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  1. I have a passive Jake. I don't know how else to describe it other than amazing, I got it in something like 2015. The fit and finish is impeccable, the paint is thin but I'd take that over tacky, even the neck is painted and it's fine. No gaps anywhere. I have the Maruszsczyk P and Jazz bucker combo. All the tones are what you'd expect. I have the standard hardware, zero complaints there either. The only real nit picky issue is that it didn't have a string tree, which wasn't a problem until I put battleship chains on it and tuned it BEAD. It probably would have been fine if I wasn't so heavy handed. Also, if I had my time over I'd either have got a stacked volume pot or put the jack in the Tele position, but that's only because I have a real problem with controls anywhere near my pick hand. Also, they're lovely to deal with.
  2. cocco

    Drop C#

    I've done drop C# on 45-105s. It was fine.
  3. I love this. The 4+1 headstock is so much better than the 3+2. I definitely don't need a 5er though.
  4. I had a Tribute L2000 and now have a 1982 USA one. They didn't overlap so were never A/B'd but the two feel pretty similar other than weight. The USA one is a weighty old beast. The sound is exactly as I remember. The tribute has the same hardware and pickups, the preamp is basically the same but there is a difference in components that means you can't do the L1000 mod that some people do as easily.
  5. Lovely looking bass! I have an 82 L-2000 with the newer head stock but black hardware and I love it dearly. It's the same colour as the L-1000 at bass direct too. Tempted.
  6. This is beautiful. Never heard of the brand before but I'm off to check them out.
  7. Hardware and electronics are the same as on the USA ones if I remember correctly.
  8. G&L instruments are so good! You really get the feeling that they're the product of a lifetimes worth of work and experimentation.
  9. My HX stomp XL turned up today. So far, I've had great fun playing with the parallel processing (sub 340hz to a compressor and modulation, everything else to a rat and obsidian), A/Bing the SansAmp against my OG and trying to recreate Orion bass sound. I've got to say I'm more than impressed. I can't wait to play with it more and put it in a mix.
  10. cocco


    Sold pending payment
  11. Probably the gnarliest bass drive pedal I've ever used. If you're a fan of Blacky era Voivod this is the dirt for you. Original box included, a few scratches on the back but otherwise perfect. Here is what Idiotbox say. At first the Blower Box was my attempt to capture the classic Voivod Blacky sound on the Nothing Face album. They are my favorite band of all time and Blacky is my favorite bass player of all time. I was lucky enough to get Away to do the graphics for it and even got the whole band to sign the first VERY limited run of 15! But it turned out to not just be a pigeon holed "specific" tone pedal, but a KILLER bass overdrive/distortion beast One of my main goals was to make it sound great no matter what setup was used. Small thin practice amp to monster rig Controls are Top Left - Volume, Bottom Left - Distortion, Top Right - High cut/boost, Bottom Right - Low cut/boos The low boost brings tons of beef and the high boost adds the snap. This thing KILLS on guitar and synths als All feedback on this sucker is 100% positive and I couldn't be more stoked!!! Postage at buyers expense.
  12. cocco


    EHX bass clone. Probably a year old, original box included, as new condition. Great sounding cheap chorus pedal. Postage at buyers expense.
  13. Keeley bassist in as new condition with original box. I've had it for a year and it's hardly left the house. The hype on these is real, it's such a musical compressor but it doesn't really have a place in my signal chain any more. Postage possible at buyers expense. Grab yourself a bargain at half of the RRP.
  14. Stingrays sound great to me, but only when other people are playing them.
  15. I'm tempted by this head too. I reckon it would be a good paring with my super twin..
  16. L2000s can definitely do old school tones, if you put it in passive mode, parallel and roll the treble down a bit.
  17. Hey everyone, I've had GAS for a BB for a while and more recently it's getting uncontrollable, mostly because of the stable of beautiful ones in for sale on this site. To that end I'm wondering if anyone can give me pros and cons on the BB1200 vs the 1024x? I mostly play a 50s roadworn P-bass or an L2000 these days and tend to favour a bigger neck. The reverse P in the 1200 intrigues me, but for what ever reason I've never kept a neck thru bass. Having said that it's likely that they got moved on because they were active rather than neck thru. The PJ in the 1024x would probably work well for me but I'm not the biggest fan of the control and scratch plates aesthetically.
  18. I've just spat my tea everywhere.
  19. Oooooof that's pretty. It's got a bit of the Geezer Butler's about it too.
  20. I'd love an Alu necked P bass
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