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  1. Big bump for a Groove! Hope it goes to a good home. As a long-term Groove owner,I can honestly say that these are the most comfortable basses I have ever played. Great balance,good weight. Best of luck with the sale.
  2. [quote name='PTB' timestamp='1395771584' post='2406108'] I also use a MarkBass head with a Barefaced S12 and leave the eq knobs at noon and the filters mostly off. As others have said, I doubt that is truly flat: instead, it's the signature sound of the amp & I like it. I also appreciate the lack of fiddling involved in getting a good sound. [/quote] MB head through a Zoot 2x12.The EQ is flat as Norfolk,with just a cut in the high mids.
  3. I have decided to keep the bass as I have fallen back in love with it! Apologies to anyone thinking of buying it.
  4. lee4


    Fender flats all the way. I tried the Status strings but found that the g was twangy.
  5. [quote name='tommorichards' timestamp='1346949616' post='1795272'] You'd probably like this one then: [/quote] I had a bit of a "moment"when I saw this one!
  6. [quote name='redstriper' timestamp='1393429448' post='2380207'] I just finished Andy Kershaw's autobiography, which I highly recommend. His favourite 3 acts were Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and The Ramones and he explains how they affected him hugely when he first heard them. They each touched his soul in different ways, along with lots of other people including me. You had to be there at the time to get it - who feels it knows it [/quote] I think the point here is "touched his soul". I don't think many of us hear a song and think "bloody hell,what a marvelous use of a major 7th chord that was". We all IMO feel or don't feel the emotional current in a song. For what it's worth,I have never really liked the Beatles,the Stones,Floyd et al. I've gone from Rock in my teens,through classic 60's soul,added a touch of New Wave and ended up with Alt Country. But in all these genres,it's been the SONG that has moved me,not the style.
  7. Best of luck with this. I refused to play it because I could not make it smooth enough! In retrospect,if I had put the time in I reckon I would have nailed it,but I'm a lazy bugger! Keep going,as it is IMO one of the finest bass lines ever written.
  8. How about a JHS Vintage Tony Butler?Black/Black/Maple joy!
  9. And if he does'nt have it anymore,I'm selling mine(apologies for shameless plug,but have a look in the For Sale section).
  10. [quote name='Machines' timestamp='1194967244' post='87903'] This is becoming a very intriguing thread.. it's making me ponder whether all the hype about differing tonewoods is utter nonsense or just over exaggerated... [/quote] IMO,as we play [i]electric [/i]instruments,body and neck timbers make little or no difference to the tone we hear,as it is created by magnets,wire and electricity. The first recording I made on bass was on a Marlin ply bodied bass,and it sounded fine.I've played a Status bass into a valve pre amp then into a desk and got a warm,thuddy sound by manipulating the tone controls,not by having species X as the body wood. As people on BC have improved sub £100 basses by swapping the pups,I would personally only be concerned with the wood on a bass from a weight and/or aesthetics view.
  11. [quote name='Kev' timestamp='1392843520' post='2373498'] I think that goes for any wooden necked Status, people overlook them as they are not graphite and they go cheap as a result. Cracking basses [/quote] Ahem,I have one thats going cheap. Have a look on the Basses for Sale page. I've owned only 2 "expensive" basses.A Fender Jazz and the Status Groove(did I mention I was selling it!). My go-to bass is a JHS Vintage Tony Butler P bass.Good weight,nice neck and sounds great with flats on. I've also had a Hohner B2A and a Hohner JJ(active jazz copy)which IMO were fantastic instruments.
  12. "And now,especially for the happy couple,it's my own rendition of Motorheads Ace of Spades,played solo on my 32 string fully active exotic wood multiple laminate bass"
  13. I fancy the 4 string version. The only modification I would make would be to fit flats on it.
  14. Superb strings from Fender.Every P-bass should have a set.
  15. I've changed the photo's to show where the rear buton has been moved to. Hope this helps. [attachment=154739:061.JPG] Managed to find this one as well.
  16. At a band-mates recent 50th birthday gig,I looked like a chicken doing a Bez from the Happy Mondays impersonation. I feel no shame about it either.
  17. Rule 14. You shall gurn,bob at the knees,nod the head or make other facial contortions and/or bodily movements that give even the most casual of viewer the impression that you are enjoying what you are doing. And if you're not enjoying it,f**k off and find something better to do. This rule replaces the OP's rule 10.
  18. Yes,but I can't get them to attach to a message! PM me with an e-mail address and I'll send one over.
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