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  1. [quote name='PaulWarning' timestamp='1474742522' post='3140217'] ( I was born in 1952, doesn't everybody think the music of their youth is the best ever?) [/quote] Nope, not at all. Many kids these days tell me they wish they were our age (1953 here) so as to have experienced the 60s first hand. I enjoyed that at times, but best evah? Nah.
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    DIY Effects

    [quote name='Bigwan' timestamp='1474624838' post='3139303'] Agreed it's a good skill to have as a DIYer, and if I was better set up at home I would tackle it no problem. I just don't see the point of risking it myself when I have the correct equipment at work is all. I think with the loss of a lot of FETs, etc. as through hole devices it's likely that there will be a lot more SMD required for DIYers in the near future. [/quote] Yep. A lot of modern opamps are not available any other way these days too. I've been using little adapter boards to allow retrofitting in old through hole designs, but at some point for new builds it seems better just to go all-in with SMDs.
  3. [quote name='funkle' timestamp='1474618083' post='3139205'] I love the GK MB800. It was a very close call between the GK and the Tecamp....the GK had a much noisier fan. Great sounding amp though. Pmjos, can't wait to hear your review as well. I am seriously tempted here, for the first time in a few years. I'll keep an eye on the TB classifieds... [/quote] The Puma is a really nice amp and should work very well with those cabs. I am very picky about fan noise myself, my homemade ones are all convection cooled.
  4. [quote name='TheButler' timestamp='1474626166' post='3139320'] So, my question is this: The cab is clearly designed for Eminence Kappalite 3015LF, 18Sound 6ND410 and a horn of some description.. If I don't use these speakers then things will sound awful right, because the cab is like designed for them? Should I be looking at alternatives/better options? [/quote] IMO, going off the plan sheet works best for those who don't need no steenkin' plan sheet in the first place.
  5. [quote name='funkle' timestamp='1474562188' post='3138858'] Thanks Passinwind. My Tecamp Puma 900 would probably have enough welly for one of these then. Anyone know how loud one of these gets in the mids?.... I'm not worried about the lows with that 3012LF and the box size...I tried an Audiokinesis TC112AF before and that sucker had bass which would punch through walls, but was fairly neutral/quiet in the mids....the Berg CN112 cab I currently use is loud in the mids, and I find the 98db SPL claim credible. Tight in the lows though... [/quote] Heh. I replaced my fEARful 12/6 with an AK TC112AF, the first 4 ohm version, which I slightly prefer for a variety of reasons (my 12/6 had no tweeter, for starters). Both the F112 and the 12/6 are somewhere in between the TC112 and the Berg in terms of mid forwardness/distortion/loudness/growliness, call it what you will. I only heard the CN series Bergs at NAMM (which is more or less worthless for critical listening), but I think I've heard nearly every other model Jim has ever made. I only really listened to the F112 at NAMM as well, but it was in the quietest section of the show and I really liked what I heard.
  6. [quote name='funkle' timestamp='1474527927' post='3138527'] You mean 600-800 watts into 8 ohms? That's quite a bit more than the rating for that driver...and does anyone make a micro amp capable of pushing 600-800w into 8 ohms? [/quote] Yep, 600-800 into 8 ohms. Yes, you can easily toast a driver that way, but for my purposes with a fEARful 12/6, that was what I found to sound best. The amp I used with it for a year or so makes 600+ watts at 8 ohms on test bench with a sine wave.. So that means that realistically the greatest long term power I subjected the cab to using a bass signal was probably around 150 watts. That whole subject gets complicated quickly though, so I wouldn't presume to tell you what'll work best for your particular situation. Any 112 cab is still just a 112 though, so your volume control and your ears are your friends. It depends on what you call "micro", but the 700-1000 watt @ 4ohm ones (thus 1/2 to 2/3 of that at 8 ohms) would be pretty much all I'd be looking at, as most of the 500 watt class ones make 250-300 watts at 8 ohms, which sometimes left me wanting a little more.
  7. [quote name='funkle' timestamp='1474481571' post='3138342'] What's the ideal power for an F112? What is the max anyone has pushed through it? Edit: It's just I see people using very big power amps through these...and the 3012LF is a power hungry driver...is there a micro amp with 'big' power? [/quote] You need to look at 8 ohm power ratings. IME 600-800 watts works about right, but I'd shoot for at least 450 if trying to maximize output capabilities. The GK MB800 series is fairly popular with that crew, for one.
  8. I ended up doing a second one of these for a friend, using the original prototype enclosure that didn't quote meet my specs. The fabricator let me keep it at no charge though, since it wasn't going to do them any good. My friend had the half rack format preamp and power amp I built last year, but decided that an integrated amp just makes more sense -- the same reason I got rid of the 1/2 rack stuff in the first place. So I traded back the pretty nice sounding 1/2 rack stuff for a build with the "bummer" case and the the guts pictured above. This of course gave me a perfect excuse to work on rev. 4 of my preamp and HPF/PEQ boards, which I have just finished up. Among other things, I went a little deeper down the rabbit hole with an even more uptown Jensen input transformer for the power amp section, and a hybrid dual opamp that is 1/2 FET input and 1/2 bipolar. Those little SMD/DIP adapters came in handy for that. So, the new one for my friend, note the unwelded case seams: And my own, with what passes for a pink LED pilot light: The 1/2 rack format pair: And finally, the original rack mount one, which uses an older ICEpower 500 watt module: Time to move along to some simpler and more economical builds for a while now, I reckon.
  9. [quote name='Subthumper' timestamp='1474106908' post='3135634'] Ok will do. I've got a few other projects on the go so will be a little while until I do it but keep an eye out. I'm thinking model T preamp split channel with a bassman preamp. Not so much drive and clean but two distinctly different sounds. All mated up to a 4x kt88 power amp. What ya think folks? [/quote] Sounds cool, always liked the Model T. I'm going to take another swing at redoing my 80s Fender 30 combo one of these days, although its current quasi-single channel Vibrolux Reverb format is actually pretty danged sweet.
  10. [quote name='MacDaddy' timestamp='1474317804' post='3137151'] Blue, if that post is a genuine reply to mine, then I have to say you are propagating the belief that American's do not understand irony. [/quote] Well, not in Milwaukee anyway.
  11. [quote name='Marvin' timestamp='1474373805' post='3137454'] It did its job well, maybe too well. Schroeders (the earlier ones) don't focus on deep bass tones, but then I've always rolled them out anyway so not a problem for me. [/quote] Depends on which early ones you mean. I had a 1210L that was all mids all the time, and then a 21012L that made tons of low bass and was pretty well balanced all in all. The 1210L was fantastic for one particular band situation at the time, but utterly hopeless at taking EQ if any other thing was desired. OTOH, the 21012L was great as long as you didn't ever have to move it. I never see Schro cabs around here any more though.
  12. [quote name='Merton' timestamp='1463302281' post='3050222'] 12", 6" mid and horn I believe [/quote] That's the fEARful line, the FEARLESS (sic) ones use a 5.
  13. [quote name='B.Flat' timestamp='1473797458' post='3133259'] This is my third attempt to obtain some info. Quite some time ago Uncle Fluffy put out some really good pcbs for home-build S'ray preamps, I bought three. I had fun installing them in my basses. Those basses have now found new homes. I am now trying to obtain one more board. I have pm'd Uncle F. but received no reply. Has anyone out there got one of these boards they are prepared to let go? If yes I would be so happy I would probably take the wife out !! [/quote] Please PM me and I'll see what I can do for you.
  14. [quote name='dood' timestamp='1473152501' post='3127334'] I've just been looking at your build thread. My reason for wanting to get hold of the Berg' B-Amp is probably the same as the functionality in your own design. A decent parametric and HPF really does make a big difference! Like your ideas, very tidy inside too [/quote] The B|Amp is a really nice piece and I found it to be one of the stars at NAMM this year. In the past I've done three different DSP based builds, including something a whole lot like a Bergantino IP amp knockoff. After some years of playing through through those rigs I settled on my current amp's feature set as a sweet spot for my particular wants and needs. My builds are modular and changing that feature set in the future wouldn't be terribly difficult if I become so inclined. Thanks for the kind words; in my mind I am just barely to the point of building stuff to something like a decent standard these days.
  15. [quote name='Chienmortbb' timestamp='1473078438' post='3126618'] The second operation was just as successful but other things have delayed the project. You may remember that I stated this thread when my wife was ill. She got progressively worse and I took on the role of full time carer. Sadly she died in June. I am still sorting out the many problems bereavement caused but I will be continuing the project soon. [/quote] As I've said in our emails, I feel deeply for you and will do whatever I can to make finishing up your build as smooth and fun as possible. I am just finishing up my 4th variation on this basic format, which happily will live somewhere else than chez moi. They all sound very good and I'm confident that yours will too.
  16. [quote name='sirmuppet' timestamp='1472481408' post='3121441'] Had a little search and couldn't find much. [/quote] Try 103 pages worth here: http://basschat.co.uk/topic/10285-show-us-your-rig/
  17. [quote name='[email protected]' timestamp='1472887902' post='3124999'] Very cool. How did you build the amp? Is it your own design? [/quote] There's a thread on the build here: [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/281844-a-diy-bass-head-build/page__p__3023103__hl__passinwind__fromsearch__1#entry3023103"]http://basschat.co.uk/topic/281844-a-diy-bass-head-build/[/url] I have a slightly revised version about halfway built sitting on my workbench at the moment.
  18. [quote name='Beer of the Bass' timestamp='1472848401' post='3124849'] Does the rectifier valve glow? That would be the simplest way to check. [/quote] Yep. That sounds very likely to be the problem, unless the filament supply has croaked on its own, which could have been the impetus for using the SS sub.
  19. Just added a DIY ramp to my Crescent Moon fretless: Which doesn't seem to make a huge difference, given my generally very light touch, but I do like the feel when I notice it.
  20. None of the usual suspects here: That's a DIY 650 watt head on an Audiokinesis Thunderchild TC112AF cab. These days I am mostly playing big band jazz shows on my BSX electric upright, or occasionally on my Crescent Moon fretless:
  21. [quote name='Chris Sharman' timestamp='1468883246' post='3094099'] Hi all, as per the title really, I am new to the EUB having recently taken ownership of an Eastcoast (rebranded Stagg I understand) and one of the bands I play for, Water for DOgs, have recently been exploring some more acoustic and chilled stuff using acoustics and piano. I would like to use my EUB on one or two tracks in a small scale live environment and I was wondering if anyone here uses a similar EUB in a small venue and has a recommendation for a suitable combo amp for the purpose. [/quote] Acoustic Image, especially the 210 model. Although if you're only going to be using the EUB for one or two tracks, it might be worth considering just going through the PA, assuming a decent one is in use. I've played quite a few open mikes and quickie sit-ins that way pretty happily with my BSX.
  22. [quote name='RickyV' timestamp='1469457815' post='3098438'] Simple question, for those that gig regularly, do you sit or stand when practicing at home?? [/quote] Stand, 99+% of the time.
  23. Google "light organ." Many pro lighting fixtures already have variations on this function built in..
  24. Passinwind

    DIY Effects

    [quote name='KingBollock' timestamp='1467584967' post='3084736'] This is the only forum I am an active member of. It's home. And I am cripplingly shy (is one way to put it...). I was hoping to see what parts I have (I do build other things, I have just never worked with valves) and what I could scavenge. I have never had any interest in valve amps, but I would quite like a valve preamp for guitar. I have seen ones that look very simple, basic preamps with just gain and volume, but not much in the way of details (there is always either lots of pictures and no information, or lots said and no show, never both...). I figure that if I could get a plan, layout or schematic, and a bill of materials, with some general advice for the circuit, it would be enough to get me started. There is such a wide variety, I was hoping that someone here might give me a clue before I just close my eyes, spin around and pick one at random. I have read that working with valve amps can be dangerous, but I am a safe worker when it comes to electricity, and I don't want the poweramp, just the preamp. [/quote] OK, but how about a little more direction on whether you want clean, dirty, Fender, Vox, Marshall, and so on? The AX84 site I linked has full layouts and bills of materials for many different circuits that you could just omit the power section for. One dedicated preamp build that many people have started with is also detailed here: [url="http://www.dogstar.dantimax.dk/tubestuf/mctube.htm"]http://www.dogstar.d...stuf/mctube.htm[/url] . This uses a lower power supply voltage than many others, which may be a smart way to start out IMO. My tube bass preamps all use at least 300 volts DC, at which point decent test equipment and a little experience are surely helpful things to have. Another time honored way to get your hands dirty would be to find an old and/or broken guitar or PA amp on the cheap and hopefully make something useful out of it with minimal cash outlay. For instance, this one just needed a new input jack and it ended up being used professionally around Seattle for several years before I traded back for it:
  25. This is my Heritage H204D, fitted with a Roland synth pickup. The amp is an early 80s Fender 30, one of Fender's first channel switching all tube amps. Every few years I mod it one way or another, and it is currently wired like a blackface Vibrolux Reverb without the tremolo circuit.
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