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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. one of the nicest basses I've seen on this forum GLWTS
  3. Sold some preamps to Tony, it was a pleasure to talk with him, gave me some good suggestions as he's far more expert than me on basses, preamps etc. Pleasure to deal with him Thanks again
  4. There are so many lovely instrument FS on this forum at the moment.. possibly is covid time that slows down sales I don't see many marked as SOLD BTW I got today in my mail a brand new GLOCKENKLANG Preamp I will fit into the ACG this week end
  5. Thanks, so you think I'm not getting such an Improvement by moving to Aguilar? What about pickups? Would the jump be more noticeable? With nordstrands
  6. Hi there, I'm thinking of upgrading the Preamp and Pickups of my ACG Harlot (http://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0069-harlot-headless-5/) to get something more simpler to use and more transparent. I'm currently fitting - Preamp: EQ01 John East - Pickups ACG RFS+ SB I was thiking of getting - Preamp: Aguilar OBP-3 - Pickup Nordstrand or Aguilar Do you think I can get better tones from this new combination or is a waste of time / money? I also have a minor issue with the dimension of the pickups. one is 10.8 *4 (standard measure) , the second is bigger, 10.8 * 5 (not sure Aguilar or Nordstrand to such measure? thanks!
  7. A rare thru neck ACG Headless Harlot 5 A1 Immiculate, as new condition. So a new ACG for half the price. We’re talking exotic wood for days here: sycamore, Asian ebony, Wenge, flamed maple and swamp ash. It has grub screws for use with normal strings if that’s what you want. Just fitted a brand new GLOCKENKLANG stacked 3 band Preamp, made huge improvement on the sound vs the previous John East Eq01. Super transparent To commission it would cost in region of £3,000, although I’ve heard that Alan doesn’t now make thru necks. Perfectly low action, blue fibre optic dots on the side of the neck (which I found a lot better for use on a dark stage than the brighter LEDs that are common) plays like a dream and has plenty of punch. The fretboard is zero radius and the neck is asymmetrical (slightly thinner on the G side and thicker at the E). Unorthodox but I’m never consciously aware of it and find it very comfy: the neck plays itself. 34-inch scale Swamp Ash body core Asian Ebony top/veneer. Thru 5 piece flame maple/wenge neck Acrylic Flame Sycamore neck – no dots Dual Action trussrod Carbon neck rods Blue LED via fiber-optic side dots Black hardware Hipshot Ultralite Tuners. Hipshot Type A bridge - 18mm spacing ACG String anchor RFB humbucker bridge pick-up with coil switching RFB Single coil neck pick-up
  8. I found a 12 inches DXR12 and compared side by side with the DXR10, it's night and day, especially for bass guitar (I was mainly using the 10 with electric). 12 inches has less mids and if fuller
  9. Here it is, now with strings
  10. Just realized I don't have the sound card with me as I gave it to a friend.. Need to wait when he's back from holiday..
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