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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Finally got around to putting new strings on and gave it a good slapping. First bit both pickups, eq flat. Then bridge pickup flat, then with bass boosted. Finally bridge pickup with treble boost. Noodles to finish natch.
  3. I’ve quickly put together some sound samples, all finger style (apart from some dubious slapping at the end eek). The strings are pretty dead, but you get an idea of tones. Order is; Both pickups, preamp on, full volume, no bass boost or cut As above, but just bridge pickup As above, just bridge pickup Both pickups, bass boosted, then cut. Both pickups, treble boosted, then cut. Preamp off (volume pull) both pickups Preamp off, bridge pickup Preamp off, neck pickup. I think. Apologies for the sloppy playing, it was cold, I wasn’t warmed up, I haven’t practiced, the dog ate my talent etc. I’m going to slap some new strings on it tomorrow then record some slap, and some pick. 🙂
  4. Soft case now sold. SKB and Spider still available.
  5. The tone is in your hands! 🙂 Some of the growl is going to come from how you attack the note (how hard) then how you attack the note (finger, thumb, pick, nail) then where you attack the note (neck, bridge, in between) then pickups (single, humbucker) pickup position, Active / passive then amp then eq... I think you can get pretty close the sound with any bass with soapbars, preferably active then with a bit of eq. In my opinion. 🙂
  6. I just got one of these - and it’s a real dream of a bass. Great price!
  7. Edit - just sold the soft case, so can ship with a hard SKB or without. 🙂
  8. Thanks. String spacing currently 18mm but as wood in black said - it’s adjustable. Weight is 4kg. 2 band eq. Knobs are Volume - with push/pull to deactivate the blackout pre-amp. Pickup blend with centre indent. Bass boost-cut with centre indent Treble boost-cut with centre indent
  9. Sure - happy to do that. I’ve actually got a SKB case I can put it in for shipping. DM me for a price.
  10. I’ve got a couple of rack units / cases for a 2U amp. One is a Gator softcase and one is a SKB hard case. Both 2U. Happy to post, but pickup maybe better. Price is for both but happy to split. Also, a Spider 5U - which is quite a beast. £50 for him also.
  11. For sale, my PJB double 4 in white. Bought this at LBGS in 2016 as practice amp and it’s amazing. Small, lightweight and surprisingly loud. 70w and you can tell. Easily up for a rehearsal or small gig (without a loud drummer). I’ve just bought a new bass so need funds... Happy to ship UK or international, it’s small and light (buyer pays!). I’m close to Reading in the UK if you want to pop over and trial. You won’t be disappointed. Some blurb: Single-channel bass amp with an output of 70 W RMS, which even with its compact design offers powerful sound, so it not only fits the practice rooms, but also smaller stages. It is equipped with two speakers PJB Neopower Type C, which are internally strongly reinforced by an acoustic damping materials to prevent discoloration of the resulting sound. Combo features a 3-band EQ, controls Level Selector, Volume and Aux Level, instrument and aux input, headphones output and DC input.
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