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  1. [quote name='kodiakblair' timestamp='1424711986' post='2699474'] What time's it due Lee ? [/quote] Err,probably Friday. Curse my rampant impatience.
  2. **paces up and down,looking at watch**
  3. The clock is ticking,Paypal is cued up.......and I just ordered a black EVO.
  4. Retrovibe EVO in black. Come to me,my pretty!
  5. Absolute sickener for one of the mavericks of bass design. I hope he gets back on his feet soon.
  6. I have to say Dave has been very prompt in answering my questions about the EVO. I will be ordering an EVO on thw 23rd,and I will post a review once I have had a good play on it.
  7. Make sure you can hear ALL your bandmates when playing.
  8. lee4

    I hate my Fender!

    [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1423957774' post='2691002'] Playing solo bass through headphones is like having a hand shandy on a bus. No-one does it unless they [i]really [/i]have to. [/quote] You speak from expierience? Mind you,you can only be arrested for one of those actions.........it's time they outlawed headphones.
  9. [quote name='Bikenbass' timestamp='1422999069' post='2679465'] Fantastic, you must be so proud. Break a leg. [/quote] What a show! Kids as young as 4 up to some 60+ performers,and as far as I am concerned they were all stars. As we know,it takes guts to take to the stage,and everyone did thier best and kept parents/siblings/friends entertained. Some of the performers made little timing errors,but as they were all new to thier respective instruments,what the hell! Some of the singers were "in the zone"and definately feeling the emotion of the tracks. There was a lad of about 8 or 9 playing a full size bass on 2 of the songs and he was spot on,in the pocket,and had a good tone.I think the bass was bigger than him! My son admitted to being nervous before he went on,but he did his best,and made me and his Mum very proud. Yes,I had a little cry,but tell everyone I had grit in my eye please!
  10. Tried an ATK200 today........so close to changing my mind,but being a whopping 11lb in weight I'll have to give it a miss.
  11. Tried one today in a head to head with an Ibanez ATK200 and I was underwhelmed to say the least. First,I found that the sound was uninspiring and weak compared to the ATK,and secondly the bass wanted to hang horizontally,not at a neck up angle which I prefer. This has finally put me off Fender completely,but for others this will be a dream bass.
  12. Size-wise,how do they compare to a P-bass?
  13. It reminds me a lot of my Status Groove. I would be tempted if it had a flatter fingerboard radius,but the 1 pup/3 band eq ticks my boxes. A previous poster said the Modern Player version was a one trick pony,but I think that the Squier one will be more versatile. My Groove has a 2 band eq,and I have got a passable P-bass tone from it,so don't let the 1 pup put you off,
  14. Just been told that I am getting a bonus,so an EVO will soon be mine!
  15. Just heard it! I did'nt realise they played it on Tuesday! Chuffed to bits.
  16. [quote name='RAY AGAINST THE MACHINE' timestamp='1423152981' post='2681520'] Cool . Is there a link or something ? [/quote] [url="http://newportcityradio.org/"]http://newportcityradio.org/[/url] Hopefully it is tonight! I've not been able to confirm the date as our singer is ill and is incommunicado.
  17. As an update,the boy plays his first gig at G Live in Guildford on Sunday Feb 8th as part of a show put on by Yamaha Musicworks. I'll be in the front row.
  18. The band I am in(Contraband)are getting some radio airplay on Newport City Radio. Hopefully we will be heard this Thursday on the Country Show at 9pm. I am well chuffed as we have only been together for 7 months and we are still writing the material. Please have a listen and feel free to make comments.
  19. So bass has the power to change lives,eh? Great story about a lovely person.All the best Shell. PS I started on a Marlin too. Hmm,red sparkle covered plywood lovelyness..........
  20. Just had a listen online.I like it! If your playing Guildford way I'd love to come along(and provide the support band ).
  21. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1422053092' post='2668343'] That's fair enough... I'll hold you to that, though. [/quote] It has to be a signed copy.
  22. Dusty Hill P bass? Oh,and I'll only buy a CD with you on
  23. Congrats Discreet. Great sounding band,and very much what I listen to and play at the moment[i].[/i] I'll buy a CD when you've recorded one!
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