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  2. Yeah....I tend to wash my hands before and wipe the instrument after playing. Takes no time at all. Gold hardware also gets a special wipe down, since I've found that it rapidly tarnishes in my hands if not.
  3. Yup. All up around the £3,500, £4000 mark!
  4. Just scrolling around and saw this photo of the seven stringer. Seems a 'debate' as to whose it is 🙂 but I can say, without any doubt, it was mine first: built to my specs, I chose the woods, etc. delighted to see that it is still being enjoyed and played Snorkie 635
  5. Yes, everything you say is completely normal for me. In fact I clean my bass with polish before every gig and wipe it down afterwards.
  6. I should have said, i'm happy to drive 40-45 miles radius in any direction , possibly to a services, or whatever, for free.
  7. If you want to take away the harshness fit a Cafe Walter pre amp
  8. Yes there's capacitors on 3&4. So atm, it's literally just 2 volumes and 2 for show? Might send it to someone to reconfigure unless I can do it myself?
  9. Hi guys Anyone had any experience with this for the two 10 ?
  10. I bought a fretless from Tony and he ensured it was packaged incredibly well, shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. Great guy to deal with and I would happily do so again in the future. Cheers!
  11. If you look carefully at the 2nd photo, there appear to be capacitors on pots 3 & 4. These aren't shown on the drawn diagram but it looks like an attempt at rewiring as VVTT but someone's made a bit of a hash of it.
  12. This one's mine. I bought it because I'm a big Mike Lull fan and, frankly, I liked the colour. Immediately on arrival it elbowed out of the way a number of supposedly better basses (including three other Mike Lulls) and became my go-to Precision for all purposes. Mine is also far and away the lightest Precision I've ever owned. @Clarky would have had it off me had @Silvia Bluejay not instantly vetoed the very idea of me selling it. Not that I would have anyway.
  13. Following a lead from Davie (Kodiakblair) I contacted Brian Pillans on ebay ( earlpilanz) to make me a replacement pickguard as mine has an extra hole from its days as a 'twinny'. I sent him my original plate on Thursday, and he returned it today Wednesday having compared the colours of his stock plastic and given me 2 options. He also made me a couple of inserts to fit the extra hole in my original guard too. I gave the new guard a quick fine steel wool rub-down and soaked it in a Turmeric solution for around 20 minutes and the results are below. Brian was really helpful and for £25 which included Special Return Delivery for my original, the new one was great value for a custom job. I'd really recommend him
  14. No it's the one you wear when making a crap joke that nobody got.
  15. Yeah, it all went a bit pear-shaped for him. Loved his guitar playing with Sky, though, Those first 4 albums were hugely influential on me as a kid learning to make music.
  16. Yeah, they are roundwounds. Steves one of my favourite players, so i spent years copying that "clank" so I guess my thumb knows how to do it too! I haven't figured out a way to convincingly slap the "gallop" though! There's a few other tunes that might work well as slap though. Something to work on I guess!
  17. I also didnt have that feeling, but I found the MM more punchy.
  18. Too true - it's funny how close your slapping on (presumably) roundwounds is to his playing on flats. But rhythmically - a great idea to take his patterns and slap them.
  19. I use the pink ones exclusively when I play live so fill your boots.
  20. I've had both but not at the same time. I'm not convinced that's true. I think the cab would make far more difference to the top end
  21. Haha! Cheers man. To be honest, Steve's technique is more like finger slapping than plucking I'd say to the tone is similar.
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