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  1. That’s lovely. And in fact is the bass I really wanted. But it wasn’t for sale at the time... 😞 But I got it’s cousin instead. Amazing basses.
  2. That is beautiful and a great price. I've got a Monarch Classic 4 - and love it. Amazing basses.
  3. Just completed a sale with Martyn - great guy, top class. 100% gent.
  4. And... it’s gone. I’m a little sad now.
  5. I’ve got plenty of basses right now - interested in a sale mostly.
  6. Totally understand.... I don't need the money - but I also don't need the bass. 🙂 Since I bought a Fodera Monarch - it's just not getting played and I would rather it was getting used rather than sitting in a case in my music room... I've got a P-bass and a 5-string J-bass.. I might sell them instead to make some headspace.
  7. This is a really good point - what fits in the mix and what sounds good in isolation is completely different. You don't need as much bass as you think, you don't want as much treble as you think - your tone has to be quite narrow in order to fit between the guitars and drums (sometimes...). A lot of isolated bass parts sound rubbish. Loose, distorted, quite empty. Timmy C's parts on RATM sounds AMAZING on the record - and awful when isolated. I don't even know how he made a Stingray sound so bad! But when you hear the harshness blended with a crash cymbal and the bottom end propped up with a kick-drum it all suddenly makes sense!
  8. Best rock bass sounds - shouldn't have included Wilton Felder and James Jamerson... they are brilliant lines, not sure they are great sounds - and they definitely not rock. Same with Paul Mcartney to some extent. And Tony Levin. Not rock. Billy Sheehan is a huge miss. His bass SOUND was a huge change. Lemmy - I'm no big fan of Motorhead - but what a SOUND Steve Harris - those clattery triplets on a precision bass... amazing SOUND. dUg Pinnck - love his SOUND. Phil Lynott - plectrums and p-basses... what's not to love. In my opinion. Love Rick Beato by the way.
  9. That’s beautiful. I’ve got it’s twin Monarch! I’ll bet the sound is amazing.
  10. Beautiful! Always preferred the classic look to the standard 5 with the odd scratch plate.
  11. Yeah man, I hear you. Might just buy a nice EB case and store it...
  12. Thanks man. It’s an amazing bass - but it’s just not getting played. I’ve got a couple of other basses that get way more attention and it seems a waste for it to live in a case.
  13. With regret (no doubt) - I (thinking) about selling my 1994 Musicman Stingray 4. I've had this since new, and bought it from the Bass Centre in London on my 21st birthday. It's an amazing bass - and pretty much 90% of my bass playing life has been spent with it. It's been well cared for, and only has a few battle scars - plays like a dream, sounds like a beast. Neck is unfinished and amazing. I've got a hard-case (not EB) that I will include for postage. Happy to send both UK and further - at the buyer's expense. I'm based on the Hampshire / Berkshire border if you would like to come and try it out.. Foam mutes still working - and it's generally in great condition for a 24 year old bass.. Pics..
  14. Pop in and say hello 🙂 no costs for trying it out.
  15. Close to Reading in Berkshire. I work in London during the week.
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