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  1. Bought second hand, this kit has had some use, but it's in great condition, and comes with a selection of good quality hardware : Pearl chain drive bass pedal, Mapex stand, Tama hi hat stand, Sonor cymbal and Paiste Hi Hats. The Mapex snare is worth £100 alone I would say. It's a quality kit, and streets ahead of the cheap Chinese import kits online for £199. I need it gone, so I'm willing to take £150.00 if you collect from me in ST20, or I'll meet you at an M6 junction - 14,15 or 16 : for £175.00. Can't post a pic on the iPad, but I'll get some up when I'm PC based shortly. Happy to answer any questions. It has one or two small scrapes on the bass drum shell , and it will need new heads in time, but this is a great kit, still in good condition,mind typical Yamaha quality.
  2. Yamaha drum kit, with Mapex snare and assorted Sonor' Yamaha and Pearl hardware. Bought used, for my home studio, but I've gone in the end for an electronic kit for convenience, so it needs a new home. It's a really good, solid giggable 'kit, with 7 ply shells, in maple I elieve, although online I've seen suggestions is some form of mahogany. Its a a proper giggable set. It would certainly be streets ahead of the myriad of cheap Chinese starter kits you see online wherethe hardware is made of heese. Mapex snare - bought from a local pro drummer through eBay. It's a wee beauty, and a quality instrument. 23 inch kick 12 inch rack Tom 13 rack Tom 16 inch floor Tom 14 inch Pearl hi hats on aSonor stand 16 Sonor inch crash on a Sonor stand Pearl chain drive bass pedal Snare Stand Basic drum stool. the shells are in great condition, but have some small marks where it's been gigged, and it probably needs a new set of heads on the toms, but the bass drum head is very good. This is a proper useable, quality-instrument which will last for years : typical Yamaha quality. Not really practical to courier, but I'm happy to meet up at a reasonable distance from Stafford - say 20 miles, and take cash. Cash on collection, or Paypal if necessary. Cheers A
  3. I actually made a Seasick Steve style stomp board for a mate a few years ago and it worked really well as his bass drum. Basically it's a 2x2 wood frame, about 12 x 8, with a plywood 'skin' and base board., I made the 'skin' side thinner for more give, and stuck a cheap a piezo pick up on the underside of the 'skin' with Araldite, wired to a quarter inch jack socket. , it takes some hammer, so the construction needs to be pretty robust, but I found it was better not to screw the skin side down, but rather nail it, to give more opportunity for movement and resonance. We had great fun painting it too - folk art! When you eq it, you can get a pretty good bass drum-ish thump. He plays it by literally stomping on it, and suits his acoustic blues well. Ive actually seen these turned up right, with simple side rails as legs, and some of that non slip rubber mat underneath,and a bass drum pedal attached to a wooden flange at the front,and then at might work for you if the music was in an accommodating genre. Not much cop for a jazz gig obviously. Certainly about as small as you could got though. The alternative might be to try and buy a stand alone trigger pad from an electronic kit off eBay,and just use that with the of the acoustic kit.
  4. [quote name='Qlank' timestamp='1454048546' post='2965718'] I work in a dementia care home. It took me a while to realise that putting music on instead of the telly really does a lot of good. Music works for a lot of the residents but not all. We have people like your mate there who come in and do a very cool little gig in the afternoon and all of the residents enjoy it. We have learned though that some may come back from the concert thinking they have been out with friends from 40 years ago and spend the rest of the day looking for them. If I could sing I would be doing what your mate does. I bet he's having a really good time. [/quote] He loves it I must say, and everyone looks forward to him coming in. Lovely for everyone.
  5. Just looking to update my ideas on gig kit and wondered what everyone takes. I'm a bit belt and braces, so tend to have a lot of options covered, but I'd definitely welcome some thoughts, not least as I'm doing a bit of work with a young originals band,and they need to sort their own out for a big gig in Feb. All suggestions gratefully received. Cheers A
  6. Just learned through Facebook that an old jam band mate has just been voted the UK's leading nursing home entertainer. On the face if it that has the whiff of Peter Kay and Phoenix Nights, but - he works closely with the medical professionals, as part of the music therapy programme they run, and the results are remarkable I'm told. Essentially, there are people with dementia and Alzheimer's, who don't know their families, but can remember all the words to Chuck Berry's sweet Little Sixteen. Easy to forget that the first 'teenagers' are now in their 70s, and the Rock and roll generation are going into care. It made me wonder if anyone on here is involved in this kind of thing, as it sounds a great idea for all concerned? He's out virtually every day apparently on lunchtime acoustic gigs, which are paid, albeit not royally I'm sure, but lugging a little vocal PA and an acoustic in your car seems like a nice little gig, and of course, playing to delighted audiences, whose day you make, must be great.
  7. I was after a black/red tort P, as I'd seen Lee Pomeroy with one, but stick a mirror plate on and you've got instant Phil Lynott! I've drawn this together over several years, with the intention of putting together a great 'classic rock' P, but I simply don't have time to get it done now, so someone else can have that opportunity and pleasure. I'm not looking to make money, I just want to get as near as possible to getting back what it owes me, so grab yourself a very convenient kit, or the part you need for your own build, and get going! Included : [b]The Bass : [/b] Westfield P copy : great condition, slim neck, really good rosewood board, and good fretting. It's actually a nice bass, as is, and I'd happily gig it as is, as a spare, or in a tough venue. Some very small factory flaws in the finish on the front, (you've really got to look to see them)!and some tiny surface marking of the finish on the back, which is just play wear, and this has hardly been played I imagine. Certainly, since I've had it (3years), it's lived in a gig bag. it has a nice balance and a weighs in at comfy and bad back friendly 7.lbs 4 oz. Offered at £85.00 plus courier cots Shallow neck profile. [b]Pick ups [/b]: Wizard thumpers : boxed, unused, and bought new from the old Wizard company about 3 years ago, before it changed hands. Paid £85.00 - offered at£75.00 posted [b]Nut : [/b]Tusq nut £offered at 5.00 posted [b]Tuners : [/b] Gotoh GB2 machines : new, still boxed, bought second hand, but unused,on BC. Offered at £55.00 posted [b]Bridge[/b] Schaller 3D bridge, used, but in as new condition, bought on BC about 4 years ago. Offered a£40.00 posted Brand new, as in pre ordered and arrived a week ago ) wiring-bloom by BC's loom legend Kiogon. Orange cap 0.001pf capacitor and splined pots ; great classic rock, or blues tones. ( Kiogon has generously agreed to provide a full support service re the loom, as if the buyer were the original owner. Top bloke, great product) offered at £25.00 posted Scratchplate Red tort plate : from a Squier P : not a direct fit, but it was inexpensive, and just needs a bit of simple trimming. £5.00 posted Delivery etc. Happy to courier the bass, via UPS, but it will only be insured for £50, as that's their limit. Or : I can also do cash on collection at a meet up within a reasonable distance of Stafford, or collect from my home in ST20. However, if courier, I have a heavy duty bass box and I'll pack it very well. Payment by Paypal or cash on collection. PM me with any questions. Thanks. A
  8. As regular BC'ers may be aware, I've had some health issues recently, but I'm delighted to say I'm doing well. It has prompted a reassessment of what's important in life, and I've clearly had a massive attack of GAS for years, and not just for basses. Consequently, I'm having a clear out, which will include hi fi, IT, basses and guitars, but also some other stuff : starting with a job lot of PS2 games, which are all in as new condition. One, Gun, is still sealed (don't ask!) The list : Black, still sealed. Knockout Kings 2002 Lord of he Rings Two Towers, including strategy guide. Medal of Honour Rising Sun The Godfather Rugby 2004 Gun Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Golden age of racing The Getaway £40 posted Royal Mail, payment by Paypal, or good old traditional cash if you are local to Stafford.
  9. Morning all! This is by way of a request for the collective insight of the BC 'massive' ( get me, down with the kids), as the forces of big business have come knocking at the studio door of a friend, and he needs some insight as to which way to go. The situation is, he's run a busy, small rock and roll cellar studio inManchester for 23 years, and he works with anyone and everyone, from young rappers on development deals, to lovely Bengali ladies, doing voice overs for NHS patient information videos, but his hard core is quality aspiring bands, looking for a break, and serious semi pro outfits. He produces, engineers,or you can bring in your own people, no issues : he's all about the client, and the studio being used, and he's permanently busy with a lot of regulars, who've been coming for years. So, what's the deal? Basically the building, and we are talking a dark and run down area of Victorian single story costa monger warehouses, has been bought, and the new landlord has informed him the rent is treblingwhen his current23 year lease ends in 6 months. Bearing in mind he's paid on the nail every month, whilst the balance of the building has been a revolving door of failed ventures, who leave owing thousands, it shows the logic of some 'businessmen'. Running 'as is isn't viable, as there is no way he can suddenly treble his bookings, as he's full, and he can't treble his prices.So it's time to move on, and hence the post. He's looking for some insight as to what constitutes the perfect studio offering for serious amateur, pro, and aspiring pro bands, which are his key clients. There are plenty of very good, new, industrial units available , and he's looking at options on various sizes :from 3,000sq feet -with ground floor access, and secure gated parking outside. But how to divide the space? He could go for a number of options : one larger room, and several smaller studios, but offering a common set of facilities : kitchen, toilets etc. or a complex of smaller,comfortable 'cellar' vibe spaces. All with top notch gear of course. His dilemma is, what do clients want these days, what's really important, and what's the going rate for a really good small studio? He's got so many long standing regulars, he's not had to fundamentally review these questions for a while. He runs Pro tools on Mac, has a fantastic, 30 year in the building,collection of outboard, old mics and interesting instruments including an old Hammond and Leslie cab etc, which is all available gratis for studio hirers. As an aside, before he got married, he travelled worldwide installing Neve desks, and he's actually going to be putting his recently fixed,treasured vintage Neve (which he's had stored, awaiting repair and service for 20 years) in Studio 1. He's not sure that enough people are aware of the Neve reputation for it to make a difference, but I think it does, and may bring in some surprisingly famous clients accordingly. Finally, he's exploring options with his lawyers, but frankly, it's been a good kick to take the business to the next level, so he's actually excited for the future challenge, so moving on is the plan. If the BC collective wisdom could share some insights as to what is great, or not, about the studio you use, that would frankly be, outstanding, as it will inevitably help shape his thinking, and keep a great studio, and a hard working music pro in business. It will also be fascinating to hear everyone's experiences and preferences : Thanks in advance everyone. A
  10. [quote name='LewisK1975' timestamp='1451995795' post='2945267'] The most recent Classic Rock had a huge feature on him - spent Sunday afternoon going through it whilst listening to Lizzy, great way to spend some sofa time.. [/quote] With the wrong date it would seem............. But a good read, I'd agree.
  11. [quote name='hiram.k.hackenbacker' timestamp='1452056681' post='2945936'] It was 30 years on 4/1. http://basschat.co.uk/topic/276165-phil-lynotts-30th-anniversary/page__pid__2945477#entry2945477 [/quote] I'm sorry to have got that wrong : sourced from our friends at Classic Rock magazine this month........ Time for a sub to stand in naughty corner. That aside, I think we are on the same page re the man though......... If I knew how, I'd take my thread down, so if the mods want to, please do. Let the love live in one place.
  12. I remember hearing the news, and being staggered that it were possible : he seemed indestructible, and a step beyond normal individuals. The power of charisma. Perhaps a day to dig out the Lizzy catalogue, and maybe allow some light into not only the big hit albums, but also remind ourselves of the interesting songwriting on the earlier work. Always of course, full of wonderful imaginative, creative poetic lyrics. RIP Philo - musician, poet, icon - the definition of 'Rock Star'.
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