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  1. According to Roger Baer's website: http://www.bassdirect.co.uk Even if you are looking to buy used, the dealer might be a good bet. Nice cabs, and Roger's a great guy to boot.
  2. [quote name='PaulGibsonBass' timestamp='1466168380' post='3073821'] Basschat is, obviously, populated by bass players, but there seems to be several drummers on here that play bass, guitarists that play bass etc. I play bass in a band but I also do my own acoustic Singer-Songwriter thing. How many of you do other musical activities, and are your extra curricular adventures just a sideline where your bass playing takes priority or is bass itself just a minor part of your activity? [/quote] Playing music has always just been peripheral to my involvement in it. I've always preferred working in live sound production (from which I retired a few years ago) and musical electronics repair/mods/building to playing bass, guitar, or keys, all of which I do enjoy too. I used to alternate for years at a time between concentrating on bass or guitar, but for the last decade it's been all bass. Might be time to finally buy a nice keyboard and shed on that for while soon though. But with all that said, I still consider my self a tech first and a bass player next.
  3. [quote name='Pentode' timestamp='1465751602' post='3070727'] Here's a shot or three of my home built preamp. Two channels, one based on the F-1X and the other a sort of Baxendall circuit. A selector switch allows you to select either or the third position has the signal running through both. I've yet to tidy the wiring a little more and clip it all into place. Works rather nicely and squeezed into a 1U case. However like most of my projects [b]as soon as I've finished it I'm bored and move onto something else[/b] [/quote] Nice work. I know that feeling all too well though!
  4. [quote name='walbassist' timestamp='1466112156' post='3073509'] Here's my new main squeeze [/quote] Sweet!
  5. [quote name='luckydog' timestamp='1466106329' post='3073451'] yup a quick look at the schematic for that Mackie speaker suggests it has a switch mode PSU, and such faults are notoriously hard and uneconomic to repair. [/quote] In the US at least, replacement power amp modules aren't prohibitively expensive, or at least weren't several years ago when I helped repair one for a friend with a torched 1530.
  6. [quote name='chrisanthony1211' timestamp='1466007858' post='3072792'] For those interested, here are the guts.... [/quote] Thanks for posting that, I'd only seen the earlier contract built versions with turret board construction. [quote name='ahpook' timestamp='1466009415' post='3072806'] Absolutely lovely amp We need an amp gut shot thread. [/quote] There is one on the front page right now, actually.
  7. [quote name='ezbass' timestamp='1465744882' post='3070667'] I don't doubt it. Put a plate over the top and fry bacon on it! [/quote] Or put a roast behind it:
  8. [quote name='ezbass' timestamp='1465744644' post='3070664'] [/quote] It makes a pretty decent space heater...seriously.
  9. Passinwind PW8B Amp:
  10. Passinwind PW6B tube preamp:
  11. Brownout 1000, built by my friend Nate Wolfe:
  12. [quote name='Billy Apple' timestamp='1465660194' post='3070048'] Nice review. I'd love to know how they put this together. How competent are you at turning it over, unscrewing the bottom plate and snapping the guts? [/quote] You can find gut shots in the Talkbass Portaflex Wiki: https://www.talkbass.com/wiki/portaflex-models/
  13. I did some beta testing for this guy: http://www.tecpadz.com/ I've only tried the basic version, but I've used Sorbothane in my old day job and would definitely recommend that version. In fact, I was one of the people who originally recommended it to the TecPadz guy.
  14. Passinwind

    DIY Effects

    [quote name='KingBollock' timestamp='1464696234' post='3061485'] I am considering getting an expression pedal, probably the Boss EV-5, to go with my Boss GX-700. I love the GX-700 but it hates basses, and it feels kind of wrong buying more stuff that I can only use with guitar and not bass. [/quote] I've owned a GX-700 for many years and have done a few mods to make it more bass friendly. The most important one was padding the input stage down to prevent premature overload. Using a blender pedal or a full blown clean/dirty rig with the GX-700 on the dirty side might be worth playing with. I often run a separate tube preamp in the EFX loop with good results. Just bypassing the front end entirely and running a dedicated bass preamp into the EFX return can work pretty well too. In any case, if you want a good pedal controlled Wah I don't think the GX is really the right tool for that job.
  15. [quote name='Funky Dunky' timestamp='1465600955' post='3069653'] But what else is good? [/quote] The DIY EBMM 2-band clone preamp as seen on Talkbass is absolutely great IMHO: [url="https://www.talkbass.com/threads/stingray-aftermarket-2-band-pre.614382/"]https://www.talkbass...and-pre.614382/[/url] [url="https://www.talkbass.com/threads/pcbs-for-diy-clone-2-band-preamps.737117/"]https://www.talkbass...preamps.737117/[/url] It's extremely similar to the Stinger by the looks of the schematics, but has lower gain if wired to the stock config. I'd assume the Stinger manufacturer could make one that way for you easily enough. Personally, I use something that splits the difference in my substantially modded versions. I don't sell mine BTW, just did my own version for the fun of it.
  16. [quote name='wateroftyne' timestamp='1465471431' post='3068503'] I made a couple of clips with the Red Fighter this morning. [/quote] Are those from the DI again? In any case, nice job, as usual.
  17. [quote name='alexclaber' timestamp='1465465084' post='3068416'] As Zappa said, talking about music is like dancing about architecture. And therein lies the problem... I consider 'heft' to be related to the uncompressed and unsagging reproduction of low frequencies. Basically the sort of thing good subwoofers do really well and that poor PA systems and weedy bass amps and cabs struggle with. It's also something that serious solidstate power and high excursion neo drivers are better at than valve amps and old school drivers (unless you use a BIG rig). However, there are definitely bassists who consider 'heft' to be related to the compression and distortion added by valve amps and certain cabs, which thickens a bass sound. This mid-bass to lower-midrange thickness is also sometimes described as punch, though I'd tend to call the transient character thump, with punch being higher up in the midrange. When you've had as many email and phone discussions about bass tone as me you get quite good at reading between the lines of what bassists mean when they're talking about sound. But if that isn't your job then it makes it quite hard to discuss the minutiae of tone without an awful lot of misunderstanding going on! [/quote] Yep, as a very longtime amp modder for other people I have had to learn to speak Jive a million different ways. "Heft" is a word that never came up until very recently, but regardless of my grumpy old man tendency to want to brush it off as meaningless, if someone wants to pay for it, I wouldn't mind taking their money.
  18. [quote name='TheGreek' timestamp='1456779577' post='2992264'] Watching TV and the adverts come on - they're using "Changes" by David Bowie for the Toyota RAV4 advert. How do others feel about classic pieces of music that become know (mostly by the younger generation) as "[i]isn't that the song from the **** adverts?[/i]" [/quote] Despise all TV ads, so it doesn't matter all that much to me what form of perversion they take.
  19. [quote name='luckydog' timestamp='1465389349' post='3067745'] It's sad, Buddy sure had some personal problems. That approach is just plain wrong, but maybe the band knew he had problems and put up with it ? Otherwise, fair chance half the band wouldn't have bothered with the second set, or Buddy would have regularly needed surgery to remove a drumstick from his a*se between sets [/quote] The bass seat in his band was notoriously short-lived, sometimes even lasting less than an entire set. It'd be interesting to hear someone like Tony Levin's candid take.
  20. [quote name='alexclaber' timestamp='1465301122' post='3066893'] I'd avoid 1U, it's so much harder (i.e. more expensive or worse performance) to package an amp in such a shallow casing. 2U gives much more internal space (not just twice as much!) [/quote] Yep. For me the QSC PLX1804 was the sweet spot for power and form factor when I was doing separates in racks..
  21. [quote name='wateroftyne' timestamp='1465194282' post='3065902'] No - I don't need this much power. The R-400 is more than enough for me. :-) Leszek sent me the Red Fighter just to try out, and offer to others to try. [/quote] Cool, I like the feature set on that one a lot more, especially the EQ scheme.That front end with just one power section would be very appealing, I think.
  22. [quote name='wateroftyne' timestamp='1464876627' post='3063417'] Fab! As it happens, the postman has just been here too. And left me one of these... What a beast... I'll use it on Saturday night. [/quote] So you didn't end up going with the R400 after all? Or is this not "your" amp? I like the look without the somewhat clunky case a lot better in any event.
  23. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1464793789' post='3062629'] What a lovely looking amp... [/quote] Thanks. It ended up looking quite a bit different from my original design intent, but I'm still pretty happy with how it came out.
  24. I've been doing so quite happily for the last decade or so. Usually in jazz trios or quartets, country-rock with two guitars and drums, singer-songwriter bands with one guitar and cajon, etc., and playing in many many open mic house bands. My favorite cab for this is the AudioKinesis Thunderchild 112, but before that I had a fEARful 12/6, Euphonic Audio CxL-112, and an AccuGroove Tri-112L. The AK and fEARful cabs are both much stouter than my old EV TL606 115 cabs ever came close to being. They also need an honest 500 watts for best effect in my playing situations. Bear in mind that I'm a fretless-only player, and most of my gigs tend to be on electric upright. I find the functional limit to be venues accommodating around 200 people or so, but with PA support I have played plenty of much bigger shows. I never play loud rock or get into situations where I have to "compete" though, just way too old for that stuff. Here's my current rig, DIY head good for ~650 watts at 4 ohms, which the AK cab is: So that's 33 lbs for the cab and 8.8 pounds for the amp. I rarely need to carry stuff all that far for load-ins, but with a small cart even doing that is a breeze.
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