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  1. Had the pleasure to do a trade with Alexis, pleasure to deal with, fast shipping for Germany and super well packed. Thank you again!
  2. and this one also (on the same youtube channel) - these guys are making quite some nice high quality videos!
  3. I've fitted a set of Rotosound sound nice and articulate, but are a bit "low tension", any suggestion for another set I shall try?
  4. Sorry totally forgot about this! Check this one, it makes justice to the sound
  5. One of the best cab you can buy today I have the 2x10 horizontal, super! GLWTS
  6. Second deal with Tony, bought a TrickFish Trilobite. Fast and easy transaction, item arrived in an extremely good package and in almost new conditions Top!
  7. Dave sent you PM on Sunday.. Did you get it?
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. one of the nicest basses I've seen on this forum GLWTS
  10. Sold some preamps to Tony, it was a pleasure to talk with him, gave me some good suggestions as he's far more expert than me on basses, preamps etc. Pleasure to deal with him Thanks again
  11. There are so many lovely instrument FS on this forum at the moment.. possibly is covid time that slows down sales I don't see many marked as SOLD BTW I got today in my mail a brand new GLOCKENKLANG Preamp I will fit into the ACG this week end
  12. Thanks, so you think I'm not getting such an Improvement by moving to Aguilar? What about pickups? Would the jump be more noticeable? With nordstrands
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