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  1. Have played/used/owned Traynor/Yorkville gear and gigged it in native Canada... fabby quality, reliability and superb tone. If you're looking for an all tube bass amp, I can't think you'd get a better balance of gear vs cost. BTW, I don't know the seller
  2. Hi, may help to publish the super impressive spec... Spartan – Vanderkley amplification
  3. I have a RH750... Eq etc best I've ever had.. same as this amp... louder than whatever... can anyone please explain why i therefore keep coming back to this ad? Is it 'CAUSE IT'S SIMPLY MORE!!! Am I that shallow.. YES I AM!! Always wanted one of these even before I owned any RH... now... arrgghhh All the best with the sale man. Covet quotient very high...
  4. If you want THAT sound but don't want to lug an SVT... buy this Also... if you gat a Fender bass... systems and all that... tone to die for.. NO I don't know the seller...
  5. I'm not in the market... BUT.. there's pretty and then there's this.... UTTERLY FAB!!! he said showing his age...
  6. I have a 2011 in 3TSB with Rosewood/MOP inlays: best jazz I've owned (bought my first Jazz new in 1973). Active is great, but the passive mode sounds are my fav; you get the 'zing' and grunt that make you want a jazz in the first place! Tweaks aside, the Deluxe is the Elite: fab construction as well as sounding great.
  7. Have the 110 slant with a RH750... god alone knows what two of the 112s would do!! I find the depth and spread from this design to be fabby... great price for two of these!
  8. I had a Harlequin Player from late 80's to early 90's, lovely to play and great in the studio.. pic from 1990
  9. Have one, had a Super 12T as well... may be my age but have to go with 'what he said' re Oldman's comment LOVE it I use an RH750 and Markbass SD1200.. cab don't care and always delivers. No better cab for the money... dear Beedster, the address for the agreed review fee is....
  10. I have an SD1200, no gig you cannot do... fierce punch/power if you want it to, but the pre with the two quasi-paras lets you tailor it any way you want. Totally fabby amps.
  11. You CANNOT go wrong with any of Alan's basses... love the facing on this one.
  12. have one of these, (TWO WOULD BE SILLY) I use with a Markbass SD1200... doesn't matter what you want to do where, this does it... really light comapared to what you guess just lookin' at it... I play mostly 5 ST fretless (ACG); cab sings and how...
  13. O.F.F.S... Fabby. I wonder if there's anything in any of the pics that could be attributed to being the cause of said bad back??? W bins do 'Proper' trouser flapping with the added free laxative effect... +1 on the respect front...
  14. Whooooa a CV BG250 head!!!... sorry .. off topic but saliva rules...
  15. Luckily I live in Edinburgh... 'cos 'being over 60' and 'having no need' are NOT accepable reasons not to buy this cab at the asking price... used a 371 rig for yonks... 1x18 folded horns... NONE more room filling (read ANY room/hall/stadium) LOVE the white CV baffle... all the best!!
  16. cannot overstate how well this went... just bought a combo from Tony, comms/shipping/packing/description AND the combo itself.. all, to quote a famous guitarist, 'go up to 11' totally recommend and would 100% buy from Tony again... good as it gets.
  17. Have one of these... not same as Little Mark series... loud beyond but controlled and warm... totally fabby!!
  18. I'm 62, small local gigs only, but i have NEVER wanted anything more that this amp, at one point had a 300W Rumble Bass tube head... no words. The best.... A 300w fender tube head equals world domination... as whoever is lucky enough to snag it will find out!!! All the best all round!!!
  19. I have an SD1200, as headofire says, these Italian made behemoths are NOT really from the LittleMark stable... somewhere between a Trace AH500 and a Thunderfunk TB750A (owned several of both...) don't care who your're on stage with, you WILL be heard...
  20. For info... https://reverb.com/uk/news/interview-fender-visionary-dan-smith-on-how-to-turn-around-a-faltering-guitar-brand
  21. This finish is Ivory as was mine.... well darkened... cool as
  22. Used to have one of these, the Dan Smith era basses marked Fender's return to really high quality after a spell of quality control issues.. super well made and play great. Fabby instruments.
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