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  1. Feedback for steve-bbb

    Sold my Sandberg to Steve today. He messaged me at about 10.30 and the bass was sold at 12.30. I told him before he started his journey that the bass was priced to sell and that I was not open to offers. He turned up with the full amount with no quibbling/nonsense. He got a quality instrument at a bargain price and I got a quick and hassle free sale. It should always be this easy but sadly it rarely is. A genuine guy so do not hesitate to do business with him.
  2. [attachment=254893:San Body Front Close Up.JPG]Sandberg California JM (as was) for sale. Owned from new, looking for a good home as downsizing. Comes with a gig bag, in excellent condition - please see attached photos. Happy to provide additional photos or information on request. You will need to travel to me to try and buy, or arrange for pickup. Again... sideways pictures attached! But only two, once again due to technical incompetence/indifference. Message me and I'll email. Ta! SOLD 12/10/2017
  3. 1976 Fender Jazz

    [color=#474747][font=FontinSansRegular]Vintage 1976 Fender Jazz Bass, Black with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, and pearloid block inlays. Overall this bass is in excellent condition, however it is showing signs of being a 40-year old bass! [/font][/color][color=#474747][font=FontinSansRegular]There is some marbling on the back, and a few nicks and dings... Please see attached photos. Exact weight unknown, but it is very heavy and not recommended to those with back problems. Additional information or photos available on request. You will either need to come to me to try and collect, or will need to arrange your own transport for it. [/font][/color][attachment=254888:Jazz Body Front.JPG] Apologies for the sideways pictures... somewhat beyond my technical expertise!
  4. Getting an audience

    It was indeed [i]ever thus. [/i]We all like to think we have a line in the sand that we won't cross but the reality is, for most of us, that line shifts depending on time and circumstance. I think the thing to bear in mind is that many venues, particularly pubs, are not really band friendly, rather they are businesses and money is their main, if not only, driver. Good luck whatever you decide.
  5. Top 5 bassists

    Jesus I'm back at school...and still getting sh*t! Yes JPJ indeed![quote name='jacko' timestamp='1470139553' post='3103497'] PEDANT ALERT.. you 'implied' a seventh, we would be the ones to infer. (I'm assuming you meant JPJ, one of the greats) [/quote]
  6. Top 5 bassists

    Andy Fraser...the man knew how to use the [i]rest.[/i] Jaco...I know it's cool to dis him in some quarters these days but there is a 'before & after' thing here much like Hendrix on guitar. Bernard Edwards...just as an obvious example for the myriad of funk/disco bass-players of the 70's that I secretly loved whilst grooving to Zep. James Jamerson...not sure I can say anything that hasn't been said, probably far more eloquently, by thousands of other bass-players. Bruce Thomas...highly inventive and melodic, Rarely played the same line in consecutive verses; a bit like Kenny Gradney of Little Feat. Noticed how I slipped a sixth in surreptitiously and inferred a seventh ? Honourable mentions have to go Norman Watt-Roy, Pino, The Ox, Trevor Boulder, Ronnie Lane and no doubt many others that will occur to me once I've posted. How can anyone pick just five? I must doff my cap to the guy who picked Dennis Dunaway; I frequently use the bassline to Gutter Cat as my soundcheck.
  7. 1976 Fender Jazz Bass

  8. Bernie Goodfellow V

  9. Wheelchair friendly Basses

    How about the Danelectro? I had a Longhorn for a while simply because I liked the looks. It's super light and short scale. It had a really punchy sound; not a great deal of variation tonally but would be fine for a starter bass. If the body shape is wrong for a wheelchair user they also do a single cutaway bass but I know less about them. I'm assuming they are also light weight.
  10. Groundhog Day set lists...

    [quote name='mrtcat' timestamp='1437736307' post='2828607'] Yawn [/quote] If you've got something to say mate I'll be glad to hear it!
  11. Groundhog Day set lists...

    [quote name='Rich' timestamp='1437736750' post='2828616'] It's a difficult balancing act between 'giving the people what they want' (and so many of them seem to love M*st*ng S*lly, bless 'em) and playing what really floats one's boat. The latter is probably easier to achieve if one is for example a jazz musician playing jazz to a jazz audience. Or indeed in a metal band playing metal to an exclusively metal loving crowd. But for a breadwinning pub/club muso, there will always be the spectre of "play something we know"... [/quote] Indeed...welcome to my life.
  12. Groundhog Day set lists...

    [quote name='Rich' timestamp='1437735128' post='2828589'] I wasn't speaking specifically to you, I was addressing the whole seemingly interminable side-argument of what constitues a disagreement and whether or not something is rude etc etc etc etc. You've had the last word on the subject, twice now in fact, can we please just let the whole thing go now and get back to the set lists? [/quote] So in fact you are addressing me. Make your mind up mate!
  13. Groundhog Day set lists...

    [quote name='TimR' timestamp='1437729302' post='2828515'] No. Just take the high ground. There's a general undercurrent amongst 'proper' musicians that pub bands are just a bunch of lazy has beens going through the motions. Just ignore it. They're either trolling, bitter or jealous. It may stem from the erosion of well paying pub gigs. [/quote] Hi Tim. Your point is well made and in fact my Mrs asked me why I was so worried about words on a screen from people I don't even know, never mind care about! But I'm afraid that if someone makes a point which is relevant to me, or I perceive is aimed at me, and I don't reply, I feel that I have give my tacit acceptance which I simply can't do if I don't agree with said point. My Mrs has an alternative theory which is ..I am a paddy, (Irish ancestry), and a Millwall supporter so belligerent is my default mode. She may be right. One point on this topic which I never put across because of all the distractions is that I play music for a living. I have no other source of income. Gigs pay my rent and feed my kids etc I do not therefore have the luxury of [i][b]educating[/b][/i] people. I need to play things that attract people to the venue, keep them there and keep them dancing and keep them buying drinks so that the venue makes money and keep asking me back. I'd love to play my own personal favourites which would be an eclectic mix of pop/rock/funk/soul/reggae/country/folk and ...whisper it softly...jazz standards, but it simply wouldn't pay the bills.
  14. Giving Soul/Disco covers the "Rock" makeover?

    [quote name='TimR' timestamp='1437729086' post='2828511'] It's quite straightforward. I really tried to give it some feeling but it was like fighting with a Scaffold board. Watching people try to dance to it was quite humorous. We played one gig with a proper drummer and had about 3 people ask for our card at the end. Which never happened when the rock drummer played. Hey-ho. [/quote] Oh it's simple yes but so so effective. I've also thought that you wouldn't really have to change it that much...just do the horns section on an overdriven guitar and add a solo?
  15. Bernie Goodfellow V