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  1. Hey guys. I'm after a hardcase of some description capable of housing a Gibson grabber in the snuggest manner possible. Anyone got any ideas? I have rectangle hardcases for my fenders but the old dear is a bit to wide to fit into one and her slim body means an unforgivabe ammount of pressure is put on the neck. Am I looking at a custom build here or is there a miraculous answer to my problem? Let me know
  2. not my cuppa tea at all but im happy for you
  3. I use a pick most of the time, I find i get lost in the mix if i don't. but for quiter moments i generally revert to the fingers. I think its important to be able to do both. f*** anyone who tells you different. but yeah still there are no rules
  4. [quote name='leschirons' post='571096' date='Aug 16 2009, 09:47 PM']In about two years time after you've got hooked on the gear and bought a couple of Ampeg 8x10's and a couple of heads, you'll wish you'd stayed with the drums. Welcome.[/quote] backed
  5. Get yourself a tidy bridge too, may i suggest a Bad ass II. really really helps with tuning stability and all around attack.
  6. I garauntee you'll love it man. nothing ive played growls like my grabber
  7. oooh thems big words man, exactly how simple do you keep it?
  8. Safe Gary. Ill PM you my address now.
  9. Mate that is actually beautiful. I cant believe how good it looks. empressed doesnt cut it at all.
  10. good point man Im gonna do that now. Cheers for the welcome too man
  11. Hey all, My boy BT linked me to this forum so after reading a few bits i joined straight away. For arguments sake my name is Cocco. Im from cardiff(ish). I play bass in a band called Caesars Rome (www.mypsace.com/caesarsrome) and I am a traditionalist, and a firm believer in simplicity. I play generally with a pick altho use my fingers on occasion for certain tones. My gear goes like this Gibson Grabber (single pickup original 70 something) MIJ 60s jazz bass sporting custom made pickups by shed of cardiff and badass II bridge MIM 60th anniv edition p-bass Peavey T-40 Ampeg SVT Classic Ampeg classic series 8x10 sans-amp boss tu-2 Roto swing bass 45-105 strings dunlop .96 picks I have a pretty basic playing style, I play the song rather than the instrument, I think thats the way it should be. Ive always wanted a Ricky 3001 but to this day i cant find one anywhere
  12. cocco


    Ahhhh this is beautiful. I have a single pickup one which actually means more to me than life itself. This is a far better example than mine too. how does she play? what kinda tone does she have? also have you ever hd to replace the tuners on it? im struggling to find a direct replacement.
  13. I voted Gibson, 74 grabber g1 to be exact but I also have a jazz, MIJ non-export 60s reissue modded with Badass II and custom "hot and dangerous" pickups by shed of cardiff which i love dearly
  14. I'm having trouble uploading them. can you PM me a mobile number and Ill MMS them to you? or failing that I can try again from work.
  15. Hey man. I cant believe my luck here, I know this is my first post but I assure you I am 100% genuine, A friend shared a link with me and I had to get in touch. I have a Warwick Streamer Stage 1 V which I dont play anymore and have been looking into a modded P-bass project for a while. Heres the low down on the warwick Neck-thru construction MEC Soapbars MEC active onboard pre-amp Flamed maple body and neck with Ovangkol fingerboard 24 frets Gold hardware She needs a new nut and a set up as she hasnt had strings on her for a while but other than that and a few dings shes pretty pristine. If your interested I'm all over this like a rash. The only thing I'm not overly sold on is the cash your way bit as the warwick set me back over £1,500 new. obviously as I said she does need a new nut. What you reckon? PM me
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