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  1. I'm about to sell the head that goes with this Pretty sure this was mine, bought back in 2011. Amazing cab!
  2. That digitech obscura is good, and cheap compared to a lot of options.
  3. All sorted I believe.
  4. Wooks79


    It was Deaf Institute in Manchester, which is 260 capacity, gig was sold out, here's a pic of the place. I was at the back, I'm getting on now Obviously if we were talking stadiums, then that wouldn't be an issue, but sadly I'm certain those days are behind me. The support band had much more impact in their sound due to having a traditional back line as well as PA.
  5. Wooks79


    One of the most disappointing gigs I've ever been to was a recent My Vitriol gig, where they took this all too far, had line6 variaxs going through the PA, no back line at all, bassist not there, just on a laptop, and the drummer was using an electric kit... Now I'm no Luddite, but it was just too much (or too little?) and there was no weight to it, you didn't feel like you were at a rock gig at all, and it sucked all the atmosphere out of it, it all sounded too polite... I wanna avoid going that far. I deffo wanna keep myself with a back line, and I'm hoping an frfr cab of some kind would meet all my needs.
  6. Wooks79


    I forgot all about TKS, they definitely look the absolute business, very nice looking cabs!
  7. Wooks79


    A quick addition... I'm close to pulling the trigger on barefaced big twin 2 to cover that need, but have also read very good things about the line6 firehawk 1500(?) I think it's called, as an free cab, bypassing the amp part, but have concerns that it's more guitar focused and wouldn't do the bass lows justice? Opinions?
  8. Wooks79


    I'd please ask that you both remain involved, you've both had a lot of valid points, but I'm just really hoping this thread moves on... Here's a question I wanna ask, and maybe you both have some ideas? If you were buying a cab to cover both guitar and bass through a kemper or similar right now, what would you buy? And the stipulation of mine is... it HAS to look like a cab, not a pa speaker? Cheers in advance for your replies!
  9. Wooks79


    Can you gents all knock it off please? I'm getting bored of checking back on this thread for useful info just to see all your back and forth, which isn't progressing this thread at all
  10. Wooks79


    I'm one of the people who these graphs go over my head. Very pretty but not, for me, informative. All I wanted to as... is it not the product as a whole for a manufacturers cab that the numbers/specs are quoted? Not just someone dumping the speaker into a home made cab that was not made for the particular combination? (For disclosure, I own 2 barefaced cabs, and am very happy with them, and plan to buy another, but I like them for what I hear from them, not for specs or numbers. I'll also add that this forum does seem to have some detractors who like to put down certain brands wherever and however they can. For me it's ashdown, I hate them, but it quickly gets old and pointless reading about it, so I try not to post it ) Quick edit: just to say that I am also reading this thread with interest due to me wanting a FRFR solution if possible to cover bass and guitar from one cab... not just to read the he said/she said.
  11. These things happen, just be glad there's a cab
  12. From my cold dead hands Conan haha, I'm tempted by this for a 2nd, but am also trying to save for a Big Baby or Big Twin at the mo...
  13. MI Audio Pollyanna octave does a great synthy fuzz
  14. My cab! I can confirm as the only owner before Andrew, this has been taken care of, and sounds amazing! I miss it
  15. I'd say 30-40 mins. All depends on venue and promoter mainly though I'd guess, best to ask them.
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