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  1. What a fantastic musician he was.He had style,swagger and skill by the bucket load. Must listen to Black Rose again soon.
  2. That outro brought back memories. Must get the album again.
  3. Not so much JapCrap as BeijingBo**ox!
  4. Just checked the bank balance............ Ho hum..........
  5. Cheers for the link kodiak.Very useful indeed. Being a wee'un the compact body is a big plus point. Any neck dive?
  6. Fender flats are great. I've used them on my Status and on my P copy with great results. Good tension,and the avoid the thin and twangy G that other brands suffer from.
  7. [quote name='kodiakblair' timestamp='1420157603' post='2646315'] I think it'll be Monday before Probass is open again. I tired to catch Dave and ask but missed him by 10 mins. Zygote's has a similar neck to the Evo. 38mm nut,24 fret and 19mm spacing. It differs in using 4 screws to attach and it's a tight fit, you won't slip a fag paper in the join.Same black hardware and strung through body set up. It has 2 MM humbuckers this time with room for a third 2 V and 2 T controls. Very light ,You'll be lucky if this weighs 8lbs. The trans red finish is a pest to photograph as you can see,tried my best with the £5 camera. I'll try and answer any questions I can folks. [attachment=179728:Zygote 2.jpg] [attachment=179729:Retrovibes.jpg] [/quote] Which in your opinion is the most comfortable to play? I ask because my P bass is not as comfy as my Groove,which is a body size issue(the bass,not me!).
  8. Cheers for that. My GASometer has just gone into the red now(as will my bank balance).
  9. Hi all,and a Happy New Year. I have GAS for one of these as it appears to tick all the boxes for me,but has anyone out there actually played one?
  10. [quote name='dood' timestamp='1420048439' post='2645211'] I'd like to try one of these too - I kinda like the idea of a big fat P bass neck! [/quote] My JHS Vintage Tony Butler V4 has neck that Fleet Air Arm jets can land on! Cheaper that a Waters sig too.
  11. Got a Neotech Mega for Xmas. Sure spreads the weight,but it's a bit slippy.Solution?Dashboard grip mat(cut a strip off and attach it with double-sided tape)!
  12. I drew a "line in the sand" this year and refused to play covers. This means I will be turning down the chance to join a band or bands that will(probably)be getting paid, but cover versions leave me cold. I enjoy writing and collaborating with other writers to create original material that in all probability will never gain commercial success, or make me money,but that is not the reason why I prefer original material. I don't believe that anything I write will change the world or improve anyone's life(I'm not that arrogant or naive!),I simply like to create.
  13. [quote name='lojo' timestamp='1417635509' post='2622570'] Will do, and as soon as its together , you can trial it at a gig [/quote] As luck would have it a gig looks forthcoming in January.............
  14. Drop it into the shop please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And can I have a lend?
  15. To paraphrase Terry Pratchett(The Monks of Cool.Pratchett fans will know this one) "What's the coolest thing you can wear?" "Hey,whatever I put on will look cool!" . I always dress up for the stage,and expect the rest of the band to do likewise. After all,people go to [i]see[/i] a band........
  16. lee4

    NBD Fender P Lyte

    It's on my want list. Looks perfect for a shortar*e with a bad back like me!
  17. I've used both bass and acoustic guitar to write songs(mainly alt-country and country rock styled stuff). It depends on what you create first.Is it the bass-line,the melody or the chord structure? Bass lends itself to all three(IMO),guitar gives other band members a "fuller" idea of what the song will be like,but it's up to you to find what is best for you. As long as you can articulate your ideas so that the band can expand on them you could use a zither,a tuba or a kazoo!
  18. [quote name='scalpy' timestamp='1409587918' post='2541227'] Or boffer's bridge. [/quote] The isnae.
  19. It's a pot for balancing the active and passive volumes.
  20. Hi,I'm Lee,and I need,or at least I've convinced myself that I need([i]takes a deep breath)[/i]another bass anna strap anna case anna lead anna load of talent anna bass thats not like the others but definately is NOT a T-bird anna bigger house to put it all in anna new job to pay for it all anna long holiday so I can find time to play it anna custom built P bass thats not like all the other P basses but is still a P bass([i]takes another breath[/i])anna huge car to put it all in anna roadie anna HUGE amp that weighs the same as a wrist-watch. I realize that I may be too far gone and that nothing can be done,but I need your help. Or just send money.
  21. Thanks for all the good advice. We're hoping to start lessons in September,and until then I'm getting him to learn the beat for Queen's We Will Rock You as it's simple.
  22. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1406639444' post='2513282'] Have you got a garage, outhouse or shed that is not connected to the house? If so, you could move in - sorted! [/quote] I'm ringing the builder as we speak!
  23. Lessons when school starts in September are on the cards. My son has fine motor muscle problems,and finds pressing down on any strings difficult.Me and Wifey are hopeful that this will absorb him(musically).
  24. OK,it's the sprog's 7th today,and he has received a drum kit as a prezzie. Should I consider lessons or adoption? Perhaps just setting fire to it would be simpler?
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