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Interesting new Ibanez's for 2018


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1 minute ago, White Cloud said:

They really do...and often at an excellent and accessible price point too!

A couple of my students have Ibanez basses. The one has a fantastic 6 string bass that he only paid a couple of hundred for brand new.

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23 hours ago, fretmeister said:

Also - the Dawsons link says 19mm string spacing.


The other SR series Ibby's are 16.5mm. 


I think that's the string spacing for the 4 strings. I bet the fivers are 16.5mm.

I think it looks brill! If I get a new bass this year then it could be between this and the Sandberg Ida Nielsen.

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On 03/01/2018 at 15:31, NJE said:

I also spotted the Thumdercat signature 6 string in the new catalogue which suggests it may be ‘normal’ production bass now.

Uh oh. I didn't need to know that.... I really didn't need to know that...

edit: okay it is £7000 that will stop me gassing too hard for one.


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I'm more excited by the guitar news. Bringing back the original 1987 style RG550 is AWESOME, and they're even doing a lefty run in the original and super rare Desert Sun Yellow finish. Having owned two original RG550's (a 1989 and 1991 model), I feel a bit of nostalgia. I shouldn't have sold my red one :$

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On 11/01/2018 at 08:33, gingerfish said:

okay it is £7000 that will stop me gassing too hard for one.


Feckin' how much?!?!!!!

Wouldn't touch with a barge pole at anything close to that price!

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