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  1. I have been speaking to Bernie Goodfellow and he thinks he remembers making this one! Its a Bernie.
  2. I found this leaflet which may be of interest.
  3. Wow!Thanks for the informative post! I have to think that this is a Bernie era Goodfellow rather than a Lowden. It has the "Handcrafted England" on the headstock. The early wooden Schaller tuners, the clip in Bernie circuit board and loom, the disk around the forward pot and the woodgrain pickups. Thanks Again!
  4. Reduced. £1250 Further reduced £999 I would consider a trade for something like an upright or acoustic... An Epiphone Masterbilt DeLux century arch top acoustic would be nice, Taylor mini... late 80's Goodfellow bass by Bernie Goodfellow I have owned. this from new. Purchased at Carlsboro Sound in Leicester around 1989 Some crackle on the volume pot Some marks etc Lovely action and huge sound from the 18v active electronics
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