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  1. That’s lovely. I really wanted one of these when they came out. They had one in my local music shop and I’d go every lunchtime to play it for an hour. Never owned one....
  2. Lovely bass, gorgeous colour.
  3. Sound like a good deal to me 🙂 Is the pedal sold yet?
  4. If you find yourself travelling south down the M3 then I’d love to try this out!
  5. Sorry to hear about your circumstances man. But, you could always buy this - and go busk... 😉
  6. Simple, easy to play, great value. Round back acoustic 5 string for sale. Lots of details in link. https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Roundback-Electro-Acoustic-5-String-Bass-Guitar-by-Gear4music/15FI No trades, and pickup only... no case or box!
  7. Hey man, sorry but I’ve now sold (subject to shipping) this bass. I didn’t update the listing yet. If something goes wrong, I’ll let you know. The bass is currently with Jon Shuker not me, if that makes your travel and shorter!
  8. Yep... I know. There’s like 4x p basses for sale right now that I’m lusting for!
  9. Great bass and a great price! I used to have the same colour combo and regret selling it...
  10. P bass in sunburst with tort guard and rosewood neck is just perfect.
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