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  1. That is the first jazz bass I have ever lusted after. Absolute beaut,and a great sound(and playing)as well.
  2. My name is Lee4,and I am battling my ongoing addiction to browsing the 'net for crap basses that I am in no position to buy. My wife has only recently come to terms with the fact that I cannot tell the difference between a '58 and a '62 Precision,and I believe that if she suspects that I have been looking at online cheapo no-name 4 bangers she will divorce me. If my wife is to be believed,we need to spend money on "food" and "bills". I have no knowledge of these things and I know think that she herself is deluded.
  3. The Vintage V80 looks good to me. My Tony Butler P-Bass was under £300 and sounds great with Fender flats on.
  4. I've been tninking about getting a mute for a while,and this looks ideal(in $10 bill fabric). How do you order one(I'm not on Facebook so I can't send any message that way)?
  5. How about a Readers Wives version? . I did see a clear plastic strap backed with vintage smut pics once.
  6. P with Jazz neck,blocks etc,black with tort guard. P as above,but 2T burst with black guard. And as usual,I'm late to the party!
  7. Old Commado comics(not for the gigs in Berlin!).
  8. lee4


    [quote name='Nibody' timestamp='1403898535' post='2487596'] [url="http://s757.photobucket.com/user/Nibody/media/EFAD0E3D-3E2E-45A9-BC3B-D83E4BFCC92B.jpg.html"][/url] Pales into insignificance next to that 66 Slab... [/quote] Oh no it does'nt! Thats MY kind of P bass.
  9. lee4

    LTD Stream bass

    I am also 45,but I look like a twat playing any bass .
  10. Perhaps trying to moderate your musical addiction is the key. There are days when I have to play bass or mandolin over and above anything else. Equally,there are periods when it is furthest from my mind. IMHO I believe you should simply put your rig and bass away for a bit(perhaps let a mate look after it so you do not succumb to temptation)and see what happens. Remember,you have the gift of music.Whether you believe that your god put it inside you or that it is within your own nature is up to you. But please do not squander a talent that others would give squidgy bits of thier anatomy for!
  11. lee4


    [quote name='ivansc' timestamp='1399828138' post='2448078'] I cut a step in the underside of the thumbrest and mounted it half on and half off the scratchplate above the strings, right between the bridge and the pickup, almost touching the pickup lugs. I have since done this mod to every P or PJ bass I have owned but not seen it done by anyone else. [/quote] I've got a similar set-up on my P copy. The rest touches the rear of the pup casing,and the top edge is in line with the top of the pup. I did this to my Status,but it was in front this time.
  12. Luverly! Really good combination of timbers there. Sounds good as it looks!
  13. [quote name='MindGoneBlank' timestamp='1399757785' post='2447445'] I'd suggest checking out the Vintage V4MTB Tony Butler. I think it's a better bass yet at a lower price than the Matt Freeman. [/quote] I second that.
  14. Is anybody really that gullable?
  15. [quote name='Adee' timestamp='1399048364' post='2440489'] I've just ordered a Gibson Bass .... [/quote] I'm so sorry. Is there someone we can call for you?
  16. IMO the flats are way better. The tone is more "rounded",and the little lick that you threw in sings out better.
  17. Put flats on it! These are great basses IMO,and I'm happy with mine. I had neck-dive issues,but sorted this with a suede backed strap and by moving the rear strap button to by the top contour. Enjoy.
  18. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1397933425' post='2428827'] One of the conditions in the OP was 'not a Warwick', but thanks anyway. Perhaps you can help me, though - how do you actually pronounce '$$' ? Cash? Dollars? ...What? [/quote] Ooops!Perhaps I should of read more than the title! It's pronounced "double buck". Why not a Warwick?
  19. That's the sort of stuff that makes me want to get a whole lot better! Practice time for me!
  20. Aaargh!!!! Stop giving me GAS,you shameless cheap bass swines!
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