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  1. These days I mostly just use amps that I built myself. There's an overview on those builds here: [url="http://www.passinwind.com"]http://www.passinwind.com[/url]. I still have a scary noise toy rack that I use with my fretless Bean occasionally though: So that's a Boss GX-700 modeler with a heavily modded Hafler T-2 tube preamp in its EFX loop, then a DIY Fender tone stack-based preamp for post-EFX EQ. All of this goes either in one of my amps' parallel EFX loop, or to a whole separate rig for dirty sounds and delay ambience. And here's an example of slide bass on the Bean, with a looped rhythm track of the Bean and live drums: [url="https://soundcloud.com/passinwind/terminationdust"]https://soundcloud.c...terminationdust[/url] That's a fEARful 12/6 cab in the slide bass recording BTW. I have an AudioKinesis Thunderchild 112 instead these days that I use for most of my typically low key gigs.
  2. [quote name='Funky Dunky' timestamp='1464686392' post='3061350'] Heft B or Heft C? [/quote] The last shot they used a C sharp.
  3. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1464523291' post='3060042'] Re the various opinions on heft, just interested to see how people prefer to get it. [/quote] I had my vaccinations against heft many years ago.Thankfully, they have never failed me to date.
  4. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1464043293' post='3056128'] IIRC the very first class D amp I ever came across was a Peavey power amp some time in the early 90s. This can't be the first one they've made specifically for bass? [/quote] Nope, they did their first one about thirty years ago.
  5. [quote name='dave_bass5' timestamp='1464024195' post='3055851'] Yes i know, but my point is that when someone says amp A is louder than amp B, the standard response seems to be the knob position has no relevance. Without testing both amp how do these people know this? Why is it dismissed without any back up data? How do they know amp A is different to amp B? I'm just wondering as i started to read this thread and saw this quoted a few times. [/quote] It's the most reasonable default position to take, IMHO. I've measured many many amps over the years and have found knob position correlation to be pretty darned close to nil. Many other similarly experienced techs or engineers agree, so I suspect that's good enough to work into the "collective intelligence", as it were.
  6. [quote name='dave_bass5' timestamp='1464021335' post='3055824'] Ive often seen claims that abs amps master is not an indication of how much its putting out compared to another amp, but surely every single amp is not different? Its almost like a standard reply that stem people give. I understand what its meant to be saying but its almost just given without actually knowing the two amps are different. [/quote] There's no real way of knowing or comparing without rigorous measurement, since what you get out depends so greatly on both what you put in and how you set all the other controls.
  7. [quote name='sshorepunk' timestamp='1464012016' post='3055732'] Still waiting for more opinions on this I've been gigging a streamliner, whilst I like it, I do miss the top end zing I've had from previous amps, it is a great sound, nice n warm [/quote] Heard one again last weekend at the Seattle Talkbass GTG. Much more versatile than the Streamliner, with plenty of air and zing. I've long since stopped buying amps based on others' impressions though.
  8. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1462961657' post='3047257'] The cobalt flats seem a bit lower tension than I'd expect for the gauge, which is not bad. [/quote] Which gauge are you using? I've had the lightest set on one of my fretless basses for around 8 months now. They are just a little stiffer feeling than the T-I Jazz Flats I had on that bass for 12 years (two sets in that time). They suit me a good bit better than the T-Is, which I also really still do like a lot.
  9. [quote name='goingdownslow' timestamp='1462355465' post='3042271'] I only go on the AMPS section on TB. I learnt how to bias my Ampeg SVT 3 Pro and have since passed on the info to others. Always found there to be some technically knowledgeable posters. [/quote] That's my main hang. Some of the techs and engineers there are really top shelf people, even more so if you get the chance to meet up with them face to face. I've met well over 200 Talkbass members in what passes for real life, and would only hesitate to have one or two out of those come to my house with expectations of an enjoyable dinner. It's a pretty large forum and there are plenty of people who rub me the wrong way though, of course. It may also bear comment that TB does not allow threads about other forums, and all the other four bass oriented forums I frequent do. Could be just a little jealousy at work there in a few cases, I think.
  10. [quote name='stevie' timestamp='1461831004' post='3037915'] Don't take this as gospel, but as far as I can gather, virtually everyone uses the B&O modules except TC Electronics and Markbass, who have their own. Barefaced are using the highly respected Hypex module in their active speaker, which is quite an interesting move.[/quote] Some other non-ICEpower implementations: Peavey Carvin Hevos Trickfish Jule Amps Tec Amp (earlier versions) Ibanez And then of course there are many different ICE modules, and not all the usual suspects use the most common ASX2 series ones.
  11. [quote name='Dan Dare' timestamp='1461421161' post='3034501'] Not strictly accurate to talk of car stuff not being able to be used because it's only designed to run on 12v. With the exception of hardwired valve amps (which can have internal supply rails running at 500v dc - that's why you don't poke around inside them), solid state circuitry runs at very small voltages. The mains current is stepped right down. PCBs wouldn't tolerate mains voltages. [/quote] Plenty of tube amps use PCBs without incident, and many switch mode supplies rectify the line supply directly to DC before doing anything else.
  12. [quote name='warwickhunt' timestamp='1461358785' post='3034104'] I'm not sure the component/spec of top quality PA gear is the same ball park as bass amps. [/quote] The design goals are often clearly different, for sure.Thus my comment about discussing specific implementations, not class of operation...
  13. Class T is essentially just ad-speak for a Tripath chip based Class D amp. IME various amp classes don't generally have specific characteristics like "heft" (whatever that means), although we may find that certain ones with a lot of commonality in design tend to lend themselves to our perceiving and/or measuring things that way. I've never heard anyone dismiss a Crown K2 as lacking heft, for instance.
  14. [quote name='fretmeister' timestamp='1461304228' post='3033415'] Email crown with the serial number and ask! [/quote] Or just measure it yourself. There have been at least a couple of versions, and the first posted link is only for the Chinese market version of the first build spec.
  15. [quote name='Billy Apple' timestamp='1461152397' post='3031888'] Disease free wood can be sourced from the USA [/quote] Sure, but is it free range wood? Think of the children!
  16. [quote name='Twincam' timestamp='1461018965' post='3030791'] Been reading the book British rock guitar which is an updated version of 17 watts by mo foster. It's basically a collection of often very funny stories by famous names, talking about there first guitars, first amps, experiments etc etc. It's a really good read! What got my attention is the fact that it's so much easier to get equipment that actually works, even the cheap gear. And we have internet so learning and music in general is so accessible. It's so much easier in every way. We are indeed lucky. However why I'm I yearning that it was still a bit like that. Even when I was fairly young in the 90s it was still easier than the 50s, 60s and so on. Although I am still relatively new to playing it would of been much easier when I was young to do so. So I never got to really experience the "struggle" of previous decades. The experimentation of it all seems really exciting. Even the crap instruments and struggling to get even the latest record has a certain fun element. I can't help thinking in a way lacking all that now has lost us something, some magic in it all. [/quote] There is a ton of room for experimentation today, and now the resources are much more readily attainable. I just finished building a 700 watt bass amp from scratch (mostly), using CAD/CAM tools that are completely free. Doing that when I started playing music ca. 1970 would have been a pipe dream at best. I've been working on audio equipment since the early 60s. To me old stuff is just old, and things that actually work are a lot cooler. In the end real players get it done regardless of the gear challenges though.
  17. [quote name='Roland Rock' timestamp='1460713567' post='3028041'] Haha, I was wondering whether anyone had the hat trick. [/quote] Over here "bug eye grills" would probably trump MB Yellow in the Unholy Trinity. Neither they or the overhanging rack case look bother me in the slightest though, personally.
  18. [quote name='alexclaber' timestamp='1460557603' post='3026791'] don't play a quilted maple topped fanned fret active 7-string with fretboard LEDs in a punk band! [/quote] Yep, can't have anyone being an actual rebel in a punk band.
  19. It matters a little bit, but for me form pretty much always follows function.
  20. [quote name='wateroftyne' timestamp='1460483085' post='3026134'] It's 375 x 108 x 315mm, and 7.5kg.. [/quote] Thanks, hope it works out well for you.
  21. So what is the actual size and weight please? I couldn't find that in a quick look at the website.
  22. Yet another DIY amp, sitting on top of my AudioKinesis Thunderchild 112 cab:
  23. The best I've ever heard? That would span hundreds of recordings and live shows. Just thinking of live shows, if I have to choose one I'll go with Charlie Mingus playing unamplified in a tiny club in the mid-70s though. Or Jaco on the [i]Shadows And Light[/i] tour. Or Phil Lesh through the Wall Of Sound. Or Michael Manring in my friend's living room. Or Stanley Clarke with RTF doing [i]Romantic Warrior[/i]. No wait, Marcus Miller with Miles. Dave Holland with his own quintet. Tony Levin with KC. Mixing Kai Eckhardt at 4AM doing a wedding gig with Garaj Mahal. And then I woke up, and I'm still just a hack. Same as it ever was.
  24. [quote name='Chienmortbb' timestamp='1460055831' post='3022234'] Are you only using one speakon? [/quote] Since I'm only using one cab these days, yes. I could always add another one if needed though. I haven;t really done anything about the DI output either, but I do have a spare Jensen transformer I can throw in there if I feel too lazy to work up a solid state DI. A few people have asked me about doing a headphone output as well, but that's something I've never used myself, so it's not a high priority. [quote name='Bottle' timestamp='1460113416' post='3022680'] That is looking extremely tidy nice thing about the Powercon, Speakon and XLR jack is they all use the same cutout profile [/quote] Yep, they all use the D connector format, but in this case the cutouts are laser cut, so the vendor doesn't require a tooling change charge for dissimilar cutouts. The switch holes on the front even all have the little keyway locator included, which is a real luxury when it comes time to install the switches. No alignment hassles and no spinning as you tighten the retaining nut.
  25. And after another week of burnt fingers and colorful language, today just might afford a first listen. I spent pretty much all day yesterday troubleshooting omissions and wiring errors, but at least I now have a test jig and a method for doing mods or repairs in the future. There are a few odds and ends in this pic that will need cleaning up eventually, but of course that's a never ending thing with DIY builds anyway.
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