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  1. Have a Big Twin T that i use with a Markbass SD1200, before buying, I had wondered about comments on weight, build, how thick the ply was etc etc... PLAY THROUGH ONE! these are totally fabby.. if it takes you more tha 5 secs to be convinced... you're a guitar player.... convert of this Parish
  2. No hi-jack intended but but... what a FABBY lookin' bass... Reverse TB with clovers and jazz pups... genius 😎
  3. Love these, big sound, fabby with my Jazz Deluxe V either passive or active... plenty of volume, always tight but warm.... steady....
  4. Tuppence worth... i have the 212 with horn, no mid... echo all of the above... super definition but growly if you want it to be, really light,efficient and projects really well... I used to have reservations re the thin wall construction (Alex Klaber explains really well why that's as is)... just listen to one... 5 seconds, total convert... (Jazz Deluxe V, Markbass SB1200) Ddear Walshy please promise NEVER to let me hear your 610...
  5. LOVELY colour, matching headstocks are the biz... IMHO...
  6. Did you really say too many amps? Heard it was possible but... 😁 GLWTS
  7. had a Magellan 800... LM 111 blew me away... fabby amps... got greedy... bought an SD1200. There IS a fabby rich but cutting tone to the MB amps. Whoever gets this will be well happy.
  8. fabby ad fabby deal... bloody mised it... typical!! Seriously, £25 to *iss about trying whatever you wanted to do to find out how bass work is just great. Total respect to Binky bass!!
  9. Ta, will have a chat with him in the morning and get back to you... unless I can persuade him to join and PM himself... 🙈
  10. Hey up. got a mate at work interested if it 's not gone to the evil bay yet...
  11. I have one of these... best 5 string i ever owned... from trad 4 string Jazz in passive to MASSIVE modern... totally lovely.... IMHO
  12. Totally fabby amps... big thick in your face but clean and plenty headroom.. EQ is VERY effective with little adjustment going a long way... had been using GB, Genzler and A/B'd against the Mesa D800... for me this gave the best blend of tube type authority with digital clarity. Total bargain IMHO... no i don't know the seller...
  14. I have a pre-production custom 110R (110 and horn) in carpet.. that's amazing for its size with both 5 Str electric and upright... can only imagine what this does!!! If you think you see green here... you do... wish i had the dosh. GLWTS
  15. Markbass LM111... very good condition in Markbass gig bag. Include IEC and Speakon-Speakon. Fabby amp, plenty of volume and well delivers the watts it says on the tin... I usually use with either a US Jazz V deluxe or an Oakwood upright... it's totally happy with either. Cabs are Schroeder 110, Fender 112, Marshall 115 and Eden 410.. it careth not. For me what sets this apart is the solidity of the delivery with either new oir vintage tone settings. Weighs nowt. Price includes UK mainland delivery Only reason for moving on is I've found it's older big brother the SD1200.
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