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  1. Well I never doubted that @Chiliwailer - to be honest I hated myself because in my mind I am that badass punk kid with a P bass .. being 53 now ... but I think I wasn't able to appreciate it a few years ago. The better I get the more I "understand" ... also look what the 4 years did to the looks ❤️
  2. ... by the way. The Fender was gone for 3 years to support a young musician in my family who now switched to Tiktok Singing I guess and what can I say. I LOVE MY FENDER NOW! 4 years playing a boutique bass and all of a sudden I enjoy the Fender Sound. I will however get it pleked and adjusted. Because boutique basses are such a joy to play ...
  3. are you guys out of your minds? I mean the whole of the UK !!!! this thing is not plain ... but yes you have to see it in the flesh to understand that. I just got my Ritter last week so if the bassfund is full again I will fly in and pick it up ...
  4. Visited her yesterday @ The Gallery - what a sexy Beast
  5. Here is a "MON DIEU if only it was a 4string I would jump in my car now and give it a new home!" BUMP!
  6. [quote name='Jus Lukin' timestamp='1424003882' post='2691356'] Through headphones you lose both the colouration of an amp, plus the 'room shaking' nature of the air vibrating around you. Having something to get the air moving defeats the point of headphones, but perhaps an amp sim (BDI21?) would give you a more appealing tone, plus give you the ability to tweak the character of the sound a bit more. The 'bigger' sound you'd get can also trick the mind into perceiving the sound 'in the room' a little more, too. [/quote] That makes sense to me! Thanks
  7. I don't have a band and I don't mix it - I am a beginner who needs to practice this way because I am on the road a lot. When I am with my bass teacher it is something like "in the mix" because I play along songs or drum computers and it is okay there. Doesn't help me too much when I practice without any music and simply annoy myself with the noise I make But it seems like I have to live with that, which is okay ...
  8. I was totally okay with my Mark Hoppus Fender until I stated to play through the PJB Bighead Headphone Amp and Beyerdynamic DT 770 Headphones ... that is all good stuff! But the sound of my bass now is horrible - to a point where it is annoying so I want to stop. If I play it through my Hughes & Kettner combo or through my bass teachers mixer in his studio it sounds just wonderful to me. So what do I get there? Is that headphone sound simply the naked truth of what the instrument sounds like?
  9. [quote name='andytoad' timestamp='1423089811' post='2680757'] ahh to hell with this british stuffyness, lets all be german on this thread! [/quote] Did you bring a beach towel?
  10. [quote name='phil-m' timestamp='1422830632' post='2677399'] hi my name is phil, thanks for the ad,i am from st helens , merseyside, i gave up playing bass,guitar in the late seventies, a decided just before christmas to take up bass guitar again, looking forward to joining in the chat, and learning the present day jargon you guys use lol [/quote] Hi Phil, you could have had your own "Hello"-Thread - but I am totally cool sharing mine with you - just now people will think you are German ...
  11. [quote name='Johnm93' timestamp='1422818809' post='2677175'] Welcome, Phaty. Kraftwerk, eh? Played any of their basslines...? [/quote] Actually a good idea http://youtu.be/MIqAgAKOpgA
  12. [quote name='pfretrock' timestamp='1422800550' post='2676857'] Welcome phaty, from another beginner who spent too many decades in the wilderness. I also cannot stand Sting! (and we never mention the war of 1815, although it brought 50 years of peace in Europe, it upsets the French). It's a great place to be here! I see the GAS has got you too. [/quote] Upsetting the French is always a good thing! (I am half French) The GAS was always there (almost said: in me!) If you ever entered Jens Ritters Workshop - you are doomed.
  13. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1422794412' post='2676781'] Good afternoon, phaty (phaty..? Are you sure..? We [i]can [/i]change User names; just PM a Mod...), and ... [/quote] what is wrong with phaty??? my mom calls me that way ...
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