Scumtree.cow

  14. Some lovely stuff in Basses For Sale, not doing my GAS any good though... 😁

    1. alyctes


      Tell me about it :D

    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Your GAS?? - It's probably not as bad as MY GAS though ;)

  15. I've just discovered The War On Drugs (I know...) Not been moved by music in this way for years. Beautiful.

  16. Big time Precision GAS, but the Sire V7 needs to go first...😁

    1. Marc S

      Marc S

      Ah, I'm not the only one who gets GAS before selling something then ;)

  17. Is Ki0gon still a member on here...?

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    2. HazBeen



    3. gjones


      Thank goodness! I'm sure I have more business, in the future, to send his way :)


    4. discreet


      'The Wizard of the South' they call him. :)

  18. Audition this coming Thursday - Stevie Wonder, Chic, Luther Vandross in the set. My funk chops are AWOL and I'm going to flunk it big style. 

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    2. discreet


      Well done. :)

    3. Grassie


      Fanx man. 😊

    4. SpondonBassed


      Great news!

      Funk chops with apple sauce all 'round then.

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