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  1. I can tell you from personal experience that the steinberger xl2 I think it was had plenty of body resonance... you could feel it, played great and was very expressive. But the design in general does really require great pickups to sound good... I don't think there's much unique tone quality in either the real thing or the cheap one..... but the real one doesn't leave you wanting in any way with tone, where the copy is rather dry and uninspiring... even with upgraded pickups. My hohners were just less touch sensitive to change your tone, somehow... maybe because the wood is a bit of a tone and sustain suck? Still.... with active emg pickups you're getting 90 percent (I made that number up) of the real instrument's tone and feel and all of the convenience and appearance.... so enjoy it!
  2. Engineered hardwood - it's..... not real, but it works quite well... not surprised it's color is a dye, though. Dry it after you sweat on it after every gig/rehearsal and it'll last, and that sucks that it bleeds but I've experienced that on lots of instruments, cheap and expensive, over my career - I wish they'd leave the color alone, but if it's engineered then it's probably very pale without dye.
  3. Sweet! I always liked those spirits - that's a fine instrument.... let us know what you think! I owned an old XL-2 way back (amazing high end model), and a hohner 5 string fretless and fretted models later on (also great axes, just needed a bit of pickup tweaking or an outboard EQ to really get the tone I wanted).... every one of the steinbergers and licensed copies I've owned in that body shape have been excellent instruments, whether made of wood or composite, USA or import. It's just a great body design! enjoy!
  4. That's awesome - it wouldn't be for me, I'm just not that subtle 🙂 but that's why companies like EBMM are so amazing, with those little details!
  5. Interesting! 1mm might not get noticed... but if it's already 3mm more than your ideal width, then they add another mm roughly, it is something you might feel. I think I'm not that sensitive to these small adjustments --- I'd love, in life, to have a bunch of literally identical instruments at my disposal with only small variations in neck dimensions and nut width, so I could just play each until I found one that for some unknown reason felt best to me - then right down the specs and get all my basses in the future like that. As it stands now, there are so many differences between every bass I play that I have no idea what causes me to slightly play better on one than another, etc.
  6. "My perfect bass, does anyone know it?" I don't know, can you hum a few bars?
  7. I thought I wanted 19mm spacing on a 5 until I owned a bunny brunel model carvin (that model is 19mm as custom designed for Brunel). I LOVED that bass, but hated the spacing. 19mm for 4, less for a 5 or I'm unhappy. Why? I couldn't tell ya - just works that way for me.
  8. Used Carvin (I currently and will always own a fretless unlined factory 5 icon) Used USA ernie ball sub (I used to own a fretless, unlined factory U.S.A. sub 5) Those are my personal experience items. Sub used in USA dollars a few years back was roughly $400, they're more like $500 or more now.... quite the collector instrument these days. Carvins range from several hundred up to a grand used, often, but they're always a good deal, new or used.
  9. exactly! the speed of sound is a much bigger cause of "latency" in hearing what you play from your amp than most digital products these days. I'm looking forward to objective tests also! Really interesting thread
  10. cool info, thanks. Well there ya go - small delay in the wireless. That would drive me nuts on bass - funny, but I've used wireless systems for years on guitar and lives with a spec of lag at times... but on bass I think I'd lose my mind LoL. It's tough enough being perfectly timed on bass, and so important! Glad it's such a good tool though, and useful for certain things at least 🙂 I might grab one at some point.
  11. Yes, latency adds up. Not everything adds audible latency actually, only digital gear does (Well there are exceptions, but it's inherent to digital gear, although mostly so short as to be completely unimportant and inaudible), and typically most of it is so low it doesn't matter. I'm simply basing the feedback on this wireless on what folks said above, and pointing out that science backs it. HOWEVER, there are other possible culprits - for example, the player might "think" there's latency in a wireless if you walk further away from your amp than you normally would, like across a room, because there is VERY audible delay in sound travelling across a room - so it's certainly possible that the complaints about latency above are due to the wireless system giving the musicians a chance to experience the speed of sound being a very real problem.
  12. I was about to post the same thing. That's drumsticks on the VERY BRIEF bass part in "Big Time". That Levin invented "funk fingers" out of it was a direct consequence of how awesome it sounded.... WATCHING levin play funk fingers is HILLARIOUS - they're so long LoL, I have no idea how he has any control over it, although he is a bass playing genius...
  13. I have D'addario XLs (I think) on my peavey grind 6, 35" scale, bridge strung through (for design reasons for now).... and these do not work either. B string is too short. What I've done for now is put a tiny piece of plastic under string in the nut... like from a plastic package (the hard clear plastic they put cheap headphones, batteries, etc in)... cut so it's a few mm by a couple mm, under string in nut area. tuning it up it pulls with string so have to place it carefully before tuning up so it will move into place, and it bends into shape under tension. works great, but certainly not ideal. I have been told that I need to get extra long scale? something like that.... let me know what you find out!
  14. never had any issue with DR strings. I'll be looking here to see how the replacement sounds!
  15. so, summarizing what I'm reading here (I haven't tried it myself), the ammoon wireless maybe also is very low latency, but coupled with a couple other digital effects with each very low latency ends up with audible latency.... that's just not ok. I wonder how many other wireless systems have latency that, when combined with a couple of digital effects, result in an audible latency issue?
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