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  1. Hi all, You may have seen this in it's own thread over on General Discussion - I now have in my possession 6 copies for sale from the original run of 10. Professionally printed on 180gsm matt finish paper, this image can be hung in portrait or landscape fashion, and, quite frankly, will look fantastic on any wall in any bassists abode. £40 per print (that includes P+P). Paypal is my preferred method of payment as is the way these days. Cheers!
  2. The funkiest one-note bass line ever? 😊
  3. I've ordered 10 copies from the printers, 3 have been sold (plus one of the guitar pieces), the rest will appear on marketplace. I was going to try to get 10 pre-sold then order the prints but it hasn't worked out like that, and I didn't want to keep those that had ordered waiting too long. 😊
  4. To all those that have expressed interest in ordering a copy of this - I haven't forgotten you, I will get my @rse into gear and will be visiting the printers this week. 😊
  5. But is it as iconic as a Stingray or a Precision? Again, I wanted to limit it to 20, and there are just too many 4 strings that sit above any 5 string in terms of being recognisable to most bassists (and musicians). "Iconic" is the key word here, but I totally understand that it's subjective. 😊
  6. I wanted to limit the piece to 20 basses, and I had to decide which ones were more iconic than others. The only iconic Ibanez I could think of was the Musician but it got bumped out in favour of the Jaydee. Others have mentioned models that were "bubbling under" - maybe a second piece is called for, but I think I would struggle to find 20 more basses as iconic as the ones you see here. 😊
  7. Maybe (due to the Ibanez suggestion and the Aria exemption) I'll do a second piece dedicated to Japanese basses...
  8. The Aria nearly made it on there. Replaced with Mr Enwistle's Alembic Explorer. 😊
  9. Possibly in the not too distant future. I have an Etsy store which has a couple of bits on there at the moment. It's early days but this is something I'd like to pursue as a business. My (long-distant) background is in art and graphic design, and I have rekindled my love of anything graphics-related over the past couple of years, possibly also related to the fact that I haven't done anything bass/gig-wise (on a regular basis at least) for the same amount of time.
  10. That's a hell of a lot for a print. Mine are going onto 160gsm matt finish paper. Definitely less than £50.
  11. Right. I have a price from a local printers that I'm happy with. I'm going to order 10 to start with if I get 10 confirmed orders from BC'ers. I'm not sure if I'm breaking any forum rules by not putting this on Marketplace though... Any solid interest then please PM me. @BassTractor - definitely less than £300... And if anyone has guitarist chums....
  12. Thank you for all the lovely comments guys. So I am now in the process of pricing this up as an A2 print, to include P&P. I will have to source and buy some postage tubes but that's something that I've been looking at already as I have other poster designs that I'm trying to persuade people to buy... 😉😆
  13. Ahh you guys are so kind, thank you! Love the wall (Wal?) paper idea... 😉 And I know it' a Saturdee neet, and I may have had a couple or three G&T's, but nobody mentioned a discount, did they...? 😂😂😂
  14. Here's a digital sample for you to have a closer look.
  15. Another reason not to put text on there is that it gives the owner the choice of hanging it landscape or portrait. You guys are looking at it as almost landscape but it was done in a portrait orientation. 😊
  16. I'm going to get one printed up in A2 size, see how that looks. I also have a guitar version on the go... 😊
  17. Thank you! I was going to label them, but I quite like it without any text, gives it a bit more of a pop-art look, which is what I was after.
  18. Entitled "20 Iconic Bass Guitars", I'm thinking of making this available to BC members as a print in either A3 or A2 sizes providing I get enough interest... This image you're looking at is printed on bog standard A4 and really need to be seen in a bigger format, but you probably get the idea. Any criticism welcome...
  19. I was offered a '75 Precision in the late 90's for £400, and a Fender Japan pink paisley P-bass for £500 about 8 years ago...
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