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  1. How about a Taylor GS Mini bass? https://www.taylorguitars.com/guitars/acoustic/gs-mini-e-bass Maybe a bit pricey but you can save on buying an amp and once tucked up in bed I'm sure you would enjoy playing it too!
  2. Only festival I ever went to was Reading in 1994. I'm quite amazed at the list of great artists I missed! Did pretty much mark the end of my RHCP fandom though. They were disappointing at the very least.
  3. Ha-ha. I'm the same mostly. I think a lot of the solo stuff where he was pushing the boundaries of the instrument is where the issue is. But some of his playing with weather report is fantastic, and I saw one of his performances with Janis on a doco on friday and his playing while supporting the sax solo was amazing. Just two or three notes repeated but so fast and consistent. So while I don't like some of his stuff there is no denying he was a talent.
  4. Load more posts button isn't working. Neither is the go to page...... button at the bottom of a thread page.
  5. Are you intending to relic it? Reason I ask is a hipshot will look pretty silly on a relic'd bass (IMHO obviously). ;-)
  6. [quote name='ead' timestamp='1510149018' post='3404289'] Complete bastards. Fancy making music people like and buy in reasonable quantities to make a living out of. Bastards. [/quote] How very dare they!! And as for that Bono! Using his fame to raise awareness of human rights and other worthwhile causes! Outrageous!
  7. [quote name='machinehead' timestamp='1510013362' post='3403319'] I've only owned the AER amp one (briefly) and AER amp two. The Barefaced one10 cab with a decent amp is at least the equal of the amp one and will cost probably half, or less, than what the amp one will cost. Still, a good call if money is no object. Frank. [/quote] Interesting to read this. The AER amps sit quite high on an amp gas list for me but perhaps no more.
  8. OK. That was the short answer! The modern Mex neck is narrower at the nut (width), narrower in depth and has a different profile (shape of the back of the neck) than the old ones. But they have changed quite a bit over the 65 odd year history of the P bass. Still wider than a Jazz neck though so some folk would find it too wide if that is their preference. I wish more reasonably priced Ps had bigger necks. I played a CS '59 with the 1.75" nut, big fat soft V profile and it was lovely.
  9. [quote name='lou24d53' timestamp='1508922769' post='3395309'] Can't wait for tomorrow night, heading to the Hydro in Glasgow...and only just realised that it is a single day off 25 years to the day from first seeing them live on the Wherever We May Roam tour (Black Album)coincidentally... [/quote] At the SECC? I was there!
  10. Spotted one of the early twin split pick-up versions on eBay today.
  11. The Ampeg BA v2 series have aux in with separate volume control and headphone out. The BA110v2 up have the scrambler circuit added as well. I have the 110 and sounds decent enough at bedroom volumes when you get the chance to unplug the headphones.
  12. I recently raised mine to 3mm at the 17th. Might yet go up again.
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