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  1. [quote name='dan_thebassman' timestamp='1445515703' post='2892045'] Thanks for the response. It's a good point, is halfway on the dial 250w?? [/quote] It might be under some complex set of variables coming together just so, but you can only know by actually measuring it in real time as you play. And then as soon as you play harder or softer, or just a different note, or touch an EQ or gain control, things will change. Halfway on the master volume can very easily be full power, or beyond full rated power (clipping), or even essentially no power at all if you aren't sounding a note.
  2. Gator and a few other companies make [url="http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/GTOUR4UHR"]1/2 rack width cases[/url], not sure if that's what you actually need though?
  3. [quote name='Chienmortbb' timestamp='1443997438' post='2879399'] I don't belirve that Passive EQ can boost. With controls set flat it cuts everything by a certain amount but mimics boost by cutting some frequencies less than others. You need a lot of gain before or after passive eq to make up for the loss of signal. Passinwnd is the best guy to ask though as he designed the preamp that we are using with active bass and mid but a passive treble control. [/quote] Boost and cut are always relative to something. I'd suggest that measuring at your speaker's output relative to your bass's signal level is by far the most relevant measure. Nothing wrong with looking at the system as a black box: [quote name='Chienmortbb' timestamp='1443997438' post='2879399']The real answer though is to use your ears.[/quote] And of course for those of us who aren't satisfied with just doing that, a deep rabbit hole awaits.
  4. Passinwind

    DIY Porn!

    Starting the shrink down process on my 3 band onboard preamp design. I started by just replacing all the through-hole resistors and the ICs with surface mount ones. That cut board size in half: I have a lot of work to do on my SMT soldering technique, no closeups this time!
  5. [quote name='Bilbo' timestamp='1443460047' post='2874906'] Moondance is what we call a 'pop standard' which is shorthand for a diabolical turd that has nothing to do with Jazz. [/quote] You're being far too kind Bill.
  6. [quote name='Yawn_Blah' timestamp='1443376449' post='2874239'] yep. in fact i'm pretty strange with circuitries. i swapped some pickups and pots the other day, but when it comes to ICs and such i'm a noob. but yes i'll get a replacement for that IC and give it a try. Thanks a lot again. [/quote] Make sure you get the right part number, if it is in fact one of the two I mentioned they are not interchangeable.
  7. [quote name='Yawn_Blah' timestamp='1443375497' post='2874222'] thank you JTUK you helped me figure out that my valves are ok. thank you ahpook for your time, yep i don't dare, but as you and Passinwind suggest i will chase the output part. thank you Passinwind for your advice i'll take my unit straight to a techie. have a good time friends [/quote] Cool, and good luck. With the right tools and a little knowledge that should be pretty easy to fix, most likely.
  8. [quote name='bassman7755' timestamp='1443348721' post='2873961'] There was a thread on talkbass some time ago about how a particular budget PA from carvin could be re-purposed as a near-boutique level bass cab by a modest driver upgrade. I seem to recall that the dimensions, port and horn/driver config of the cab almost exactly matched one of greenboys designs (whether by accident or design I dont know). [/quote] It was a convenient surrogate cab used for development of the fEARful concept, because Dave Green hates building cabinets. He had me re-do the crossover, which was not really up to the task once he installed drivers that at the time cost about as much as the cab originally did, or maybe just a little more. But then later I heard a dead stock one and it was actually not bad at all. And then Carvin downgraded the spec, and Dave disavowed anything to do with the newer version. So, as with so many things, just depends.
  9. You could try replacing the socketed IC; looks like an NE5534 or 5532 opamp (can't quite read the number), which are common and pretty inexpensive. If that fails then further self-repair is not such a great idea IMHO. A good tech could most likely trace that circuit by sight in 5-10 minutes tops.
  10. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1443365204' post='2874129'] But the main thing was, given the variety of cab brands, sizes, configurations, was that I would have been happy to use any of them at a gig. Sure there were nuances to each cab, but overall this shootout showed me that gear is gear, and sure, we all like to get our own sounds if possible, but workable sounds can be gotten from an array of different speaker cabs. Maybe we all obsess just that bit too much (I`ve certainly established that I do from this).[/quote] I've been to well over a dozen of these sort of confabs over the the last decade. I have always walked away without fail feeling as you do. The other thing that invariably strikes me is how few other people gravitate to the stuff I do.
  11. [quote name='JTUK' timestamp='1443366978' post='2874149'] You get the sound right at low level...you've worked out what settings to use at home etc... and they the sound goes completely to pot when you turn it up. [/quote] Thanks, we would say "ramps up."
  12. [quote name='JTUK' timestamp='1443366059' post='2874139'] I think both are good sound wise but for me, the [b]TH doesn't amp up well[/b]... which is a common thing with the lightweight amps, IMO. [/quote] Huh? Can you please explain the Queen's English to this dense, still half asleep Yank?
  13. [quote name='JTUK' timestamp='1443364724' post='2874123'] I use a TH, and I'll probably keep it as a backup or door stop or whatever but I don't need much EQ so I don't colour things much. I know that sounds a bit odd but I am indeed looking or listening to the back end stage of the amp, and this is what I don't totally love about the TH. I don't much like it on quite a few of the other lightweights amps I've used either, tbh. They have the volumes but no guts. [/quote] The Demeter 800 amps use the same power module as the TH500, so it would be interesting to know what is different in the implementations.
  14. [quote name='dave_bass5' timestamp='1443352123' post='2873996'] Wish i could get one of those 21012's to replace my 1212L. [/quote] I made that switch from a 1210, came to regret it quite a bit. The 1210 was only really good for one band I played in, but it was perfect for that. The 21012 was just way too heavy and bulky for my loading and playing situations, although it definitely was a much more versatile cab. But of course, what I replaced it with ended up being even bigger and heavier, and pretty much never leaves my house these days.
  15. [quote name='Billy Apple' timestamp='1443290108' post='2873642'] Just back in from the SE Bash where Lozz captained the cab shoot-out. From the various cabs demoed in the 212, 115 and 112 range the one brand that stood out as being consistently good was Schroeder. Not just that, but they looked good, seemed well constructed and the 212 was an easy lift. I'm just wondering why out of the usual suspects that are put forward as the best here, Schroeder is a name that does not figure.[/quote] The older ones were not uniformly all that well built or well engineered, so many people may just ignore the newer ones I guess. I owned a couple (1210R and 21012L) and they sounded nothing like each other. Glad to hear that Jorg has upped his game, he's a great guy.
  16. [quote name='Beer of the Bass' timestamp='1443041063' post='2871824'] I was thinking more of jack and power sockets, but those are valid points regarding valve sockets. [/quote] Jacks and pots can definitely be less reliable if great care isn't taken with the board mounting scheme, and small power connectors on EFX units were definitely a very frequent offender back when I was still in the repair business.
  17. [quote name='Beer of the Bass' timestamp='1443037789' post='2871785'] It seems to be quite common that the PCB around board mounted sockets flexes slightly in use and after a few years the tracks fracture and crack. I'm not even any sort of professional repair guy, but I can think of at least three bits of kit I've repaired where this was the fault, so I presume it's a regular point of failure. [/quote] That happens mostly with poorly designed tube socket mounting schemes or not so robust circuit boards, IHMO. Thermal expansion/contraction of tube socket pins can cause solder joint fractures in some cases as well. Many many pieces of gear work flawlessly for decades with board mounted sockets though. To address the original topic: diminishing returns have pretty much always been a fact in audio gear. You typically don't get twice as much functional anything for double your money, more like a 5 or ten percent improvement, with improvement down to the beholder to decide of course. Jule is crazy busy fulfilling orders, so perhaps he is a little underpriced if anything.
  18. [quote name='LukeFRC' timestamp='1442691112' post='2868834'] Yep the legend that is uncle fluffy Hes a good man for making them available. [/quote] Yep, he's a generous cat. He was quite helpful and encouraging when I was starting out with my modded version.
  19. [quote name='Thunderbird' timestamp='1442677713' post='2868725'] I still have a Fender hankering even though I would never really use it as my other basses are better so I wonder why I would want another Fender could it just be that a Fender is the bass everyone should have in there arsenal? who knows anyone else had this thought?[/quote] Nope, I've never thought of basses as weapons in an arsenal, or that everyone should own or use anything.
  20. [quote name='LukeFRC' timestamp='1442652602' post='2868446'] and the caps... now a note - I can throw together a circuit board but don't know all the ins and outs of electronics... If you look at Passinwind's version of the stingray preamp it's stuffed full of the nice wima metal film caps - the ones that look like little boxes - the current mm preamp and things like the stinger copy you can buy use electrolytic caps - the ones that look like gasometers. I've uses tantalum in the polarised ones as thats what the original early preamp used - on paper they're not as "good" - but I think when we're talking about circuits in music in a bass preamp "good" isn't always the thing to aim for. I had a hellborg preamp into a power amp into a ACME B2 - possibly one of the most clean and accurate rigs ever! So little compression of anything, big signal and such a crazily well engineered cab. (comparing it with barefaced big baby for example and one comes out as a great bass cab and one as a great hifi speaker! there are downsides to acme stuff though and for bass duties if I were buying again at full price the barefaced BB2 is where the money might go... but ACME stuff is stunningly good) anyway I digress - clean is good - but I've now got a Mesa Walkabout - and all that warmth and fatness is great and sounds right for bass. So I'm trying to recreate the sound and feel of the 1977 ray I played... and I love the way this circuit is designed too - pickup straight into the preamp and the volume on the output amp stage of the chip. very good. here it is fully stuffed. It needs the wires and things added to the pot but I'm going to wait till the body is dry to do that so I can position everything properly inside the control cavity with minimal wiring runs. One thing that I did realise is though my Bart pup is awesome... it's not going to sound vintage stingray... anyone wanna swap for something more vintage sounding? I can add money. (or anyone wanna buy mine so I can buy old horse murphy's stingray pup?) *[/quote] Hey Luke, things are looking good! My version of that preamp is different in some less obvious ways too. It was never intended to use with actual Music Man pickups and expects to see two volume controls in front of the preamp. I reduced the natural low bass emphasis a little since I already have a pickup much nearer the neck than a 'Ray does, tweaked the gain, reworked the treble peaking, used a much different type of opamp, and a few other things. So if it's a vintage thing you want, you are probably on a better track. Did you get those boards from Uncle Fluffy, or ??? Looking forward to seeing the rest of your build progression.
  21. [quote name='Ghost_Bass' timestamp='1442588758' post='2868053'] Great service, it says a lot about this guys. I'm worried about my Shuttle 9.2, Fender doesn't have a very good costumer service, and if i have any kind of malfunction on my amp in the future it will be almost impossible to track and solve it. The components are too small and getting replacement parts will be a nightmare! Maybe it's time to start saving and replace the 9.2 with the new Genzler amp, when it's released... [/quote] Some of us old timer techs have learned to cope with surface mount components, but proprietary parts and "black box" power modules have put local repair shops in a pretty bad place. I think I retired at just about the right time. Andy Field is at Mesa now and his new design uses the new "700 watt" ICE module as well. There's a bigger one in the pipeline too, hoping to get my hands on one soon. I've been rocking the 700 watter very happily for half a year now in a DIY build and I'm sure Jeff's implementation will be great.
  22. [quote name='Ghost_Bass' timestamp='1442506762' post='2867453'] Off-record question: Now that Fender terminated GB, will Jeff offer any kind of help/assistance with malfunction/broken GB products, by his own free will? [/quote] He has been doing that on TB frequently. Andy Field, the former chief engineer at Genz, has the parts stash and a shop set up for both warranty and non-warranty repairs. He goes by "Agedhorse" on Talkbass.
  23. [quote name='Sercet' timestamp='1442571786' post='2867852'] I use a little valve preamp with the ten2 for electric. It's good. [/quote] That would be my solution. I had an AI Focus for EUB and a tube preamp into it plus 12/10 cab was plenty for loud and convincing BG for alt. blues with two electric guitars in the venues I play, up to 300 people or so. Most AI heads handle 2 ohms perfectly easily and a second Ten2 cab should work very well IMO. I am not really a fan of the Markbass combos at all, like the heads a lot though.
  24. [quote name='cybertect' timestamp='1442338579' post='2866207'] You may have to hurry - Bass NW is closing for good on September 30th [url="http://www.bassnw.com"]http://www.bassnw.com[/url] Edit: Evan closing Bass NW for 'health reasons' according to the 'other' forum [/quote] Longtime Bass NW manager Chad Beeler has opened his own place in West Seattle now: http://www.thebassshopseattle.com/
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