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  1. I'll have it @ £65 posted... My hypergravity has just gone phut .. PM me your paypal details and I'll do a friends transfer Mark
  2. ALmost certainly a vain hope. but do you still have any of these left?
  3. I suppose another option is to change one of the tone pots to a dual.. So have lo-md and hi-mid on the same shaft?
  4. Hi, I've just picked up a Spector 5LT and the control configuration is driving me crazy. It's got a darkglass tone capsule but only two of the three bands are presented (Bass and H-mid) So it has two separate volume controls and two active tone controls as above. What I'd like to do is to put the two volumes onto a stacked pot and add a balance control which would free up a space to put the new lo-mid control on. The current volume pots are JS500k ohms - what value would the balance part of the stacked pot require? Open to suggestions as to how else to do this. Cavity depth is 31mm ..
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Hi, What is the front to back depth of the amp - - I don't appear to be able to find this out anywhere apart from a guess of "about 14" " Cheers MArk
  7. What is the weight of this ? - if you've already said, apologies, but I can't find it..
  8. QUick update, been playing around with some Mullard and Brymon 12AT's and 12AX's but on the whole I think I prefer the tube it came with...
  9. Pop over and have a play if you like... I have a decent pedal board and this sounds much nicer than my COG TK421.. 🙂 I'm on the south warks/north oxon border
  10. Bought on of these on a whim - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nobsound-Valve-Tube-Guitar-Drive-Pedal-Bass-Overdrive-Gain-Tone-Stomp-Effector/253632915871 - astonishingly good for the money..... I've got a number of 12AX7 type valves hanging around, going to have some fun.. Also works on both AC and DC power supplies though does draw a fair amount of current...
  11. HI, What sort of condition is the blacksmith in? Does it come with the case?
  12. I've used one a few times at a rehearsal studio - my take was that it was a bit boxy and boomy... Perfectly adequate though..
  13. I used to run a compact under a super 12 for sh**s and giggles.. However even when I added locking clasps to hold them together, it never felt stable enough to gig in a carefree manner :-)
  14. I had a look at getting a fiver ricky "homage" made by some of the usual suspects.. My specs were 35" scale, 37 mm string to string at the nut, 70 mm string to string at the bridge. Lots of ideas out there, but the budget (neck through) was sneaking close to £2k, and I realised that the chances of ever getting a significant amount of money back was near zero. There is a "rickenfaker" facebook group, and Dave Koenigs 5 string versions come up occasionally. I suspect an original 4001/4003 fiver would be horribly cramped, and the B string would suck..
  15. Not a fan of the Hi-Beams - bit bright and floppy for me, but the Lo-Riders are killer strings... YMMV of course
  16. If you can feel the difference, then it's worth what it's worth to you.. Law of diminishing returns applies, but this is pretty much the same for any product or service you buy...
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