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  1. It cuts out a specific frequency. The screenshot below shows a notch filter being used to cut most of the bass guitar from an mp3 file but in the case of a DI for live use it would, I assme, be used to tame a troublesome resonant frequency in the room
  2. Phil_T

    obbm's feedback

    Easy transaction with Dave for some pickups, no problems at all and would happily buy from him again.
  3. Phil_T

    Items wanted bump?

    I was thinking the same thing
  4. Phil_T

    Basses with 2x P-Bass pickups as stock..?

    FGN Power Bass has two P pickups https://fgnguitars.com/collection/eb/JMP-AL-R.php
  5. Yep, quite frightening really when you hear how loud it is already with the master barely above 1. It is quite a heavy cab though which doesn't bother me as it's going to stay parked where it is but I wouldn't relish moving it about.
  6. I managed to get a new Peavey 210TVX for a good price (must be last one in the country surely?) to replace the vanderkley. Only had it since yesterday but It sounds nice and clear - and very loud - so it looks like the vanderkley might be for sale. Not a bad rig for just over £400 all in.
  7. I've grounded the poles on my basses. As long as the bottom of the poles are exposed you just need to run a bit of copper foil across them and then solder a wire to the foil that then connects to one of pots. Works a treat.
  8. Phil_T

    Google ads on iPhone?!

    Just started seeing these ads appearing in safari on a mac. They're sat over posts completely obscuring the text
  9. Phil_T

    Kytary? Anyone used them?

    I came across them this week while I was searching an ampeg cab - their price was about £200 lower than anyone else which made me suspicious but they seem legit from what I can tell. Not ordered from them yet though.
  10. Phil_T

    Examples of great P tone.

    lovely tone on this, I assume this is a precision through an SVT and 8x10 but don't know for sure
  11. no, needs to be 4 ohms, but thanks
  12. Yes, the 'slightly knackered but perfectly serviceable' ashdown option is looking favourable at the moment. There's a few available within driving distance for not much money
  13. That is an option but my current cab is a Vanderkley and I'd want them to match so that's an outlay of around £550. I'm also a bit worried about how loud 2 x12 cabs would be in the house - it's on the verge on being too loud with one. I may just get a cheaper 1x12 and try to ignore the mis-match but I know my OCD would win eventually.
  14. Mine was a 'B Stock' item so it's probably been returned under warranty for some reason and they've fixed the issue (hopefully) and re-sold it a knock-down price.