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  1. Michael Hutchence was another one that came from nowhere. If someone is ill or old it’s almost like it’s ok that they’ve passed, that they’re no longer suffering. When they die alone in a hotel room, accidentally or not, that makes it so much more saddening.
  2. Pretty much all those deaths in 2016 starting with Bowie. Subconsciously you think “well, that’s our major celebrity passing of the year”. Then Prince went. Wow. George Michael was a bigger shock I think because at that point in the year we must all have been thinking “thank god this year is nearly over”, then George went. Chris Cornell, Keith Flint and more recently Boon Gould really affected me because these were MY musical icons. I hope they’ve found peace.
  3. Have a quick read of this, then PM me if you're still interested please mate. Cheers! 😎
  4. I still have some copies left, just in case anyone is interested...:)
  5. Credit where it's due - I've tried playing bass left-handed and I'm useless at it, so hats off to Macca there. 😁
  6. Got meself an audio interface with a software bundle (Pro Tools/Ableton). Let the bass recording shenaningans commence. Once I've worked out how to use it all...

    1. LewisK1975


      Got an X-15 somewhere, forgot about it!

    2. Stub Mandrel

      Stub Mandrel

      Good luck. It topok me a whoel weekend to get my head around Ableton Lite and produce  an awful track that only proved I could get drums, keyboad bass and guitar all happening at (approximately) same time...

    3. Grassie


      Cheers guys, I’ve been messing around with FL Studio for years but have never played bass or guitar on any of my stuff, I’ve always used the presets and pasted the notes in, which can be incredibly tedious. Hoping to get going at the weekend. 😊

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  7. Lucky enough to see them 3 times. Whether you like them or not, Flint was an iconic frontman and an electrifying performer. A very sad loss.
  8. Hi all, As the possibility of joining a tribute band has come up, I was wondering if any BC’ers have some experiences they’d like to share? Good and bad, funny and sad - let’s have it. 😊
  9. Yep. Sharing musical duties with a DJ at a local community club, playing through until 1am though... Happy new year BC chums.
  10. How annoying is it when people don't reply to messages on their 'for sale' ads...? 😡

    1. Grassie


      It’s a Gumtree ad, but I get your point. 😊

    2. ambient


      Or ask questions on the sale thread; you answer them and then nothing.


    3. BassTool


      Ignorance by not replying is quite staggering sometimes on Gumtree. Particularly when sellers choose only the email option to get a reply to their sale ad, then don't reply when you mail them to enquire about the advert. 

      It's happened over the last two months to me whilst looking for something for my youngest, and makes you wonder how these people sell stuff.


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  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Looking for a P-bass...


  13. Right, this is back up for sale, definitely needs to be gone as i have seen something else that has given me GAS, so... Sire Marcus Miller V7 4 string jazz bass. Vintage sunburst finish, maple neck, rosewood board with block pearl inlays, 18v active pre-amp (bass, treble, sweepable mids), pickup blend, master volume with stacked tone control, active/passive toggle switch (very handy), through-body stringing option, chrome pickup cover (which has been fitted, so there are screw holes...). Pretty sure everyone knows how great these basses are, and excellent quality for the money, comes with a case (one of those that isn't hard shell but is sturdier than a gig bag). Has been gigged (but not a lot), in excellent condition, I would prefer collection from the Isle of Wight or any of it's ferry ports (Portsmouth/Southampton/Lymington/Southsea) or I can (reluctantly) post at buyers expense. £270 - no offers.
  14. Hey all, I’m nearing the end of making my own scratchplate but was wondering what size countersink drill bit I need for the screw holes. Any advice from you lovely people? Cheers! 😊
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. Hi Mark, would you mind if I used this photo to promote my FB page please?
  17. I got over the Sire headstock thing and bought one a couple of years ago. Been in and out of love with it since (tried selling it recently), but sound-wise, it sits really well in the band I play in (the guitarist loves it), and its passive sound is classic jazz bass. So I’m going to keep it. But it’s the first bass I’ve had where the neck plate screws have corroded. That’s where Sire have cut corners - cheap screws (the pickguard screws have rusted very quickly) and cheap fret wire (mine go a lovely greenybrown if I don’t clean them regularly).
  18. My tinnitus has gotten worse over the past year for no apparent reason. I only started regular gigging again in April and it's not down to that because the tinnitus peaked before April. I've had audiology tests and have been told I need hearing aids, but have yet to take them up. Hasn't stopped me gigging, started to wear earplugs just to protect what hearing I have left, but a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted... PS tiny Isle of Wight venues don’t help. “Ooh, I appear to be stood on the drums again...” 😉
  19. Hi all, Anyone in BC town make replacement pick guards? Need a pearloid job for my Sire V7. Cheers 😊
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