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  1. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1441453559' post='2858998'] Vintage: Proper hefty bass sound with bass played as it should be, as part of a rhythm section. Rugged and manly. Hi-Fi: Widdly-widdly twangy cutlery-drawer-down-the-stairs in your face inappropriate slappy solo nipple-rub for gaylords. I await the backlash with pleasure. [/quote] Thank you for clarify that! My sound is resolutely hetro,bearded and drinks pints of beer,not glasses of wine.
  2. How about taking a sander to those sharp body edges!!??
  3. I am a recent convert to P'dom,and have 2;a JHS Tony Butler signature(Black/Black/Maple)which wears flats,and an Aria STB(Burst/White/Rosewood)carrying rounds. The JHS is a middly soundingbeast,and the Aria has'nt even got to rehearsals yet,but it has tons of acoustic resonance for a cheapy. After years of playing a Status I am finding that a P does it all,and as I play in a country rock band it is the most fitting of all basses. Gas wise,I would like a 7/8 size P body in black,a maple J neck with blocks and binding in black,a tort guard and a 2 band eq active/passive pup set up,and lightweight tuners.All for £500 or less!
  4. [quote name='Dan Dare' timestamp='1440228846' post='2849182'] I don't think the vibrations will harm the head. However, they can cause it to "walk" off the cab, in my experience. I use a piece of 1" thick dense foam between them to prevent that. [/quote] Vibration from my lightweight cab loosened a ribbon cable inside my MB head. I either use foam or put the amp on the floor.
  5. Slab bodies,pointy headstocks,24 fret necks,exotic woods. Burn them I say.
  6. [quote name='Happy Jack' timestamp='1439446148' post='2842861'] Slow blues in G Rockabilly thing in A Ploddy shoegaze in C Motown ripoff in Bb Sorted. [/quote] Oh so cynical.
  7. Oh,yes please. How about 2 MM's positioned like a Warwick $$?
  8. All done. Thanks very much for your help,gents.
  9. [attachment=197074:P7200001 (2).JPG] Hello, I am selling this Retrovibe bass complete with gigbag and straplocks for £175(sorry,no swaps). It has a couple of marks from where I moved the rear strap button,but otherwise is mint. This instrument has not been gigged or rehearsed with. I can deliver within 20 miles of Guildford,or buyer collects. All the best, Lee.[attachment=197075:P7200002 (2).JPG]
  10. Well,I tried the method................nada! I did notice that it says I have used 31.52MB of my 30MB upload quota!
  11. So I create a link on the ad?I presume I would need an account with Imgur or similar? I can't see why I can't upload my jpegs onto an ad.
  12. My problem is that I can't get the snaps to upload at all. Any advice from techno-BC'ers?
  13. Welcome,it's good to have you here. By the way,do you know Selbourne at all? If so,I may see you at the beer festival in October!
  14. JapanAxe,it's great to hear a cover of Highway Patrol. Do you think you could do Sugarfoot Rag ! My lot(Contraband) do NOT do the whole stetson 'n' boots stuff.Stage dress is black for us,sparkly for our singer. We are working on harmonies at the moment,but it's hard work. I agree with previous comments that folk will dance to it if it has a good beat,but add that the whole tune needs to be upbeat. As casapete said,country is a broad church covering rhinestones and stetsons all the way up to rock with a banjo! There seems to be room for lots of acts. Perhaps a BC Countryfest should be on the cards!
  15. I play in a country-rock band,mainly playing originals and some covers fron the Nashville show. I have found that a lot of country songs are upbeat and contain humour which makes the band grin,which means the audience see people enjoy themselve so they enjoy themselves in turn. We have only done 4 gigs this year. has been a paying gig,and at the rest either food or drink were provided gratis!On the strength of this we are being paid to play at a beer festival,and may be playing on New Years Eve. Advice wise,I would say keep it simple (R&5 lines,and learn to damp!),keep it upbeat and enjoy. There are Country clubs nationwide,but we have avoided these as we do not look country,we just play it.From what I have seen,these clubs want the look and the classic sound,so if you are going for modern country or self-penned stuff they probably would'nt be interested. Get into a band,PM me,and perhaps we could join forces on a gig! All the best.
  16. Played a mini festival(FOSSTIVAL)in Selbourne,Hants. House rig was a Little Mark head through a Barefaced 12 cab! Good sound,free beer for performers,people danced to our original material,and we scored another gig from it! Happy night as well as my son watched me play(he's 7).
  17. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1435270698' post='2807246'] My first electric guitar, bought used, fifth hand at least with severely grooved frets and generally being a pretty poor instrument cost me the equivalent of £25. In 1986 this was quite a bit of cash for me. The same guitar new cost about £100-120 at the time in the shops, so I thought it was a great deal. We dreamt of Fenders. But those were over £400. There was nothing in between, it was either crappy instruments (and not that cheap) or too expensive for our teenage pockets. The friend who sold me that guitar did so because he had just bought a Squier. We didn't really know this "new" make. But it said "by Fender" so we thought it was awesome. He paid about £80 for it, second hand. It's one of the mythical JV series. He still has it and it's indeed a fine instrument. That was the beginning of the end of the truly crappy instruments. But it took a while until the low end became as good as it is now. Pictures? Ok, here's one, with its two other Precision siblings That's the Squier Matt Freeman on the left, my fave Fender Classic 50 in the centre, and on the right the fabulous Maruszczyk Jake. [/quote]Love the thumbrests behind the pup. Where did you get them or did you build them?
  18. lee4

    Country bass!!

    I use my Status in a country-rock band. I find dialling out high mids and boosting low mids works well.
  19. I would also describe myself as solid.I certainly can't solo,slap or tap.But I can happily play roots all night so the vocals and guitar arn't fighting for space with me. In 26 years of playing I have never(yet)had a negative comment about my playing(that's jinxed it!). I have never had a lesson,but I have learnt lines from records,read tuition books and watched other players online. I am happy with my playing,but know that there is a world of stuff that would improve my playing no end.But due to my inherant idleness I can't be ar*ed! Other players on this forum are fantastically gifted musicians who can groove and solo to a gold medal standard,but I am not,nor will be one. And I'm OK with that.
  20. The classic route of being a crap guitar player sealed the deal for me. 29 years on I am happy playing root/5th lines in a country rock band. I've gone from a Marlin Sidewinder and a Marlin amp(which I still have!) to a Retrovibe Evo and a Status Groove put through a MarkBass head and a Zoot 2x12 cab. Nothing beats that locked in feeling you get when,as half of the rhythm section,you provide the foundation for everyone else to shine.
  21. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1424873626' post='2701422'] Roots and fifths are often regarded with contempt on this forum, but if you want to get a room dancing there's nothing better. [/quote] No contempt here,I play in a Country Rock band. Sad to hear about Joe B Mauldlin.Doctorbass put it so well.
  22. Ordered it Monday,got it Tuesday! I'm going to do a decent review soon,but I won't get a chance for a couple of weeks.
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