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Played through an Ampeg 8x10 last night...


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[quote name='Geddys nose' timestamp='1487893049' post='3244050']
I picked a Ashdown Mag 8x10 up for £60 recently, Knocks my BF Big Twin into a cocked hat IMO for tone and spread but weighs 65 Kg. Always had Ampeg Fridges and only sold them due to the weight.

I'm looking for a Lightweight version and will probably sell the BF.

4 2x10 cabs.

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Sound-wise, has anyone actually compared a Barefaced eight10 to an SVT810? The Barefaced is 36kg. That's just over half the weight of an ampeg (140lbs / 64kg).

I know you can get Ampegs for relatively small money these days. That's one obvious advantage, but in the weight vs 'heft' (sorry) debate, where we stand when it comes to Cabs?

EDIT: FWIW, I think if we'd all have 810 setups if we didn't have to do the lugging. I know I would.

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Played thru a few Ampeg rigs and couldn't get used to the sound.
Then tried an Orange AD200b thru a Hartke 8x10 and couldn't believe the tone. Not sure if it was down to the amp or the cab that made the difference but probably the best sound i've heard in a long time.
Thunderous low end but clear sharp mids.

I now have severe GAS for Orange AD200b. I've already got OBC115 cab and it sounds great with my existing amps.
Not sure whether to get another 115 cab or a 410 or if poss pick up the 210 Orange cab.

Aaahhhhh GAS is a nightmare.


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First speaker cab I ever owned was a Marshall 8 x 12, from Rokas in Denmark St who didn't have any s/h bass 4 x 12s in stock but would flog me the 8 x 12 for the same price. them was the days. the fact that I have never learned to drive made this somewhat impractical long term option and sadly it's now long gone, but even when i could persuade someone to put down the back seats in their car to give me a lift it had fallen out of use as soon as I got a 1 x 15.

Storm Studios in Holloway, where my last band used to practice, have Ampeg 8 x 10s in all the studios, but with underwhelming cheapo Chinese Ampeg amps (not a valve in sight) so I've never been that enamoured by them per se. Great spread of sound, but nowhere near the oomph I get with an SVT through a smaller speaker set up, Probably needs a decent amp to get full value out of them then.

Although they were excellent for getting the guitarists to complain about the volume of the bass because they'd always be stood far too close to their own 4 x 12s to hear what they were playing *everybody else in the studio tells them that no, the bass isn't too loud and to turn their guitar down as it's drowning out everything else*

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[quote name='Pow_22' timestamp='1487935527' post='3244283']
An SVT through an 8x10 (preferably with a flats loaded P Bass) is something everyone should experience before they die

This sounds like an ideal opportunity for one of those 'Experience days' hire type thing. B)

Much more fun than driving a Ferrari or going in a hot air balloon.

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