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    EBS Micro Bass 3!

    Anyone had first hand experience with this yet?
  2. gingerfish

    EBS Micro Bass 3!

    Video of this popped up for me the other day. Anyone used one? Just left my band and been looking to move on some gear and down size. Tempted by this to be a headphone amp(yes not a cheap one but gives a lot of options fro tone shaping). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14txFFZ1ei0
  3. Great basses. I have 2 Corvette FNA Jazzman and the pick config is so powerful and versatile. Good luck with the sale. Its definitely not Nirvana black though... think it is Antique Tobacco.
  4. Traded a bass with Mark on Friday and I can confirm what everyone else has said. Great guy and very easy to deal with. Lovely gear and well looked after. Would highly recommend.
  5. Traded a bass with Gav, been a smooth transaction. Would recommend him without a worry. One of the good guys on basschat.
  6. All PMs replied to. Possible trade deal on the cards so let me know if there is any other interest.
  7. Finally moved so cash less of an issue. Let me know what else you guys got to trade.
  8. Beautiful colour combination. Might be worth putting a few more details in you add, location, shipping etc. Good luck with the sale.
  9. A neck through Warwick for £1200.... what is happening... hell of a bass for the money. If my Sandberg shifts I'd be all over this. Good luck with the sale.
  10. Reason for sale is buying my first house. I therefore need the money more than another guitar at this time. ADDING SOME TRADE IDEAS - STINGRAY 5 STRING, DINGWALL 5 STRING - CASH PREFERRED AND I CANNOT ADD ANY CASH SO MUST BE EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE. Bought last year from a guy in Germany who had owned since new. Bass is in great condition, there is one small dent in the top side of the neck near the 3rd fret marker (photo in folder), cannot find any other marks. Sale includes a hardcase as pictured with keys. Bass will come with the chrome strap pins it came with, not the straplock pins in the photo. There is a small brush hair under the finish in the back of the neck, in certain light this looks like a dent but the finish is fully intact and smooth, you can just about see the black line in one of the photo, mentioning for full transparency as will all of my sales. Bass is located in Sheffield and you are welcome to come and try it out if you are in the area. I will be in London for a weekend in April so could bring with if required. Spec from the Sandberg site can be found here - Sandberg website I can ship but will but will need to price up based on location. Will ship within EU at buyers expense or you can provide shipping labels and collect with your preferred shipper. Link to photos on Dropbox here - Photo Album . Sorry photos are not the best. I can try and upload more if requested, bit cold and snowy to go outside and try to get some today. Feedback thread - didn't realise i don't have a sig any more. Feedback
  11. Man how on earth is this so cheap. This is one hell of a bass for the money.
  12. It was a Warwick community design, not actually direct by Warwick, but however, it still is an awesome bass. GLWTS.
  13. A few more images were added to facebook so updated first post. Lots to drool over.
  14. Yup. It is my dream bass pretty much. I even posted it in the dream bass thread last week. From their other posts it looks like Dingwall have got an entire other workshop being set up to work on the combustion line basses to try and speed up production. Seems to be a successful area. Glad this is going to be one of those lines rather than just the special order ones. That would be considerably outside of my price range.
  15. Not seen this mentioned on here but looks like a production version of the Dingwall D-brid will be coming out in a four stringer later this month, this will be a combustion/NG2 version and also an NG3 is in the works. The comments on Instagram also mentioned that a with a 5 string to come later in the year. Will try and link the photos below. post on their Instagram and Facebook if you want more details. edited with lots more photos NG3 NG3 6 stringer NG3 Darkglass edition D-bird combustion - one off colours D-bird combustion - production colours new LTD voodoo bass New Leland sklar colour
  16. Dingwall D'bird 5 string.... but they don't make one.
  17. Uh oh. I didn't need to know that.... I really didn't need to know that... edit: okay it is £7000 that will stop me gassing too hard for one. https://www.thomann.de/gb/ibanez_thundercat_6_string_bass.htm?glp=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAs9zSBRC5ARIsAFMtUXFtutCK_TGGZivj7N68Ehbb-UH75J1dL8TLAMs8bq3Swqr72jczKJ0aAnhuEALw_wcB
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