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  1. I can't do the June date, should be able to do the July one.
  2. Very sad. Was listening to hotel California this morning. Genius song and what a bassline
  3. We haven't got one booked in at the moment, but I'm guessing we will be due a meet up soon.
  4. Welcome! I'm another South Wales bassist here! I'm from Neath. We have meet ups occasionally in Cardiff and Swansea, you'll have to pop to the next one!
  5. If I was your age, I'd go for it in a heartbeat.... Before you get those pesky things that get in the way like mortgages, bills, spouse, responsibilities, grey hair I agree with Discreet, chances are it'll fail, but you are young enough to bounce back and will have awesome stories to tell the grandkids!!
  6. Take that, for 100% perverted reasons Oh to be in that close proximity to them every day *dreams*
  7. Just in from a gig, played a local football club. Venue was packed. We started a little later than planned due to people getting lost on their way. First set went excellent, deep backing singer doing a fab job. Then interval, power cut!!!! Managed to get the power back on eventually, but went we went on late for second set. Crowd were amazing, very appreciative. Our guitarists nephew is a bassist and he came to watch, we ended up spending loads of time talking gear!! he'd heard about barefaced cabs but has never seen or heard one in the flesh. Now he wants one
  8. We had an interesting one on Saturday. A catholic club in Merthyr. Lots of very very drunk punters and a poor attendance overall. The toilets were by far the most disgusting of any venue. We were certainly all from our "A game" and every band member made howlers of mistakes. That said they all loved us!!
  9. [quote name='bassfunk' timestamp='1435589691' post='2810328'] New moon are great. Thankfully I've never had to make a claim. I've talked to them on the phone quite a bit and they're very helpful. I'm pretty sure you can pick which items need to be insured for leaving the house too. [/quote] You can! I'm insured with them. They even cover theft from vehicles too.
  10. [quote name='ras52' timestamp='1435235648' post='2806805'] Welsh Floyd, eh? Do you do Sheep? [/quote] Ha ha, not at the moment, but I'm ironically trying to shoe horn it into the set list!
  11. How did I miss this?!?!?!?! Bilbo... Take it Back! You know Floyd are the greatest. As proud bassist in Welsh Floyd, I know their music is Coming Back to Life!
  12. Alto clef is a mystery to me! As a result, I stuffed up!
  13. I'm very content with what I have too..... Which is a good thing, as I have neither the money nor the space for anything else!!
  14. Just home from our gig. It was one that was thwarted with technical problems..... Our lights were playing up, our click track kept cutting out, the on stage sound was appalling, couldn't hear my basses for toffee (even worse on my fretless when I'm listening for intonation), we didn't seem as "tight" as usual..... however, the punters loved it and the venue want us back.
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