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  1. The '81-'83 'Dan Smith' era Fenders marked a return to a great build quality that had slipped over the previous decade or so. Had an '83 Jazz in the same finish, great bass! GLWTS.
  2. I've owned and always found the Yorkville/Traynor (assume the 'YBA' is Yorkville Bass Amplifier) bass gear to be super reliable, good sounding and fabby value. I've had valve and solid state combos and and amps and used them lots on tour in Canada: generally clean, punchy but full sounding. As per Oldman; if i wasn't 65... bargain for somebody with working knees and back..
  3. Super cool, the super dark board really sets it off... lovely
  4. Just bought an amp from Clarky: top notch, couldn't have been smoother or quicker.
  5. Owned the NS115 and the NS410. Totally fabulous cabs. Weigh nowt compared to what you think they will when you look at them... great build and the sound carries for miles... Really articulate and punchy.
  6. Love mine, super versatile (as you'd expect from TC: DI is fabby) but what really gets me is how touch sensitive it is: your hands really are in control... helps it's loud as
  7. Have played/used/owned Traynor/Yorkville gear and gigged it in native Canada... fabby quality, reliability and superb tone. If you're looking for an all tube bass amp, I can't think you'd get a better balance of gear vs cost. BTW, I don't know the seller
  8. Hi, may help to publish the super impressive spec... Spartan – Vanderkley amplification
  9. I have a RH750... Eq etc best I've ever had.. same as this amp... louder than whatever... can anyone please explain why i therefore keep coming back to this ad? Is it 'CAUSE IT'S SIMPLY MORE!!! Am I that shallow.. YES I AM!! Always wanted one of these even before I owned any RH... now... arrgghhh All the best with the sale man. Covet quotient very high...
  10. If you want THAT sound but don't want to lug an SVT... buy this Also... if you gat a Fender bass... systems and all that... tone to die for.. NO I don't know the seller...
  11. I'm not in the market... BUT.. there's pretty and then there's this.... UTTERLY FAB!!! he said showing his age...
  12. I have a 2011 in 3TSB with Rosewood/MOP inlays: best jazz I've owned (bought my first Jazz new in 1973). Active is great, but the passive mode sounds are my fav; you get the 'zing' and grunt that make you want a jazz in the first place! Tweaks aside, the Deluxe is the Elite: fab construction as well as sounding great.
  13. Have the 110 slant with a RH750... god alone knows what two of the 112s would do!! I find the depth and spread from this design to be fabby... great price for two of these!
  14. I had a Harlequin Player from late 80's to early 90's, lovely to play and great in the studio.. pic from 1990
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