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  1. Waiting for an Epi LP Money bass, or a proper non-reverse T-Bird...
  2. Two - "Tiny Music...Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop" by Stone Temple Pilots, and "King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime" by Faith No More. The first was really different from their previous release "Purple", and I was not expecting it to sound so lo-fi, and as weird as it did. but Robert DeLeo's bass tone on a lot of the tracks is really cool, and "Art School Girl" is amazing. Second, FNM came out with this absolutely schizophrenic masterpiece in 1995, three years after "Angel Dust", and, again, it was so different to previous stuff that it caught me unawares I think. It's punk, funk, loungey, nasty, disturbing, but above all it's Faith No More-y and it's my favourite album of theirs.
  3. Finished my copy this week. Yes, it only goes up to the Chili's very first gig, but the ride Flea takes us on through his childhood makes for great reading. You certainly get to see why he is the way he is. The chapters are quite short and concise; each one a short adventure within the whole story, but he gets a lot of detail in. The audiobook version is read by the man himself.
  4. Great stuff. Mark has a very distinctive voice, you don't sound like him at all, but your voice is excellent in its own right. Good luck with it.
  5. Flats sound wicked on a jazz bass. You’re welcome. 😊

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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      What are you saying @skej21 - it's not 1966 already is it?
      Whew.... that was some dream I had in 1965 ;) 

    3. Reggaebass


      It’s the only way to live 🙂

    4. EssentialTension


      Jazz bass, flats, and a plectrum, neck pickup 100%, bridge pickup 70% ... it's a thing.

  6. Personally, I’ve quit bands with 3 months or more notice, simply because my reason for leaving has usually been that I’ve just gotten bored with a particular band, and not for reasons like falling out with anyone. It’s common courtesy really. The exception was with my last band, who cut me out of a number of gigs at a certain venue because they wanted “more money”. Their keyboard player is a talented guy, and was able to cover bass parts. I quit on the spot, with four days until the next gig.
  7. It’s great news of course. The next album will be influenced by whatever John is absorbing - I remember reading an article about the recording of their last two albums with him and John states that whatever he was listening to at that time was directly influencing the way he was playing. With By The Way it was a lot of ambient stuff, a lot of textural playing, which you can certainly hear on that record, and with Stadium Arcadium, he was getting off on early Van Halen, which is reflected in his fairly OTT solos on that album. I hope he’s not doing it just for the money, he doesn’t strike me as the sort of artist that can force it for the sake of a pay cheque. They have some big live dates coming up next year, so I would imagine they’ll get in the way of any recording process. Can’t see us getting an album for 12 months. I hope it’s worth the wait.
  8. I like a bit of Strictly. I could look at Amy (the Welsh professional) all day..... Oh, yeah! The band! Fantastic. They should get their own slot on the weekday extra show, definitely. That Amy though... what a beauty...
  9. “Hypersonic Missiles” by Sam Fender. On CD cos I’m old. Not many of these young nippers worth listening to these days, but Sam does it properly, with proper guitars and an actual band and everyfink. And he plays a Fender. 😊
  10. Also available as a t-shirt here: https://gsdesigns.teemill.com/product/20-iconic-bass-guitars/ 😊
  11. I still have a few of these left folks... :)


  12. Bought this from my guitarist friend's brother in-law, pretty immaculate, it's actually the first bass I've owned with a maple board since my first ever bass (a 90's Sunn Mustang by Fender) way back in 1994. I used to have the white/rosewood version of this. I thought they were both based on the 70's precisions, with the neck dimensions somewhere between a P and a Jazz, but this has got a definite "proper" P profile - feels fairly chunky and nothing like my old white one. Not complaining though... Not bad for £100. 😁
  13. Just bought a Squier VM P-bass in amber for a hundred squids! Huzzah! :)

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    2. Grassie
    3. Witters


      Ooh, that’s really nice!  I don’t have a precision....yet.


      Was it a new or 2nd hand purchase?

    4. Grassie


      Second hand. My guitarist’s brother in-law was selling it. 😊

  14. The only experience I’ve had with Jackson’s is my old guitarist had one, and he always had the bass on his amp turned up too high... 😁 Went into my local Crack Converters a few weeks ago to get some euros (their exchange rate has always been more favourable than anywhere else) and there is a Kelly Bird bass hanging on the wall for £220. This is the same bass that was there last time I went in. Which was 2 years ago.😳 If I had the funds I would pull the trigger on one of those 5ers, no hesitation. 😊
  15. I'd have that white 5er in a heartbeat. You know what i like the most? The fact that the P pickup is the same size on both parts of the cover. Does my OCD no good at all when I see Fender 5 string P's with the upper part of the cover bigger than the lower part... And thank god that pointy headstock has gone too.
  16. Mark King for me. All of those fantastic slap and fingerstyle lines he came up with throughout the 1980s really are the reason I wanted to pick up a bass guitar in the first place. Let's not be shy here - the man is a pioneer. 😎
  17. Michael Hutchence was another one that came from nowhere. If someone is ill or old it’s almost like it’s ok that they’ve passed, that they’re no longer suffering. When they die alone in a hotel room, accidentally or not, that makes it so much more saddening.
  18. Pretty much all those deaths in 2016 starting with Bowie. Subconsciously you think “well, that’s our major celebrity passing of the year”. Then Prince went. Wow. George Michael was a bigger shock I think because at that point in the year we must all have been thinking “thank god this year is nearly over”, then George went. Chris Cornell, Keith Flint and more recently Boon Gould really affected me because these were MY musical icons. I hope they’ve found peace.
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